Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 47

Chapter 46:

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At the appointed time, Luo Xiao looked at the students at the school gate carrying a bag full of things, and then looked at the school bag with only a few packets of biscuits and two or three bottles of water on his body. Well, he said, so be it.

"Xiaoxiao, you have already come." The voice came from a distance before the person arrived. When Ye Lan ran in front of him panting, Luo Xiao silently twitched his mouth while looking at the schoolbag that was too strong to hold.

"Look, I brought a full schoolbag today, and everything in it is what you love to eat!" Ye Lan pointed to his schoolbag and looked at Luo Xiao with excitement.

Luo Xiao looked at him with a flattering and sweating embarrassment, and somehow he felt soft in his heart: this is a fool!

"Hey, have you all come here so early?" He Ben appeared in front of everyone in a casual outfit.

"Teacher, you are late, okay!" For this teacher who likes to bully them from time to time, he said sincerely that now is the holiday time, so don't continue to be so obedient!

"Hey? Really?" He Ben touched his head, "It seems that I overslept."

"..." What kind of trouble do you want to make such a justified tone?

"Haha, well, let's set off." He Ben waved and led them to their destination.

After a long trek for more than an hour, everyone looked at this place in front of them, and the black line couldn't help: So, this so-called surprise is for us to climb the mountain? What kind of surprise is this! !

He Ben naturally saw the deep resentment on everyone, he shrugged and said: How come the children are so impatient now! Also, even if its mountain climbing, its a good way to exercise, but its not good! Besides, he didn't seem to say that the surprise this time was climbing the mountain, right?

"Let's go, here is still some distance from our destination." He Ben took the lead to move on after they took a break.

The students at the back had no choice but to bite the bullet and continue to keep up. Why are there some small regrets in their hearts now? Isn't it an illusion?

However, when the real destination was reached, all the students showed excitement on their faces. Unexpectedly, there will be such a fun place in S City.

After seeing the situation inside, Ye Lan raised an eyebrow at He Ben: He just said, according to the character of this guy, how could he just be a teacher honestly!

"Okay, here is my surprise for you, how about it, are you satisfied?" He Ben asked with a faint expression.

"Satisfied!" The crowd yelled vigorously after understanding their exhaustion.

No way, another special thing about Class 13 is that all 30 students in their class are boys! And the boys at this time are all very interested in the military.

And the place where He Ben brought them over this time was the first outdoor simulation military simulation entertainment venue in S City that he and a few friends invested and built. What attracts everyone's attention most is the field simulation of the simulated gun. After all, every boy is eager to have his own gun.

"Okay, put your things in the lounge over there, then put on camouflage uniforms and come out to play." He Ben pointed to a white building beside him, "but there is one thing I want to explain, we must pay attention Safe, you know?"

"Well, I got it!" After answering, everyone rushed to the lounge to change clothes, and they couldn't wait to start.

Luo Xiao and Ye Lan didn't join them so eagerly when they arrived, but walked in to put their backpacks and change clothes after slowly avoiding the crowd.

"Xiaoxiao, what do you want to play with?" After Ye Lan changed his clothes, he stood by and waited for him to change his clothes.

Luo Xiao tilted his head for a moment, and then shook his head, "I don't know what's in here, let's talk about it after I go out to see it."

"Okay, you can." After Luo Xiao changed his clothes, the two of them walked outside together. Seeing the lively scene of playing everywhere, their emotions were also aroused.

Anyway, for Ye Lan, it doesn't matter what he plays, as long as he can play with his family Xiaoxiao. Luo Xiao chose to go rock climbing first after watching a circle.

Although, what he actually wants to play most is the simulation of the gun simulation confrontation, but there is really too hot there. He should go back and choose the second rock climbing he is interested in.

You know, the only thing he was interested in in his last life was rock climbing. Unfortunately, at that time, there was always not much time to go rock climbing because of various things. Even if it is hard to go, but often there is not enough time for him to have fun. I finally saw it this time, so let's just climb.

"Yeba, let's go, let's go rock climbing."

After hearing this, Ye Lan rolled his eyes and deliberately looked at Luo Xiao's thin body and said, "Xiaoxiao, are you sure you really want to go rock climbing?"

Luo Xiao clearly saw the meaning in his eyes, and his eyes widened and said: "What are you doing, look down on me? Do you want us to play a game?"

"Are you sure?" Ye Lan showed off his biceps.

"I'm sure!" Luo Xiao said gritted his teeth, "You better not lose to me!"

"Okay, then let's compare! The loser has to agree to a request from the winner, how about?" Ye Lan said provocatively.

"It's a deal!" Luo Xiao didn't believe it, he wouldn't be able to beat this guy.


