Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 61

Chapter 60:

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Yu Yi took the money at the bottom of the box stolen from the old lady Yu, and quietly followed Luo Xiao and the others in the car heading to S city. Because of the rush this time, she didn't have a lot of luggage with her, just a few changes of clothes and some daily necessities.

She also knows that as a city with rapid economic development, the consumption level of city s must be higher than that of town c. Even though, she really didn't want to bring her clothes that weren't very new and a bit rustic, but there was no way, she could still carry them with her money.

After getting out of the car, Yu Yi looked at the crowded passenger flow hall in front of her, and she was a little stunned: This is City S, there are really many people!

However, when she came back to her senses, Luo Xiao's family had already left the exit and took the car home. Yu Yi, who couldn't see their figures, was a little flustered in her heart. After all, she had never traveled far by herself. This was the first time she came to S City alone. How can she be unfamiliar with her life? !

Just when there was a trace of anxiety on her face, a woman on the side looked around her for a while, her eyes suddenly lit up, and even the corners of her mouth came forward with a friendly smile and asked: "Sister , Isnt it the first time to come to s city? Do you want to stay in our hotel? It only costs ten yuan a day, including three meals!"

"Hey? Really? There is such a good thing?" Yu Yi looked at the seemingly friendly middle-aged woman warily.

"Oh, that's not it!" When the middle-aged woman saw the play, the smile on her face became more enthusiastic, "Listen to the accent of the big girl, should you be from Town C?"

"En, yes." Yu Yi nodded cautiously.

"Then dare to love, we are still fellow!" The middle-aged woman clapped her hands and said directly in the dialect of Town C, "My mother is also from Town C, but she brought me here when I was over a teenager. S City is discussing life. Its rare to meet fellow villagers here! By the way, sister, lets go and talk while walking. Dont worry, we all rely on friends when we go out. Besides, were still fellow villagers, I It won't hurt you!" As you say, you must actively take the luggage bag that Yu Yi is carrying.

Although Yu Yi smiled on her face, she didn't directly let go of Bao Bao. After all, the two of them are strangers! "It's okay, big sister, I can hold it myself."

"Okay." The middle-aged woman smiled and took her hand back, and then said as she walked to a small hotel not far away with Yu Yi, "Okay, it's here, big girl, look. , Isn't the room nice?"

Yu Yi stood in the room and looked around. It was a room less than ten square meters. It was equipped with a 1.5*1.8 m bed, a 12-inch black and white TV, a dressing table and A chair and a small bathroom. I have to say that in this era, this configuration is already very good.

"Eldest sister, such a room really only costs ten yuan a day, with three meals included?" Although Yu Yi doesn't know the price level in city s very much, but with this configuration, even in town c, it is more than the price. Yes, so she confirmed it again suspiciously.

"That's natural!" A ray of light flashed quickly in the middle-aged woman's eyes, and she smiled and nodded.

In fact, Yu Yi still has some small doubts and anxiety in her heart, because she knows that there are no such good things in this world. However, he subconsciously touched his clothes pocket, and there was only seven or eight hundred yuan in it. This was the private money that the old lady had accumulated for a long time!

After hesitating again and again, she nodded: "Sister, I will stay in your room."

"Oh, okay!" The middle-aged woman nodded, "That's okay, you can live as long as you want, big girl. By the way, do you prefer to pay every day? Or once-half a month or a month of?"

Yu Yi thought for a while, thinking that he couldn't go back so soon, so he said: "Eldest sister, let's hand it in for a month first, do you think you can?"

"Yes, there is no problem." The middle-aged woman nodded, "That's it, you can put things away and go down with me and go through the procedures."

After checking in for Yu Yi, the middle-aged woman smiled and said, "Sister, you can live with me in peace. By the way, we will meet frequently in the future. Since this is the case, let me see you Call Yu Yi, I will call you Yizi, what do you think?"

"Okay, no problem." Yu Yi took the key to his house, "In that case, I don't know how I should call you?"

The middle-aged woman replied: "You can call me Sister Hong, they all call me like that."

"Okay, from now on, I'll call you Sister Hong." Yu Yi nodded and wrote down the name, "Sister Hong, I'll go up and pack my luggage first?"

"Well, you go. By the way, when the meal is ordered, I will let someone deliver it to you!" Sister Hong waved her hand and smiled as she turned and walked up the stairs.

