Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 77

Chapter 76:

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The most obvious difference between college life and high school life is that it has more autonomy, no matter in study or in life, everything will not be forced by someone behind it, and it depends on the individual's own arrangements and decisions. .

At the beginning of the new semester, as the only director class for the freshman year, after a series of elections of class committees, the 26 boys in the class also deliberately selected a "class flower". As for this candidate, it was naturally Luo Xiao's second brother in their dormitory-classmate Yan Liben. Of course, his own weak protesters said that they hadn't heard it at all.

Because of the small number of people, coupled with the careless elders, there are not so many careful eyes, the feelings are directly rising, less than a week, the whole class is like brothers Commensurate.

In response to this situation, as their instructor and acting teacher, Wei Guolin said that this really saved him a lot of things.

Since they had a half-month military training as soon as the school started, they felt that they had not had classes for a few days, and they ushered in the motherlands birthday. The seven-day holiday is just right to have a good time, especially for many firsts. For students who travel far to school.

"Hey, I said, what arrangements do you have for the eleventh holidays?" The second child Yan Liben leaned against the bed and asked leisurely with Erlang's legs tilted.

The boss touched his head, and said with a smile: "My word, I should go to see the Forbidden City. I have been yearning for that imperial city since I was a child. I finally came here to study this time, and I have to go there with my own eyes. Take a look, then go back and talk to my friends."

"En? What about you, pedantic?" Yan Liben raised an eyebrow, "Don't tell me you don't plan to go out at all."

Qiu Lu pushed the frame, nodded and said: "Well, I plan to stay in our library. I found several books there that I have been searching for for a long time and haven't bought them. I plan to take advantage of these seven days to be free. Just calm down and read it carefully."

"Oh, I'm going, do you really plan to spend it like this?" Yan Liben curled his lips and looked at Luo Xiao as if he had been defeated. "What about you, fourth child, how are you going to live?"

Luo Xiao stopped the luggage he was packing, and said with a smile, "My words should be to go and spend time with my friends."

"En? Your friend?" When Yan Liben heard this, he immediately approached with a grin and asked, "Is it a female? How do you look like?"

Luo Xiao pushed his head away and rolled his eyes, "You think too much, it's a man."

"Cut, what? It turned out to be a man." Yan Liben shrank back at once, the disappointed expression on his face very obvious.

Luo Xiao twitched the corners of his mouth. What's the matter with the man? Do you want to treat the gender like this?

"The fourth child, you just ignore him, it's just a male cat who is in spring." Qiu Lu, the third child, took a light look at Yan Liben, then turned a page to persuade him, "Don't lower your grade because of him."

"You are so pedantic, who are you talking about!" Yan Liben exclaimed immediately.

Qiu Lu didn't answer, but after reading a page, he faintly replied, "Listen, isn't he the only one in the middle of spring."

"You!" Yan Li was trembling with anger, "None of you stop me, see if I don't give this old pedant a good meal today!"

"...We didn't stop you." Luo Xiao paused, still couldn't help but smile.

Yan Liben looked at it, okay, that's the case again, he turned his head directly, and muttered in his heart: What brother, there is no brother love at all!

Of course, if you think that this matter is over in this way, Luo Xiao, who has seen the experience of watching the theater, will tell you, that is wrong!

Sure enough, Qiu Lu said another sentence: "Sulking or something is really feminine~~~"

Okay, Yan Liben didn't care about being angry, so he directly confronted him. Ke Zheng and Luo Xiao glanced at each other. Well, the atmosphere in the bedroom is really harmonious! Their feelings are really good!

Because Luo Xiao and Ye Lan are not at the same university, and the distance between the two schools is not very close, it is not very convenient to meet each other. They could only come out to meet each other on Saturdays and Sundays, but for Ye Lan, that time was not enough! Why do people spend more time together after they become partners than before, but the two of them are less! Not even the most basic going to school together, so unhappy! !

After Luo Xiao nodded to the three people in the dormitory, he carried his packed luggage and walked outside the school gate. He had to go home quickly. If it is too late, Ye Zis petty kid will have to work harder. Toss him.

Because knowing that the house price in city b in the future will rise rapidly like a rocket, taking advantage of his money now and the house price at this time will be the price of cabbage in the future, is it necessary to buy a few places? Of course, Ye Zi, the guy with high beams, had already bought a few prime locations in the future. Sometimes, when Luo Xiao looked at him, he felt that he was more popular. He relied on his previous life experience to buy these, but he was a real business genius. However, even if that is the case, it is not his person~~~ Hey~~~

"Xiaoxiao, I miss you so much~~~~" As soon as Luo Xiao opened the door, before putting down the duffel bag in his hand, Ye Lan was hugged fiercely by a bear pounce, and then he rubbed his neck fiercely.

