Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 73

Chapter 72:

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In a ward, Yu Jia held her mother's right hand tightly, her pale face was full of worry, raised a pair of eyes that were already crying red and looked at Yu Xia: "Dad, you say, when will my mother be Wake up? I'm so scared, so scared that my mother will..."

Yu Xia stepped forward and took him into his arms, hoarsely comforting, "Son, it's okay, didn't the doctor just say it? Your mother, it's okay. Don't worry, don't think about it. "

"Yeah, yeah." Yu Jia nodded. Because he buried his head in Yu Xia's arms, no one noticed the smile at the corner of his mouth.

Because they came to the hospital in a hurry, some of the daily necessities used during the hospitalization were not ready, and it was still an hour or two short of dinner during this time. Yu Xia decided that he would return home first to bring things over, and solve the dinner problem by the way.

After confessing to Yu Jia, Yu Xia glanced at his beloved wife who was still in a coma, turned and left the hospital. And because when they were admitted to the hospital, the room they were allocated was currently only one of their patients, that is to say, there are no outsiders in this three-person ward. So, not long after Yu Xia's door closed, Yu Jia secretly ran to the window to confirm that his father had indeed left the hospital.

Then, he turned and returned to the bed, and whispered to his mother who was lying on the bed: "Mom, Dad has left the hospital and went home. You can open your eyes."

It turned out that just when Yu Jia held Han Ke'er's right hand, he had known the message his mother had given him. Sure enough, not long after his voice fell, Han Keer, who was still in a coma, opened his eyes, and a gloomy flash flashed in his eyes, "Son, how is that dead old woman?"

Yu Jia sat down by the bed, picked up a washed apple from the small table on the side, took a few bites, "Mom, don't worry, your son, I also stabbed it!" But, Mom, why are you all right to roll the stairs? You can do it by other methods? If you accidentally bump into the stairs while rolling the stairs, it will really kill you!"

Han Keer smiled, "Silly son, your mother, I'm very sorry for my life, how could this kind of accident happen? Don't worry, when I roll down, it is very skillful, and it is still Protecting my head. In fact, its not a big problem at all. Its just to highlight the seriousness of the matter, so I pretended to be unconscious."

"Then you are pretending to be unconscious, haven't you been discovered by the doctor?" Yu Jia shrugged, and then continued to eat apples. Although the apples are not very beautiful, they still taste very sweet.

Han Ke'er gestured with her hand, and Yu Jia immediately understood it. Indeed, isn't this world just about having money that can make ghosts drive away!

It turned out that Han Ke'er had hidden some of her private money in her own body, and then at the right time to take the money out and everything was done.

Besides, when Yu Xia came home, he saw his mother sitting in the lobby of the back room. He didn't even want to look at it again, ignoring that he walked over to find things that he might use in his room.

Old Mrs. Yu looked at this young sons indifferent attitude towards herself, and she felt a complicated feeling in her heart. She darkened her eyes and tentatively said: "Son, I..."

"You don't want to say anything." Yu Xia packed up her things and carried a package, and stood in front of the old lady Yu and said expressionlessly, "I don't want to hear your sophistry. I have seen it with my own eyes. ?"

"Really, son, you believe me, that **** did all of this, she was framing me!" Mrs. Yu said unwillingly.

"Huh! Framed up?" Yu Xia looked disdainful, "You can really say this word! I really didn't expect that your face would be so thick! You know, the so-called framed person is here. They are still lying in the hospital and unconscious!"

"No, it's impossible!" Mrs. Yu shook her head in disbelief, "It must be a pretense, what a coma, it is simply fake!"

"Okay, I don't want to talk to you anymore." Yu Xia interrupted her impatiently, "I will live in the hospital to take care of the two of them these days. Pack up and move to the old house."

"What?" The old lady Yu widened her eyes in surprise, "You let me live in the old house? Yu Xia, do you have any conscience? Let your mother live there?"

"It's all you asked for, isn't it?" Yu Xia snorted, and then left here without looking back.

Old Mrs. Yu looked at the back of him leaving, and said angrily that everything she had on hand swept all the way to the ground, very good, she was an unfamiliar white-eyed wolf. Humph, why let me live in an old house? This is basically driving me out of the house in disguise! No one has lived in that old house for more than ten years, okay! Not to mention how broken the inside is, just say there is no complete wall outside, okay!

When the old lady Yu thought that she was the result of that Han Ke'er, she wished to rush to the hospital and choke her alive! However, no, let alone whether she can smoothly strangle Han Kerr, it will not be easy to get close to her. It seems that this matter has to be carefully planned.