When the door closed quietly on the second floor, Sister Hong showed a triumphant smile on her face: It seems that she has another sum of money to be credited this month!

"Hey, Sister Hong, congratulations!" A wretched voice suddenly reached Sister Hong's ears.

Sister Hong turned her head to look, and frowned her eyebrows directly: "Why it's you again, Ermao, didn't you tell me to come over to me?"

"Hey, Sister Hong, calm down your anger and anger." Er Maotian looked at Sister Hong with a flat face, "Look, that's not the meaning of the above, or else, how can you dare to come over and interfere with Sister Hong? You say is not it?"

"Let's talk about it, what's the matter?" Sister Hong became disgusted when she saw his pockmarked face and rolled her eyes.

"Well, Brother Hei asked me to come over and ask, when will there be new products?" Ermao continued to ask with a smile as if he hadn't seen her disgusting eyes.

"Really, why did you come over so soon?" Sister Hong waved to Ermao impatiently, "You go back and tell Brother Hei, there is no one now. I will give it to him in a month at the earliest."

"Okay, okay, then, Sister Hong, I'll go back first." Ermao smiled and walked out of the small hotel. Before turning into a small alley next to him, he looked back and then sipped directly to the ground. Phlegm: "Huh, stinky bitch, who really do you think you are? You dare to show me your face, if it's not for the face of Brother Black, I'll baw!" After speaking, the figure quickly disappeared into the little girl. Inside the alley.

When it was time for the meal, Sister Hong didn't send anyone to serve the meal, but delivered it herself. Looking at Yu Yi who opened the door, she smiled and said: "The food is here, Yizi, are you hungry? Come, eat."

Yu Yi looked at Sister Hong who brought the food in and put it on the table, but still kept a little alert in her heart. Sister Hong naturally watched her reaction bit by bit, so after putting the food, she said, eat slowly, eat the plate well, and left the room.

Yu Yi looked at the three dishes and one soup in front of him, touched his already dry belly, swallowed fiercely under the temptation of the fragrance. After struggling for a while, she locked the door of the room tightly, and then moved a chair to hold it against the door. After getting ready, she picked up the chopsticks and took a bite. After a while, it was found that everything was normal and there was no dizziness, and then he started to gobble up.

After all, so far, she hasn't eaten anything for almost ten hours. Because, after she stole her old ladys money at night, she tiptoed with her luggage and went out in the middle of the night and waited near the entrance of Luo Xiaos house in order not to lose them. Although the final result was still lost Up. But at least, she is already in s city now, here, she will have a new and beautiful life as a master!

After finishing the meal, Yu Yi removed the chair, opened the door of the room and took the tableware away. Sister Hong saw Yu Yi coming downstairs, especially after seeing the clean food. The smile in her eyes became more obvious.

"Yizi, are you ready?" Sister Hong raised her head and said hello while facing the account in her hand.

"En, yes." According to Sister Hong's sign, Yu Yi returned the plate to the kitchen, walked to the door, looked at the high-rise buildings outside, and said with feeling in his heart: "This city is really developing rapidly. !"

"Isn't it!" Sister Hong put down the account book in her hand, walked to Yu Yi's side and pointed to the tall buildings outside and said one by one, "Look, that tall building was invested by a boss last year. It is said that it cost tens of millions. Yeah! Also, there, it was built the year before, and I heard more money was spent! No, there is also...

Listening to Sister Hong's narration, Yu Yi really opened his eyes. She grew up so big, let alone tens of millions, hundreds of millions, millions, hundreds of thousands have never seen. If she knows what she sees, I am afraid that only over ten thousand people have seen it.

After listening, Yu Yi's eyes were full of longing, and she strongly hoped that she could live the so-called high life of the Master. Lets talk about Yu Yi, although he is over thirty, but because he is born with a better foundation, after giving birth to two children, his figure is also standard with bumps, plus his fair skin, its only two. The fourteenth five-year plan is no problem.

In fact, Sister Hong was silently observing the changes in Yu Yi's face while talking. As a woman, she naturally understood what the obvious light in Yu Yi's eyes meant. A thought flashed in her mind, and she knew what to do next.

And Yu Yi just like this, unconsciously has fallen into a big net that has already been woven, and the hunter is waiting to slowly close the net.

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