Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 67

Chapter 66:

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"Huh, you scumbag, isn't you just a **** who rides on a million people? If you didn't think Lord Tiger would be so comfortable with you? You dare to run away for me Impatient to live, arent you?" A fierce voice yelled, with the sound of whip lashes from time to time, "I will let you run! Let you run!!!"

"Well, you don't want to kill anyone." Another indifferent voice started talking, "After all, Lord Tiger is still in the mood."

"Cut! I know." Although it was said, the strength of his men was not reduced at all. For those of them who have been punishing the wrongdoers all the year round, they know how to make the whipping invisible, but they really make the victim miserable.

"Enough, let's get here first." As the penalty room door was pushed open, a wretched, pocky-faced man walked in with his hands under his hands.

"Hey, Brother Mao, are you here? Hurry up and sit down!" The two punished people immediately stood up, pouring tea and pouring tea for him with a smile on their faces. They were very cautious, "I don't know, you are here. Is there something?"

The person called Brother Mao is actually Er Mao who appeared in the hotel more than two months ago. Because during this period of time, he has been like stepping on dog feces, and inadvertently succeeded in pulling Tiger Lord onto their thief ship, um, well, maybe it should be a little more elegant to become a partner.

The reason for this success is simple. He just gave Tiger Lord a woman with the mentality of giving it a try. There is no way, who made Tiger Lord a famous playful female person on the road!

As for the person who sent it over, Luo Xiao would immediately recognize him if he was here. That's right, he was his good aunt-Yu Yi.

And why did things turn out to be like this? Back to the time when Yu Yigang came to S City. For a city from the countryside, facing a rapid economic development, she is full of expectations and inferiority.

She always felt that she was no worse than Luo Qian's fox, raccoon, spirit, and shouldn't be said to be a lot better than her in all aspects. How could she be worse than her in S City?

Of course, for some people with abnormal brain circuits, it is absolutely impossible to understand their thoughts as normal people.

At the beginning, Yu Yi was actually thinking about going out and looking for work or something. However, before she could put this idea into practice, Sister Hong provided her with a Bright Road.

Since she came to S City for the first time, this place is unfamiliar with her, as a person living in groups will definitely feel lonely. Therefore, the enthusiastic sister Hong took her out from time to time to introduce S City to her.

On this day, on their way back to the hotel, Sister Hong pretended to take her to open her eyes and took the person directly to a hotel opposite to the magnificent hotel. Sitting in the box, Yu Yi looked around curiously. When she saw the restaurant's menu, Yu Yi couldn't help but exclaimed: Here, the price of this dish is a bit too high. ?

Naturally, Sister Hong did not miss this whisper, and a slight arc was raised from an angle that Yu Yi did not see: Very good, after this period of time has been laid, haven't you seen her recent appetite increasing ? Moreover, the plan that I was waiting for may be implemented more smoothly!

When the dishes they ordered came up, watching the waiter introduce the names of the dishes one by one, Yu Yixin felt even more indescribable: why, isn't it just a simple plate of boiled cabbage? How many hundreds? Also, what kind of monkey fishing for a few bucks, it turns out to be soy sauce?

"Come on, girl, don't just look at it, just taste it." Sister Hong pointed to the table full of dishes worth more than a thousand, "Come on, try this, if it suits your taste."

"Sister Hong, this meal..." Yu Yi looked at it, but still didn't do it directly, "Actually, we can eat elsewhere."

Sister Hong didn't care and waved her hand, "It's okay, sister still asked for this little money."

When Yu Yi heard this, he couldn't help but envy a lot. Of course, he became even more jealous. The same woman, how could she not have such a good life?

Sister Hong has been paying attention to Yu Yi secretly, and naturally captured the subtle expression on her face: Very good, continue to bait!

"Come, lets not talk about it, eat vegetables and eat vegetables." Sister Hong gave her a piece of delicious braised pork. "This braised pork is one of the restaurants signature dishes. The entrance is fat but not greasy. It's crisp and not rotten, it makes people want to eat it again!"

Yu Yi picked it up and tasted it, oh, it really tasted better than the red round meat she had eaten before! No wonder, the business of this restaurant is so good, although she still thinks the prices of the dishes here are very high.

Just after the two finished the dinner, Sister Hong asked the waiter to come up with a pot of scented tea to relieve the greasiness. At the same time, Sister Hong glanced at the door of the opposite hotel, and after seeing the familiar appearance of the vehicle, she knew it was okay.

"By the way, Yizi, how do you feel during your stay in s city?" Sister Hong took a sip of the flower tea and asked with a smile.

Yu Yi sorted out his thoughts, and slowly said: "Sister Hong, S City is really prosperous! Although I haven't been here for a long time, I am unaccompanied here again. Fortunately, I met you. Let me live very well!"

"Hehe, look at what you sister said." Sister Hong stretched out her hand to cover her mouth, "Sister, I am still worried that I have not fulfilled the friendship of the landlord!"

