Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 51

Chapter 50:

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Sidley auction may not have heard of ordinary people, but for the real upper class and cultivators, this is a rare opportunity. Here, you can buy many things that for ordinary people only exist in fiction and mythology.

Therefore, this has also caused many people to squeeze their heads and want to enter the auction. However, the number of people who can really get access is very limited. After all, every item auctioned inside is very valuable, so there is a restriction condition, and only those who meet this condition are eligible to enter.

Of course, there is another case where you can enter, and that is to provide auction items. As long as this item has been approved by the auction house appraiser. Then, after paying a handling fee of 10% of the final transaction price, you can enter the auction site.

Because Luo Xiao and Ye Lan participated in this kind of auction for the first time, they were curious in their hearts. Seeing the fullness of people sitting below, I couldn't help but sigh: They are better here~~

Elder Huo, who had been here for one or two times with other people when he was young, was almost familiar with the process here, so he sat calmly on the chair, drinking tea and watching the situation below.

"Dear guests, welcome to this auction." A middle-aged man wearing a navy blue gown and a pair of black framed glasses said loudly, "My name is Mou, the host of this auction. Now, Im here to introduce you to the relevant matters that need to be paid attention to in this auction. A total of 30 items will be auctioned in this auction, of which 10 are treasures and 20 are treasures."

As soon as I heard that ten of the 30 items were Jane, a lively discussion broke out, and the host on the stage still looked indifferent, as if he didn't feel what he said just now. Have weight.

Luo Xiao didn't know why he turned his head to look at his master: "Master? What is Zhen and what is treasure? And why are they so excited?"

Elder Huo actually couldn't help being surprised when he heard this ratio, although he knew the strength of Shengde Auction House was extraordinary. However, he did not expect that a third of Zhen would appear in this auction.

"The so-called treasure refers to items related to spiritual power, like the book we brought is belonging to treasure. The so-called treasure refers to ordinary items without spiritual power, such as rare gems, calligraphy and painting, etc. "The old man Huo glanced at the lively scene below, then looked around the situation on the second floor, and he was already somewhat clear, "The reason why they are so excited is because of the number of Zhen. You must know that in this In an era when spiritual power is scarce, talents are scarce, and martial arts are declining. These rare items have rarely appeared on the market, and they are usually carefully preserved by their respective martial arts, for fear of being snatched away by others." After that, he couldn't help but glared at Luo Xiao, and then sighed greatly. How could he accept such a wealthy apprentice!

Luo Xiao shrugged and said that he is really short of money! Although he is actually an invisible rich man, he can only hide helplessly~~~

After the following discussion became quieter, the host continued to speak: "This auction is a little different from the past. In addition to cash payment, you can also trade things in Zhens auction. , Janes master agrees to the exchange, so no matter how much the value of the exchanged things are, they can be sold.

As soon as this remark came out, the following discussion became more intense. Some people even made all kinds of annoying sounds, while some people secretly became happy with a calm expression.

"Okay, I won't continue talking nonsense." The host stepped aside and said loudly, "Let's enter our auction time soon, please come out for the first auction item."

As the red curtain on the high platform was pulled up, a young girl wearing a pink cheongsam slowly walked out carrying a tray covered with red cloth.

The host lifted the red cloth under everyone's expectant eyes, and a brown stone the size of an adult's fist appeared on the plate.

"This stone was found in the main tomb of the Tomb of the Mausoleum. According to all our current detection methods, we cannot know the specific material of this stone, nor have we found out what effect it has. Therefore, this thing has Friends who are interested and want to study can bid, starting at 100,000."

As soon as the host had finished speaking, the audience was quiet, and everyone didn't really want to bid for such a stone that was not known for what purpose. When Luo Xiao saw the look of the stone clearly, his eyes widened uncontrollably: This, isn't this...

Ye Lan, who was watching him silently on the side, naturally saw the expression on his face clearly. He quietly got up and opened the door of the room, and whispered a few words to the waiter at the door before making him retreat.

At the same time, the host on the high platform received a message. He drew the corners of his mouth but nodded and said, "A guest bid 1001 yuan just now. Is there anyone who bid higher?"

Well, looking at the silent people below, the host had no choice but to knock the hammer in his hand: "Deal!"

