Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 8

Chapter 7:

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Looking at the sign of the fifth grade first class above his head and looking at the hustle and bustle of the classroom, Yu Xiao stood at the door and was stunned. Judging from the class number written in his workbook, he was reading this class, but the problem is, he really doesn't remember where he is sitting? After all, this was already more than 20 years ago for him~~~

Moreover, if he walks in now and just grabs someone and asks: classmate, hello, do you know where I am sitting? Wouldnt it look silly like this, besides, who still remembers the names of these people, ah~~~~

Yu Xiao couldn't help but wanted to sigh. He thought in his heart: Or wait at the door, waiting for someone to enter, and the teacher has not come in the room, he walks into the classroom, just see which seat is still available Is empty. Needless to say, it must be his seat!

Before he could implement this idea, an impulse from his back made him step a few steps forward and almost fell to the ground. A familiar and unfamiliar voice rang: "Yo, Xiao Yuzi, you guy has finally come to school~~~"

Yu Xiao turned her head and looked at the person who was pressing on her back at this time. He recalled in his mind for a moment, and said uncertainly: "Fan Lie?"

"What's the matter, you kid, how come you have amnesia with such an expression? You don't even know me?" Fan Lie jumped off his back, and then reached out and wrapped Yu Xiao's neck," said, We havent seen each other for more than a week, dont take you like this~~~"

It's not more than a week. We haven't seen each other for more than ten years. As a classmate from elementary school to high school, Zeng Jins Yu Xiao regretted that he broke contact with these good friends after meeting that person, and did not reconnect until two years before his death. I have to say that true good friends have not been in touch for so many years, but when they meet again, they still feel like they have never been separated.

Seeing this young friend in front of him, Yu Xiao's heart was full of sourness, and his eyes began to wet slightly.

"Hey, hello, Xiao Yuzi, don't scare me, I didn't bully you at all~~" Fan Lie panicked when Yu Xiao's eyes were moist, "Then what, because Did I say something wrong? Or, I jumped too hard just now? Did you get hurt somewhere?"

Yu Xiao looked at her friend panicking and couldn't help laughing. As soon as Fan Lie heard it, he dared not immediately. He yelled to show Yu Xiao a good look, and immediately reached out and messed up his hair.

"Fan Lie, what are you doing? Are you bullying Xiao Yuzi again?" A scolding voice rang, and at the same time he slapped away the messy hands on Yu Xiao's head, "Yu Zi, don't be afraid, tell Me, I will vent your anger!"

Yu Xiao looked up and saw that it was another friend of hers, Hao Ren. Just like his name, he is a really good person, of course, this is only limited to his friends and brothers.

At this time, Hao Ren, who is already one meter and six meters tall, stands out among the fifth-grade pupils who nodded their heads with an average height of only 1.5 meters. Coupled with his figure following his dad's appearance, that's a strong one. To describe him in one word, he is a tall man!

For his neighbor, Yu Xiao, who grew up together, Hao Ren always regarded him as his younger brother. Especially after my parents lamented the pitiful life of Yu Xiao's mother from time to time, they put this small child directly into their protection. What he didn't see was that anyone came to bully Yu Xiao, if it wasn't because he was still young, he would have helped Yu Xiao to teach his **** father.

"No one, Brother Ren." Yu Xiao had long regarded Hao Ren as his brother. When he saw him staring at Fan Lie fiercely, he immediately explained: "Fan Lie is joking with me, don't you Seriously."

"Really?" Hao Ren stared at Fan Lie with a look of disbelief. He had seen this kid not pleasing to his eyes since the first grade. Sure enough, he had robbed Yuzi with him since the first grade. For Yu Zi's face, he really wanted to beat up this ignorant boy.

Fan Lie deliberately rubbed his hand that had just been slapped, and said aggrievedly to Yu Xiao: "Xiao Yuzi, look at this savage guy, my hand is hurt by him. We are joking, let him do anything. Ah!" He said, looking at him provocatively while raising his head.

Looking at the posture of the two, Yu Xiao directly stepped forward and stood between them, then pulled them into the classroom: "Well, you two, let's go in quickly, otherwise it's time for class later. "

"That said, it's better to go in. Humph!" Fan Lie took Yu Xiao directly to a desk and said proudly: "Come on, Xiao Yuzi, let's sit down quickly. The teacher will have to coming."