A week later, Han Keer, accompanied by Yu Xia and his son, was finally discharged from the hospital and went home. Seeing the absence of Mrs. Yu at home, she couldn't help but feel happy. As for the two brothers Lu Cheng and Lu Tu who still live here, Han Ke'er said that although the two of them are people with foreign surnames, just by looking at the ferocious look in Lu Chengs eyes, you can tell that this guy is not simple. The role too! Adhering to the principle of killing 10,000 by mistake and not letting it go, she already had a decision in her heart.

Just after Han Ke'er had cultivated at home for a day, she was called out of the house by a letter and came to the designated meeting place. She couldn't help but widen her eyes. She did not expect that the person who appeared would be her!

That's right, it's Mrs. Yu. It turned out that after the old lady Yu found the man, with some coercion and lure, she successfully asked him to write a letter asking Han Kerr to meet at the dam.

Han Ke'er looked around and there were only two of them at the moment, and then looked at the crazy look on Mrs. Yu's face, with a little bad premonition in her heart. But she still straightened her back and said loudly, "Mom, what's the matter with you?"

"What's the matter?" The old lady Yu smiled grimly, "Of course something good is looking for you!"

As soon as the voice fell, she threw away the crutches in her hand and slammed into Han Kerr vigorously. Han Ke'er staggered when he turned around to avoid because of unresponsiveness for a while, and walked back a few steps to the riverside with unstable center of gravity. Before she could relax her mind and be glad that she finally stabilized her figure, a collision directly pushed her back and fell into the river.

Of course, at the moment when she was about to fall, she had no intention of letting go of Mrs. Yu, she reached out and took her into the water with a single grasp.

Mrs. Yu is purely a land-duck, she doesn't know how to swim at all. The first reaction when she falls into the water is naturally a desperate struggle. But Han Kerr is different. She can swim since she was a child. Although the technique is not so good, at least she can swim.

Its just that she, who can swim, was hugged to death by Mrs. Yu, who cant swim. How could she be a petite woman to hold them both, dont forget, Mrs. Yu is A person in his fifties, but because of his good appetite, his weight is twice that of Han Kerr!

In fact, Mrs. Yu's original plan was to knock Han Kerr into the water and drown her. But she didn't expect that she would be pulled down by herself. No, she shouldn't die with this bitch!

And again, this is what Han Kerr thought. She used her strength to get rid of Mrs. Yu. After all, if she was the only one, the chance of survival would be even higher.

Finally, after Han Kerr took a deep breath, she suddenly took the old lady Yu into the water. The unsuspecting old lady Yu swallowed several salivas at once, and her breathing began to become difficult. She immediately released the hands that held Han Kerr tightly, trying to get up to the surface to breathe air. But how could Han Kerr give her this opportunity? In turn, she hugged Mrs. Yu's waist and paddled her feet to the deeper water.

Old lady Yu looked at the surface of the water farther and farther away from her, her despair in her eyes became more and more obvious. Even though she resisted vigorously, but with the helplessness of the river continuously pouring in, her breathing became more and more difficult, and finally she had to resent her life.

Looking at the old lady Yu who had died and sank to the bottom of the river, Han Ke'er didn't look at it more, and immediately turned and headed upstream. After all, the limit of her suffocation was almost reached.

After taking a few breaths of fresh air, Han Ke'er looked around where she was. The position where she fell was actually not much from the shore, but because the river was vertical walls on both sides, she It is really impossible to climb up, unless someone pulls her up.

At this time, a person appeared in her sight. Looking at the familiar face, Han Keer just wanted to say something, but saw a few stones quickly thrown at her.

After avoiding embarrassingly, before she could take a breath, she threw down more stones. After the scarlet in front of her eyes, Han Ke'er slowly sank into the water with staring eyes unwillingly. She didn't understand until she died, why did she die like this?

Five days later, the bodies of Mrs. Yu and Han Ke'er were found floating on the water. Because of this incident, another gossip discussion broke out in Town C. After various police investigations, the suspect was still not identified. In desperation, we can only infer from the wounds on the two of them: Han Keer was smashed to death and pushed into the river to destroy his body. The murderer, Mrs. Yu, was shooting Unfortunately, he fell into the river and drowned during the corpse.

Yu Xia and Yu Jia can only accept such unfortunate news. It is precisely because of such a news that Yu Xia's excessive grief directly caused his illness to deteriorate suddenly, and he died within a month. .

However, before he died, he entrusted his son to Lu Cheng. Because now only he can take care of his son.

Of course, this entrustment also paid a certain price. If Luo Xiao were here at the moment, he would find that this was obviously something he was entrusted by his uncle in his previous life! However, the person entrusted by his uncle in this life became Lu Cheng.

I dont know what this entrustment will look like in the end!

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