Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 64

Chapter 63:

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"Oh, why did the sky suddenly change? Didn't the weather forecast say that today is sunny?"

"Right! It's too gloomy this day, right?"

"Oh, don't say anything, it's all thunder and lightning, let's go home quickly!"

"Well, yes, go home quickly, otherwise it will be terrible if it rains!"


Luo Xiao stood at the door of the classroom and listened to the various discussions of the classmates passing by. He raised his head and glanced at the sky at the moment when the dark clouds were pressing on top, and the lightning flashing through the sky, somehow felt uncomfortable in his heart.

"Xiaoxiao, what's the matter?" Ye Lan, who had packed up his things, stood beside him, "Is there something wrong?"

Luo Xiao shook his head, he couldn't tell why he came, "Let's go, let's go home too."

"Well, let's go." Ye Lan glanced at the sky and nodded.

When the two people got home, it was obviously only ten minutes later, but this day was darker and more obvious, and even the last trace of light was gone. The only bright colors were brought by the violent lightning. .

"Xiaoxiao, Ye Xiaozi, the two of you are back." Old Huo took a cloth bag and just walked down the stairs.

As soon as Luo Xiao saw his master's dress, he couldn't help but wondered: "Master, are you planning to go out?"

"En." Huo nodded, and then waved to them, "Come on, Xiaoxiao, you two come here, I have something to say to you."

"What's the matter, Master?" Luo Xiao and Ye Lan put down their schoolbags and walked in front of Old Man Huo.

Elder Huo took a look outside, hesitated a little bit in his heart, and said: "Ye Xiaozi, you will stay here later and don't go anywhere. Xiaoxiao, take your natal coin and be with the master. Go out."

"Grandpa Huo, what are you guys?" When Ye Lan heard this, he had some guesses in his heart, "Could it be that this day?"

Elder Huo glanced at him approvingly, "Yes, the reason why the sky outside suddenly becomes like this is because the iron **** and his men are hunting ghosts. Unexpectedly, this ghost is quite powerful! "

When Luo Xiao heard this, he immediately reacted, "Master, was Grandpa Yu and the others came over and said a few days ago, the kid who appeared on my original ground?"

"En, that's right." Elder Huo checked what he was carrying. "I didn't want you to be involved in this incident, but because I fortune-telled the incident today, I found it out. The turn of events appears to you."

"Hey?" Luo Xiao was obviously surprised, and Ye Lan frowned worriedly.

Although Old Huo was very unhappy that Ye Lan would take away his precious apprentice, he still reached out and patted Ye Lan's shoulder with the obvious worry on his face: "Ye Xiaozi, don't worry. Well, Xiaoxiao won't be in danger this time!"

"I hope so." Ye Lan whispered.

"Okay, time is running out, let's go now." Just as Father Huo finished speaking, a car whistle sounded outside the door.

Luo Xiao nodded to Ye Lan, then turned around and left in the footsteps of his master.

The two masters and apprentices arrived at the destination very quickly. As soon as they got out of the car, Luo Xiao was surprised to find: Why, did he not see a person? Did it come to the wrong place, but it's impossible?

"Let's go, Xiaoxiao." Elder Huo patted him on the shoulder and walked forward first.

Luo Xiao suppressed the doubts in his heart, and quickly followed. After walking a few steps, he found a figure suddenly appeared in front of him. When he fixed his eyes, it was Grandpa Yu and Grandpa Ouyang.

"Here is a hidden space spell, ordinary people outside can't see what's inside, nor can they hear any sounds." Old man Huo walked in the direction of Mr. Ouyang and explained to Luo Xiao in a low voice. Tao.

After Luo Xiao listened, he reacted. Suddenly, a sharp sound rang, Luo Xiao was unprepared, and his head was stabbed by the sound. After he finally got over, he looked at the sound that had just come, and was startled.

I saw a child about seven or eight months old, with purple-black skin all over his body, a pair of scarlet eyes glaring at the person in front of him, and a mouth full of sharp teeth constantly doing biting movements. The bound limbs were also struggling constantly, and the bright red sharp nails were clearly visible.

"Master, is this?" Luo Xiao pulled the corner of the old man Huo's clothes, pointed in the direction of the little devil and asked quietly.

Elder Huo glanced at Elder Ouyang, and when he saw the other side nodding slightly, he couldn't help frowning: "This, it should be the Scarlet Ghost Infant."

"Crimson Ghost Infant?" Luo Xiao glanced at the little ghost who was temporarily suppressed, and couldn't help but sigh in his heart: It's really...appropriate.

"Yes, since ancient times, the Scarlet Ghost Infant has been one of the most powerful among the imps. Generally speaking, the chance of such imps appearing is rare. After all, the conditions for its formation are very harsh. "Master Ouyang touched his beard and said.

