Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 39

Chapter 38:

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In the blink of an eye, time came to the school-wide activity class, and the playground was full of people. The teachers and students in the school were very curious about the test between Class 1 and Class 13.

"Hey? What do you think of the courage of the undergraduates in Class 13? Is there something wrong with their brains? How dare you compete with Class One?"

"Let me say, the result of this game is simply obvious. What can be compared?"

"You don't know this? I heard that there are two top students in Class 13. They were supposed to go to Class 1, but I dont know how they went to Class 13, so this game The outcome of is not certain!"

"Even if there are those two top students, don't forget, this game is a two-of-three game."

"Hey? Which three rounds?"

"I know this, I know. They are today's tug-of-war, knowledge contest and the mid-term examination score competition more than a month later."

"Which test results are compared? I heard it right?"

"No, that's it, but the content of the results is different. I heard that the first class requires the average score to be the first in the grade to win, and the 13th class requires all the students in the class to pass the pass line. ."

"Well, although, I think the results of the two games today should be each of the two teams. But in the midterm exam, the first team must have won!"

"Well, I think too."


Listening to the discussions from the people around there, all the students in Class 13 felt a fire in their hearts: Why do you look down on their Class 13 so much? That's right, their class is notoriously poor, but so what, don't you know if there is the word counterattack? what?

"Okay, the classmates are quiet, quiet." The principal said with a shy belly, smiling while standing on the podium and speaking through the microphone: "Today, our school-wide event has been changed to the first and thirteenth class of junior high school. I wont talk a lot about the two-class competition. The dean will preside over this competition."

The dean nodded to the principal, then took the microphone and said, "Well, there are two competitions in total today, namely the knowledge contest and the tug-of-war competition. First of all, lets start with the knowledge contest and each class will send out a separate contest. Three students compete in the competition. This competition adopts the form of answering questions. Each correct answer will add one point. If you answer a wrong question, no points will be added. However, the right to answer the question will be given to the opponent to answer. Which class is the first to get eleven points will win. Yet?"

The six participating team members nodded one after another and said they knew. The three people sent by the 13th class were Luo Xiao, Ye Lan, and the volunteer Jiang Li, while the first class sent three boys with all glasses wearing glasses. All three of them had shaved haircuts and their figures. Almost everyone is wearing school uniforms. Please forgive Luo Xiao, a guy with occasional face blindness, for being unable to tell who they are. They can only be distinguished by one, two and three.

"Okay, then teacher Hua will be invited to write the questions below." The dean nodded to an energetic old man who was over half a century old.

Teacher Hua cleared his throat, picked up the question book in his hand and started the first question: "Excuse me, what is the first dictionary and dictionary in our country?"

Jiang Li raised his hand first before the sound of the last word of Teacher Hua fell completely, and when he saw Teacher Hua nodded to them, he immediately put hope in Luo Xiao's body. No way, my class leader is too difficult to get close, or the study committee is kind.

Looking at his big, come on, I believe in you eyes, Luo Xiao secretly twitched his mouth: Okay, Jiang Li, I finally know why you volunteered. Is it because of your agility?

"Our country's first dictionary is "Erya", and the first dictionary is "Shu Wen Jie Zi"." Luo Xiao replied to Teacher Hua.

Teacher Hua nodded with satisfaction: "Well, yes. Add one point, OK, now I will start the next question. Excuse me, who broke the nose on the Egyptian sphinx?"

Jiang Li once again took the shot and quickly got the right to answer. Looking at the unwillingness of the three people on the opposite side, the smile on his face was not to mention how terrifying. Sample, come and worship Xiaoye's skill!

Because Ye Lan happened to be reading a foreign history book recently, it happened that he happened to see this a few days ago. So he spoke lightly: "It's Napoleon."

"Well, not bad!" Teacher Hua nodded, "Add another point."

When the two teams were chasing me, the score came to a ten to ten match point. The 13th class unexpectedly tied with the first class. As long as the two classes answered the question correctly, then this one The winner can be divided. The test now is that the people in that class will be the first to get the answer questions, and the people in the two classes are facing each other nervously.

Teacher Hua was very happy. He was not surprised when Class One got this grade, but it was commendable that Class 13 was able to catch up, although he also knew that these two top students went to Class 13 by accident. However, isn't it that the gap between top students and poor students makes it difficult to get along? The others in the thirteenth class below don't cheer too hard!