After the two people were ready with gunpowder, they stood in front of the climbing wall and looked at each other before the game began.

At the beginning, Luo Xiao relied on his own rock climbing experience in his last life, and he was like a little monkey with agility, and he was immediately in the leading position.

Ye Lan smiled and followed and climbed up. Everyone who has played rock climbing knows that the difficulty at the beginning is the smallest, and the more difficult it becomes as you go to the back, the more arm strength is needed.

At this time, Ye Lan's advantages began to appear more and more obvious. Luo Xiao could only helplessly watch him surpass himself little by little, but the rustling look on his face really made him itchy with hate.

As a result, the corners of his mouth were raised. Luo Xiao stretched out his hand to grab Ye Lan's right leg and took off his pants to prevent him from moving. When he saw Ye Lan looking down at him suspiciously, he grinned, and then hugged with his feet. He got off the climbing wall and fell down.

Because of the protection of the safety rope, both of them were safely lowered to the ground. Ye Lan looked at him with a faint smile: "Xiaoxiao, this game..."

Luo Xiao rolled his eyes, curled his lips and murmured reluctantly: "You won."

"En? What did you say?" Ye Lan deliberately tilted his ears to ask in confusion, "Is it because I'm deaf?"

"Huh! You get cheap and sell well! Since you didn't hear it, just treat this game as invalid." Luo Xiao directly turned his head proudly.

"Hey? This can't be done!" Ye Lan was anxious, that's no good, how can it be regarded as invalid! "I heard, you can't go back on it!"

"Cut!" Luo Xiao turned and walked towards the next place of interest, and Ye Lan naturally followed closely behind.

The playing time is always fast. Before everyone has fun, the sun begins to move towards the West Mountain little by little. He Ben summoned the people who were still in the mood for a while, ready to start leading them back to school.

"Teacher, let's play for a while."

"Yes, that is, just playing for a while, okay, teacher~~~"

As soon as they heard that they were going back, everyone started to roll around like a baby, but it was a pity that He Ben was never a person who could be easily moved. He shook his head resolutely, but because the look of expectation below was so dazzling, he reluctantly let go: "This time I have to go back. If you do well in the midterm and final exams next semester, How about I just bring you over again?"

"Really? We are done!"

"Well, it's a deal, it's hard to chase a horse!"

Seeing that every student went home with a happy mood, Ye Lan sent his family Xiaoxiao home again, and came to a house that He Ben rented outside the school.

"Why did you think of setting up such a simulated entertainment venue?" Ye Lan expertly opened the cabinet in the kitchen to get snacks, and asked curiously.

He Ben looked at the snacks that he couldn't bear to eat with distress, and said with a trace of sadness: "Don't you always know that I always like these guns and the like. It happened that your old man came to me and said While talking about this matter, your old man said that he could just give me the old gun models that he replaced. So I thought about opening such an entertainment venue. Hey! This sweet-scented osmanthus cake Save me some, I still want to eat!"

He Ben stretched out his hand and finally grabbed a piece of sweet-scented osmanthus cake that he always loved, and quickly stuffed it into his mouth. As a result of this behavior, he swallowed it directly. After several sips of water, it slowed down. He patted The chest continued: "You know, our country has always been very strict with regard to guns. This time if your old man gave me this batch of discarded old equipment, I would not have given this place for so long. It's established. And, don't worry, I have also been approved by the country to open such a place."

"So, I know." Ye Lan nodded thoughtfully after hearing this. "By the way, has my grandfather contacted you recently?"

"No, what's the matter?" He Ben looked at him suspiciously.

Ye Lan put down the snack bag in his hand and patted the crumbs in his hand, "I have vaguely felt someone following me these days."

"Hey? Are you sure?" He Ben immediately sat upright and looked at him seriously.

"Well, I'm sure, but, I don't know what that person looks like, I just saw the back." Ye Lan nodded, "From the back, that person should be a male with a height of 1.75 meters. about."

"Okay, I get it. I will send someone to investigate it carefully. Do you have to be more careful recently to know?" He Ben looked at him worriedly, "These years have been a critical period, especially you can't show up again. What happened."

"Well, yes, I see." Ye Lan nodded, got up and walked to the door, "That's it, I'll go back first, Grandpa Huo is still waiting for me to eat."

"Okay, pay attention to yourself." He Ben warned carefully. Fortunately, the distance between the two houses was only two to three hundred meters. He was not worried about this distance. The reason is simple. It's just the time to go to and from get off work, so there is no need to worry about kidnapping, etc.

Seeing Ye Lan's walking back, He Ben suppressed the laughter on his face, and a fierceness began to emerge in his eyes: It is best not to let him find out who sent these people, if it is really who sent them. Here, he will definitely not show mercy!

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