Luo Xiao patted him on the back and said with difficulty: "Ye Zi, if you don't let go, I won't be able to breathe."

Ye Lan reluctantly rubbed him a few more times before letting him go, but still clinging to his shoulder with one hand, complaining incessantly: "Xiaoxiao, you see, we used to go up and down together. I learned it. As a result, I only met once a week. How can there be such a couple! Or, I transfer to your school?"

"Okay, I'm saying this again." In fact, Luo Xiao also knows that Ye Lan's jokes about transferring to another school are also Ye Lan's jokes. He clearly knows that the other party likes the feeling of'fighting' in the sea of commerce. .

"By the way, do you have any plans for the Eleventh Holiday?" Luo Xiao asked Ye Lan as he walked into the room to organize things.

Ye Lan, a life idiot, knew that he couldn't help much, so he simply leaned against the door and watched him tidy up, "Look at you, as long as you stay with you, you can spend the seven days."

After Luo Xiao finished sorting it, he took his hand and walked to the living room, "If this is the case, let's solve our dinner problem first and make specific plans."

"Well, it's okay." Ye Lan nodded indifferently.

Luo Xiao walked into the kitchen, looked at the things Ye Lan bought, and decided what to eat at night after thinking about it in his heart.

"Xiaoxiao, you don't know. When I went shopping today, I found that the market was so dirty." Ye Lan hugged his waist and said coquettishly, "I don't want to go in anymore!"

Well, is he explaining in disguise why he only bought a few tomatoes? Luo Xiao nodded, indicating that he knew it. After all, he also knew that Ye Lan had a habit of cleanliness, and it was rare to be able to take the initiative to buy vegetables at the vegetable market.

However, after thinking about it this way, a thought flashed in Luo Xiao's mind. After he cooked the noodles and put Ye Lan on the table, he smiled and said to him: "Since you don't like to go to the dirty vegetable market to buy food, then go to a clean place to buy it."

"Well? A clean place?" Ye Lan tilted his head in confusion, "Where is that?"

Luo Xiao pointed to the bowl in front of him, "Hurry up, otherwise the noodles will not taste good. I will tell you when you finish eating."

Ye Lan nodded, and had to endure the curiosity in his heart and eat the noodles. Well, although it is a simple tomato and egg noodle, his craftsmanship must be praised!

After eating the noodles, Ye Lan took the initiative to wash the bowl. Luo Xiao breathed a sigh of relief when there was no sound of breaking in the kitchen. You know, Ye Lan, a life skill idiot, just doesn't know how many pieces were broken or broken for him by washing the dishes. However, he insisted on participating in the housework, so all the washing and sweeping was left to him. At least for now, the results are still acceptable.

"Here, Xiaoxiao." Ye Lan poured a glass of juice and handed it to Luo Xiao, and then asked after sitting down beside him, "Can I talk now?"

"Of course." Luo Xiao took a sip of juice. "What I want to say is that we can open a supermarket, a large supermarket."

"Supermarket?" Ye Lan quickly reacted. The concept of this supermarket is not well known in mainland China, but it already exists in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, as well as abroad.

Under Luo Xiao's narration, Ye Lan's eyes clearly lit up: Well, this supermarket can and must have it! Moreover, the target must be a chain, a global chain!

Although two companies have been established under his name, the real estate sector has not yet ushered in the peak return period, and it is still in the early stage of investment in buying land and hoarding land. There are not many things. As for Internet companies, it goes without saying, just take your time. Besides, there is He Ben's good coolie. Ye Lan said that he has the energy to be a supermarket.

Ye Lan and Luo Xiao discussed related matters in detail. Under Ye Lan's insistence, Luo Xiao, as another shareholder, formed the Luo Ye Food Co., Ltd. with him. As for why it is called Luo Ye, the reason is, hehe, I understand it~~~

After discussing this matter, it's another thing Ye Lan has insisted on every day for the past four years-sleep!

Now that the two of them have become lovers, and there is no such thing as the troublemaker of Old Man Huo, Ye Lan's confidence in the success of this event has greatly increased!

"Xiaoxiao, look, why don't we chant together tonight~~~" Ye Lan hugged Luo Xiao's waist from behind and said seductively to his ears, while deliberately sticking out his tongue and licking it.

Luo Xiao's ears have always been a sensitive place. At this time, Ye Lan's deliberate treatment made the goose bumps all over his body. He broke free, covered his hot right ear with his hand, and gave him a flushed look: "You! This matter, hum! Don't even think about it!"

Looking at Luo Xiao's back, Ye Lan licked his lips, touched his chin, and thought to himself: Well, sure enough, I still have to keep an inch~~~~

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