Hao Ren looked at him with a twitchy appearance. Finally, he clenched his fist and touched Yu Xiao's head. Then he gave Fan Lie a fierce look before letting go to the last row. . Arranging seats by height or something is what Hao Ren hates most. He also wants to be at the same table with Yu Zi.

Yu Xiao also remembered at this time. He has been at the same table with Fan Lie since the fourth grade of elementary school. It was also from that time that Fan Lie and Hao Ren had become unpleasant looking at each other.

After putting down his schoolbag and packing up his textbooks, Yu Xiao looked around for a while. After thinking about it seriously, he had no choice but to give up and recall the names of every classmate. In fact, apart from Fan Lie and Hao Ren, he really did not remember the names of other people.

Fan Lie leaned close to his side and asked concerned: "Xiao Yuzi, are you okay? I heard my mother say that you fell into the river? Why were you so careless?"

"It's okay, it's just an accidental slip." Yu Xiao replied with dark eyes. Speaking of which, his cousin really feels at ease. This caused him to deliberately crash into the river, and he continued to eat and drink like an okay person. Also, his sister-in-law is true. It is not enough to give birth to that man. She wants to give birth to a second one, but even if she has two children, isn't she still abandoned by that man? I really don't know what's going on in my mind, but I think there are grandma like that, and it's not surprising that there is a sister like this.

Fan Lie said scaredly after a while: "Then you have to be more careful in the future. I heard my mother say that you will almost never be saved. If something happens to you, your mother will be very sad."

"Don't worry, I won't make my mother sad again." Yu Xiao replied firmly in her eyes. This time, he still wants his mother to live a happy life.

"Well, I believe you!" Fan Lie also had a cautious expression on his face, but unfortunately he broke his work without holding it for a second. "Then what, Xiao Yuzi, have you finished your homework? Let me copy it. , You dont know how much my life has been suffering for more than a week without you~~~"

Yu Xiao twitched his mouth and said that it's better not to pay attention to him now. As soon as he took the workbook out of his schoolbag, Fan Lie reached out and took it and copied it. While copying it, he said with emotion from time to time: "Xiao Yuzi , I really didnt say you, you are such a good student. Yesterday you even asked me what the homework I was going to hand in today. But, by the way, how does your handwriting look much better today than before?"

"Well, because I had nothing to do in the hospital, I was practicing calligraphy." Yu Xiao casually made up a lie. It is true that he, an old man in his 30s, saw his own writing like a dog yesterday. Later, I was so ashamed that I had to spend a long time writing these improved words. No way, he couldn't write his own handy words directly. Otherwise, how can I explain that a primary school student hasnt come to class for a week? The word is written so badly. Its better to improve little by little~~~

Shortly after Fan Lie finished copying, a tall young girl with a ponytail walked into the classroom and looked at the Chinese textbook she was holding. Yu Xiao knew that this was their Chinese teacher. He remembered that the teacher's surname was Xu Lai, because there was a relationship in the family, after graduating from high school, he came directly to their school as a Chinese teacher.

Teachers in this era don't need to graduate from a normal university like in the future, they need a teacher certificate, and they have to pass examinations before they can be elected teachers. As long as you have connections at school and give gifts or something, whether it is a junior high school graduate or a high school graduate (it is rare for college students in town C), you can teach the students below. Of course, they don't care if you can teach students. Anyway, the child's poor learning must not be the teacher's fault. It must be the child's failure to study seriously.

The reason why he still remembers the surname of this Chinese teacher is mainly because just next year, this woman deliberately seduce the school principal in order to be a vice principal. You know, the principal of their school is an old man in his fifties, and this woman has just grown up, plus the principal's wife is a dominatrix-level shrew. In short, in the end, everyone in the town knew about this matter, but what was shocking was that the Chinese teacher actually knelt down to beg the principals wife to ask her to do her best not to separate them. What else did they two truly love each other.

Yu Xiao still remembered that after hearing the whole story, it was a shock and speechlessness. He couldn't figure out how, how could the final development of this matter become like this?

Looking at Teacher Xu who was standing in front of the podium and starting to give a lecture at this time, he had to sigh: Girl, is it really a big man with such a heavy taste (it doesn't matter)?

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