Since Luo Xiao was too excited to forget to bid, he could only regret that it was about to be owned by others. Then, it was the auction of the second item.

Just as Luo Xiao focused on the second item, there was a crisp knock on the door. He turned around questioningly, only to see a waiter took the stone just now and put it on the table.

"Hey? This, can it be said?" Luo Xiao looked at Ye Lan in surprise, and saw that he nodded gently, and couldn't help but hug him severely.

Ye Lan was a little stunned for a while, but then he had another idea in his heart, which caused Luo Xiao to always receive various strange stones from time to time in the future.

Luo Xiao suppressed his excitement, picked up the stone and placed it in his hand and observed it carefully. It was indeed the same as the stones he found last time, but just to be on the safe side, an idea flashed and a virtual panel appeared on the palm of his hand.

Based on the information displayed above, Luo Xiao smiled happily. Of course, for the two people who can't see the panel, Elder Huo and Ye Lan, it is Luo Xiao who stares at the stone and smiles like a fool.

Because, the host just said, they can shoot three things for free this time, and now they have taken one, then there are two more. After Luo Xiao got this piece of spirit stone that everyone didn't know, he was looking forward to the next auction.

Until the nineteenth auction item, they still didn't look at it again. The 20th auction item is a black embroidered pouch with exquisite workmanship. When Elder Huo saw this thing again, he immediately widened his eyes and asked Ye Lan to call in the waiter at the door and tell him that they took this thing.

Looking at the leaving waiter, Luo Xiao asked curiously: "Master, is there any difference in that purse?"

Elder Huo glanced at him, "Your kid is really lucky."

"Hey?" Luo Xiao said he didn't understand.

Elder Huo raised his head and signaled, "You'll know after listening to his introduction."

"Guests may be very curious, why is there a purse that looks very ordinary in appearance?" The host picked up the purse and showed it to the people below. "But, I want to tell everyone. Yes, this purse is actually not ordinary at all. It is actually a space savings bag! Yes, you have not heard it wrong at all, it is the same kind of ring space that we hear in mythology, regardless of its small size, but There is indeed a storage space of one cubic meter."

When the voice reached this point, there was another uproar below. This is the space bag that appears in front of them alive, it is no longer an illusory existence. Shoot! Be sure to clap your hands! !

The host waited until the atmosphere below reached a certain level, and continued to speak: "However, here, I need to explain to everyone. The owner of this space bag has already said when he entrusted him to us. The space bag is not for unlimited use. It can only be used three times. The original owner of the space bag has already used it once, and our auction house has used it once in a responsible attitude to everyone. So, now, this space bag There is still one opportunity to use it. What other guests need to participate in the auction? The starting price of this item is 1 million, and the price increase shall not be less than 100,000."

As soon as this was said, the enthusiasm below was reduced a lot. But there are still many people who continue to participate in the auction of this thing, and after Luo Xiao listened to the introduction of this purse, he knew why his master said that.

Yes, that's right, just for the 8 million cash. With this wallet, they can easily take the eight million cash away from here and put it in a safe place.

Because the space cannot be exposed, Luo Xiao also had to sigh in his heart: He is really as his master said, luck is good!

In the end, they did as they wished to put this one-time use embroidered purse into the bag.

As the number of auction items decreases, the bidding atmosphere is becoming more and more tense. Of course, this does not include Luo Xiao and the three of them. They said that they can bid for free without any pressure~~~

Knowing that the last one was definitely expensive, they decided not to participate in the final auction, but instead took down a book on Qimen Dunjia. The reason why he chose this is because Mr. Huo said that this book was lost before by their school, and now it will be photographed back when it encounters it. Ye Lan and Luo Xiao both expressed no opinion.

Sure enough, the final finale was a pill that was flushed as a whole to prevent cultivators from getting into trouble. Looking at the people below as if they were beaten up, and listening to the increasingly soaring prices, Luo Xiao patted his little heart, obediently, it was really intense!

With the successful transaction of the last item, this auction is all over. And Luo Xiao and others are in the room

He put the eight million in cash directly into the purse, and then left here carefully.

What they didn't know was that just as they left, several figures quietly followed behind them...

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