"Okay, now we will answer the final question." Teacher Hua pushed her reading glasses, "Excuse me, what is your grandmother's daughter's husband's son's uncle's wife's wife's mother's son's father? ?"

As soon as Jiang Li heard this relationship going around, he was snatched by the other party for the right to answer the question after a mistake. Seeing the other party's confident expression, he slapped himself on the head fiercely. How come at this critical time? It's off the chain!

Sure enough, after the other party uttered two words, everyone in the first class immediately reveled. Because they all know that this is the correct answer, and the opposite is that all the students in Class 13 are depressed.

Ye Lan and Luo Xiao looked at each other, and then Ye Lan said to the classmates below: "Okay, let's cheer up. We are about to start the tug-of-war competition. Are you going to lose the next game? ?"

When Jiang Li heard this, he clenched his fists and immediately said loudly: "No, tug-of-war, we will win! Class 13 will win!"

"Class 13 must win! Class 13 must win!" All the students in the next 13 classes echoed loudly. That's right, this is just a match. Dont forget, its three rounds. Two wins. For all the honor of Class 13, they will definitely win the remaining two games! Most definitely!

The emotions of Class One were also aroused by their opponents, and they shouted: "Victory belongs to Class One, Class One will win! Class One will win!"

The voice at the scene became louder and louder, and gradually, other classes joined the cheering of the two classes. Listening to the cheering from other classes, the students in Class 13 glanced at each other: It seems that they also have supporters, don't they?

With the sound of cheering, the tug of war between the two classes officially began. It is also the three-game two-win system, but because of the failure of the previous game, all the students in Class 13 are suffocated. In these three games, their Class 13 will never let the opponent get a first. The victory of the game!

The whistle blew and the game officially began.

"Class 13, come on! Class 13, come on!"

"Class one, come on! Class one, come on!"

Each of the contestants blushed, and they used their strength to scream at each other. Although Class One did their best, it was because they mainly read books, and their physical exercises were not as good as the wild children of Class 13. As a result, the 13th class fulfilled their vow not to let their opponent win a game with their best efforts.

After the tug-of-war, almost all of the two classes collapsed to the ground, but they all smiled as the dean announced the result there.

Unexpectedly, class one is not all nerds? With so much strength, it is really not easy for them to win!

Hey? It turns out that Class 13 is not as bad as the rumors! Very loyal and united!

In any case, not only did the students in the two classes have different opinions on both sides, but even the other students and teachers who watched the game were thoughtful.

The principal and the dean standing on the rostrum looked at each other: Very good, their intentions have played a certain role.

"Ahem, both classes win one game in each of these two games, so the decisive game depends on the midterm exam results of your two classes. Hope, there will be good results by then!"

"Our thirteenth class/class one will definitely not lose!" The students of the two classes said in unison, and then glanced at each other: Hmph, just wait and see!

After the big class, he returned to the classroom. He Ben walked to the podium and looked at the excited people below and said: "I am still very satisfied with your performance today as the head teacher. But, next, we There is still a tough battle to be fought, although I really hope you can win. However, your results..."

Okay, except for those two, those of them who used the relationship to get in, the grades are a little bit... poor. However, people will make progress. Haven't you heard that Lu Meng's taxi should treat each other with admiration for three days?

Besides, they still have more than a month to prepare for the midterm exam! They will not lose to that bunch of nerds!

Luo Xiao and Ye Lan looked at a group of classmates who were easily aroused by their own head teacher, and they lowered their heads silently: When did this group of students who are notoriously stingy become so simple and easy to deceive? Obviously the style is wrong?

"Luo Xiao, I'll rely on you next!" Wang Kai, who was sitting in front, suddenly turned his head to face Luo Xiao and asked solemnly.

Luo Xiao nodded softly after a slight daze. This time is fine, and other students around who have paid attention to this detail said loudly: "Study Committee, we need you to help us a lot in the next study!"

"Sir, please lead us to defeat a squad!" Jiang Li said suddenly.

After a moment of silence in the classroom, other voices immediately echoed: "Yes, defeat Class One! Sir, let's defeat Class One together!"

Seeing Ye Lan's mood rising again, he noticed the obvious ridicule in He Ben's eyes on the stage. He glanced at Luo Xiao beside him, nodded and agreed: "Well, defeat the first class together! "

"Defeat class together! Defeat class one!"

He Ben squinted his eyes, then reached out and touched his chin: Well, yes, they are all good kids who can sculpt! Mid-term exam competition, who is the winner, let's see the decision at that time!

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