Luo Xiao asked curiously: "Then Grandpa Ouyang, what are the harsh conditions?"

Father Ouyang squinted his eyes, "This Scarlet Ghost Baby must meet three conditions to be formed: First, the baby must be born with sin. The so-called sin is that his parents have a blood relationship within three generations; second, this One of the babys parents needs to be the deceased; third, the baby must take the initiative to give birth after five months in the mothers body. Blood feeding, bathing and so on."

"Hey?" Luo Xiao couldn't help feeling a chill on his back after listening: Here, this kid...

"No, this guy is going to call for other little ghosts to come over again." As soon as the old man saw the action of this little ghost, his face couldn't help but he turned his head and shouted loudly at the old man Huo: "Dead fox, stay away There is a waste of time chirping, so why not take that thing out soon! At night, we can't stand it!"

At this moment, Father Huo saw that the situation was not right, and he didn't care about the stubbornness of Father He. He immediately opened the cloth bag he had brought, took out a transparent bead from it, and then forced the bead to the place where the ghost infant was. Throw it in the direction.

Luo Xiao clearly saw that after the bead came into contact with the skin of the ghost infant, it instantly melted into its body. As the old man Huo said something, the expression on the little ghost's face became more and more sullen, with a miserable cry Luo Xiao's cry shook his ears tightly.

A burst of light flashed, and the Scarlet Ghost Infant disappeared, leaving only the red bead that was now red shaking violently in the air.

"Huh, I'm exhausted!" Father Yu wiped the sweat from his forehead breathlessly, "Hey, dead fox, thank you this time!"

"Huh, you iron rooster still have a day to thank me?" Old man Huo looked at him and curled his lips. "You know, this sleepy ghost bead is from the town of our heavenly secret gate, and there is only one in total. It's fine now, no more."

Mr. Yu directly rolled his eyes, "Bullshit, you always say that it is from your township. How many townships are yours? I have known you for so many years, every time you take it You have to say something like that when you come out, you are not annoying, I am annoyed."

"You, you iron cock!" Old man Huo was furious, "Hmph, I will come to help you only if there is a problem in my mind!"

"Huh! I didn't ask you to come here!" Old Master Yu curled his head, "You came here by yourself!"

"You! Humph!" Old man Huo flicked his sleeves and turned around in anger.

The people on the side looked at the sky and the earth, but didn't look at the two of them: nonsense, these two people will be like this every time they meet, are they used to it? Besides, they are not masochists, why should they intervene to bear the fire of anger?

Old man Ouyang also shook his head helplessly, then met Luo Xiao, shrugged, come on, let them go.

When everyone was slightly relaxed, a voice suddenly sounded: "No, the enchantment was under a fierce attack!"

Old man Yu turned his head and looked to the side, and asked an old man in a Taoist gown: "Old Lin, what's the situation?"

I saw Old Man Lin closed his eyes, and after feeling it carefully, he opened his eyes and frowned and said to the old man: "A female ghost in a red dress came outside."

"Wearing a red dress?" Father Yu's eyes lit up, "Could it be that it was her?"

"What, you know?" Old man Lin raised an eyebrow.

"If we are not mistaken, this female ghost is likely to be the one we have been hunting for the past few years." Old man Ouyang explained, "It is the true culprit of those young girls being sucked blood."

"Is that guy?" Old Man Lin nodded his head as he knew it, but immediately said worriedly, "But, the female ghost outside is stronger than the kid just now. Do you still have the strength to deal with her? Really , My enchantment can't last long!"

Father Yu looked around at the exhausted people at the moment, hesitated and nodded, "You let her in, we don't want to defeat this female ghost this time, as long as we trap her, wait. We will come to destroy her when we recover."

"Dead fox, are there any sleepy ghost masters in your place?" Mr. Yu turned his head and asked.

Elder Huo glared, "Everyone said it was from the town, there is only one, how could there be more!"

"In this case, it would be a little difficult to trap her." Father Ouyang said embarrassedly, touching his beard.

"However, although the sleepy ghost beads are gone, I still have a backup for the others." Old man Huo continued, "It's just that I can't guarantee whether this thing can trap this female ghost."

"En? What is it?" Old man Yu asked immediately.

Elder Huo directly took out a bowl from his cloth bag, "This is it."

amount? Is this Fahai chaotic? When Luo Xiao saw the bowl in his master's hand, he made a small spit in his heart.

"It turned out to be this." Old man Ouyang nodded when he saw it, "Although this level is the same as that of the sleepy ghost orb, after all, it is mainly for purification. It is a bit mysterious to trap the female ghost. Anyway, give it a try first."

"En, that's right." Old man Yu nodded slightly to Mr. Lin, and then he was ready to fight with everyone.

A gloomy wind blew, and only a young girl in a red dress appeared in front of everyone. Looking at that face, Luo Xiao opened his eyes wide: it was her!

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