"No, no!" Yu Yi shook her hand quickly, "Sister Hong, you feed me again, live with me, and you still refuse to charge my rent. How could it not be done! And, I envy you very much. Yeah! I dont think Im pretty, but I still make a lot of money by opening a shop!"

"Haha." Sister Hong suddenly smiled mysteriously, "Then do you want to be like me and have a worry-free life?"

"Hey?" Yu Yi was suddenly taken aback by this question, and then there was an obvious surprise in his eyes, "Sister Hong, are you?"

"En, that's right!" Sister Hong nodded, and then reached out and pointed at the opposite hotel, "Look."

Yu Yi turned his head and looked, just in time to see a stylish car parked at the door of the hotel, a fashionable and beautiful woman stepped out of the car, and a few people respectfully took things for her.

"Look, that woman is not as good-looking as you, but, do you envy her in her outfit and ostentation?" Sister Hong walked to Yu Yi's side and whispered in her ear, "You are actually I can live better than her!"

"Really?" Yu Yi asked with a little extravagant hope in his heart, "I can really be better than her...?"

"This is natural! As long as..." Sister Hong continued to slowly increase her appetite, "You think!"

"I think! Sister Hong, I think!!" Yu Yi couldn't wait to answer.

Seeing Yu Yi with an eager face at the moment, Hong sister smiled with satisfaction: She knew that this woman was hypocritical, keen on enjoyment, and was basically a slave to money. It was not wasted her efforts to get up so many days, and finally Her inner material needs* have been stimulated to the maximum.

"Very well, don't worry, Sister Hong will help you!" Sister Hong patted her on the shoulder and said softly, but Yu Yi, who was already immersed in the beautiful life of the future, did not see the hidden under this smile. Silky cold.

After returning to the hotel, Sister Hong sent Yu Yi back to the room to rest, and she brought in the cooks, instructed her to increase the dosage and improve the purity at the same time, so that she must be completely lost in the shortest time.

Yes, that's right, Sister Hong added drugs to Yu Yi's meals.

Originally, Sister Hong planned to get Yu Yi to get drugs in the shortest possible time. However, Yuyi's body was not strong enough, so she could only increase the dose little by little. Once, she used too much, which directly caused her to vomit and diarrhea. In desperation, Sister Hong had to slow her pace.

After a period of continuous increase, Yu Yi started to have an addiction without her consciously, but although this level has not reached the level that Hong Jie wants, it is not much worse. Therefore, she has not aroused Yu Yi's heart until now.

A week later, Sister Hong knew that the time she had waited was finally ripe. That night, Sister Hong gave Yu Yi a valuable dress: "Yizi, you can put on this dress. Sister will take you out today."

Seeing Sister Hong blinking suggestively, Yu Yi immediately reacted, with an excited expression on her face: "Sister Hong, you mean tonight?"

"En, yes." Sister Hong smiled and nodded, "Yizi, your good day will begin tonight!"

"Thank Sister Hong!" Yu Yi took the skirt happily, walked into the bathroom and changed it.

Seeing Yu Yi who was looking pretty in her clothes, Sister Hong nodded with satisfaction: Very good, now, Brother Hei must have appreciated me even more!

However, the following things did not develop as Sister Hong had envisioned. Because of temporary incidents, Brother Hei did not arrive at their designated place on time, and Sister Hong was asked by Brother Heis men to do other things on the way. He didn't hand Yu Yi to Ermao on the side.

In fact, Ermao had already coveted this newly sent Yu Yi, but he also knew that this was a commodity and he could not do it.

For Yu Yi, it was a dark night, but for Ermao, it was a bright night. The reason is simple, because the Tiger Lord, who has never come to play with them, actually appeared. After Ermao gave Yu Yi a hand knife, he added a shot mixed with aphrodisiac and narcotics, and sent the person directly and cleverly. Tiger's bed.

Hu Ye looked at Yu Yi, who had a devilish figure, and cracked his mouth full of yellow teeth with satisfaction, and gave Ermao a generous reward. And the black brother who learned about it afterwards also praised Ermao, causing his status to rise to the third level. Of course, Sister Hong was naturally vomiting, but she was helpless. Who made the current Ermao status even higher than her!

Because Yu Yi was injected with spring medicine, coupled with the flexibility of her body, it was extremely enjoyable for Master Tiger to play. It was not until dawn that Yu Yi, who had fallen into a coma, was let go.

This satisfying **** incident naturally made Tiger Lord not tired of Yu Yi early, and Brother Hei saw this and gave Yu Yi to Tiger Lord without saying a word, and told the man who controlled her. Method-continue to let him get deeply addicted to drugs.

Because Tiger Lord has serious sexual, sadistic, and sadistic tendencies, Yu Yi never gets better. Even if she wants to leave this magic cave, she can no longer live without being a slave to drugs.

And the familiar figure Rossi saw on the street was Yu Yi who had just escaped for less than half a day.

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