Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 80

Chapter 79:

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Early in the morning, Luo Xiao and Ye Lan welcomed two guests in their residences-Mr. Ouyang and Mr. Yu. They didn't say much to Luo Xiao, and after nodding their heads, they went directly to Elder Huo, and the three of them went into the study with heavy expressions and talked in detail. Luo Xiao and Ye Lan looked at the closed study room and glanced at each other. As two juniors, they can't help much at this time. Let's do something within their power, such as making breakfast.

The two of them went to the kitchen together. Although Ye Lan's hands were not very good, some ordinary handing things could still help.

For breakfast, Luo Xiao plans to make scallion pancakes, steamed buns and small wontons. He skillfully took out the flour and started to make the noodles. As for the meat stuffing, it was naturally handed over to the powerful Ye Lan. Ye Lan chopped the fresh pork on the chopping board with a knife, while watching Luo Xiao who was busy kneading the dough there, filled with a warm feeling in his heart, he couldn't help but blurt out: "Xiaoxiao, do you think we are like this? It feels like an old husband and wife?"

Luo Xiaobai glanced at him, "Then please stay old by yourself, I'm still young!"

"You!" Ye Lan laughed out loud, put the chopped minced meat aside for later use, then washed his hands and hugged Luo Xiao's waist from behind, and said ambiguously, "I would not be willing without you. Old!"

"Go and go, the flesh is not numb." Luo Xiao's ears slowly turned red, and he gave him a elbow and said in a disgusting tone, pretending to be calm, "Did you see that I am busy? "

"Haha~~~" Ye Lan couldn't help but laughed when he looked at him pretending to be calm, and then deliberately breathed into his ears, and said softly: "I'm only numb to you, and it's only right. You feel it alone!"

Luo Xiao's face turned red all of a sudden, he gritted his teeth and thought, it really felt like! Frozen, he could obviously feel a hot hard object against his back waist, announcing his existence openly.

"You stay away from me!" Luo Xiao turned his head and glared at him angrily, the embarrassment in his eyes was obvious.

Ye Lan said that as a man with a healthy body and normal physical development, it is absolutely normal to have this reaction when facing his beloved person! And, you know, in the morning, what is a physiological phenomenon?

There was a slight smile on his face, but he didn't mean to leave Luo Xiao's back at all, and what made Luo Xiao feel more embarrassed and angry is that this guy even reached into his clothes! You know, there are not only the two of them in this room now, but also three living people from their own master!

In addition, their kitchen is open, and there is no so-called kitchen door that can be closed, and due to geographical factors, as long as Mr. Huo and they walk down the stairs, they can clearly see the situation inside the kitchen. !

Ye Lan naturally knew what Xiaoxiao was worried about. Of course, he would not tell the other party that he deliberately chose to eat tofu at this time. After all, in such a time, it is impossible for Xiaoxiao to make any big noises in their conversation in order not to disturb Mr. Huo. You know, the sound insulation in their house is not very good~~~

Seeing Xiaoxiao's forbearing expression, coupled with the moist eyes that were still eager to talk, Ye Lan said that he really wanted to eat him with one bite~~~

Well, although it is still not possible to eat meat with big mouthfuls, but the meat residue must not be let go! Ye Lan did it as soon as he thought of it, lowered his head, and began to kiss Luo Xiao's slender neck little by little, reaching into his clothes and stroking the smooth skin with one hand, and reaching into Luo Xiao's mouth with the other hand. , The little lilac tongue teasing him.

Luo Xiao's saliva, which was too late to swallow, stayed slowly along the corners of his mouth, and his mouth unconsciously overflowed like a kitten-like whisper, and Ye Lan's mind was rippling. Just as he wanted to go further, a clear door opening sounded like thunder in the ears of the two of them, and Luo Xiao immediately jumped up.

He blushed, dropped his clothes, and gave Ye Lan angrily: I blame this guy, unexpectedly, unexpectedly...

Looking at Luo Xiao, who still had spring on his face at this moment, Ye Lan's eyes darkened involuntarily, and there was great regret in his heart! How could Grandpa Huo and the others finish their discussions so quickly? He doesn't even taste the taste of meat residue as good as it is! No, no, he shouldn't think so! Instead, they should hate it, why are Grandpa Huo showing up at their house? If they are not there, maybe...

Looking at Ye Lan with a smirk on his face, Luo Xiao rolled his eyes in a black line: Needless to say, this guy must be thinking of something unhealthy there again. Would you like to smile like this?

Luo Xiao didn't go to see him anymore, but speeded up his actions and put the steamed buns on the basket, poured oil on the pot and started making scallion pancakes. With a sigh, he woke up Ye Lan, who was thinking about it, and looked at the faint marks on Luo Xiao's neck. He nodded in satisfaction, then took out the bowls and chopsticks and put them on the dining table.

After letting Ye Lan take out the steamed buns and scallion pancakes, he boiled the water and put the small wontons in. Every moment, the steaming wonton soup was also ready.

Luo Xiao served everyone a bowl of Chaos, and then sat down and started eating breakfast with everyone. Father Yu picked up a meat bun and took a bite, and gave Luo Xiao a thumbs up: "Xiaoxiao, you have a very good bun making craft!"

"Well, this scallion pancake is also very authentic!" Old man Ouyang motioned to the half-eaten scallion pancake, "very chewy and not greasy."

Elder Huo raised his head, "That is, you don't look at whose apprentice this is!"

Grandpa Yu looked at him with such a sullen look, and said without mercy: "Come on, Lao Huo, you who can't distinguish between sugar and salt, can you teach Xiaoxiao this craft? Don't speak ashamed!"

"You!" Old man Huo glared, "Old man Yu, don't forget where you are eating now!"

Father Yu raised an eyebrow, "I am eating at Xiaoxiao's house, what do you do?"

"Okay, okay." The old man Ouyang saw that the two of them were about to quarrel again, and directly encouraged him, "You two should have breakfast quickly, if you don't eat it, it will be cold, then Xiaoxiao will be wasted. Its a lot of heart!"

"Huh!" Old Huo and Old Yu snorted at the same time, and then continued to eat.

As for what happened just now, Luo Xiao said that when the old man did not come, Ye Zi and his master had to come every morning, he was used to it. Just ignore them and take care of your own breakfast.

After breakfast, Mr. Huo sent Mr. Ouyang and they left here. Looking at their hurried figure, Luo Xiao stood beside his master and said worriedly: "Master, this matter..."

Elder Huo turned around, touched Luo Xiaos head, and said comfortingly, "Its okay, I have discussed with your Grandpa Ouyang and the others. They will come forward and discuss the next strategy against the enemy with other schools. We only You need to do their own business after they have discussed it. Moreover, they now know the location you provided, and they will naturally send someone to investigate carefully. This plan will definitely be more complete. "

"Well, I hope there will be no serious casualties." Luo Xiao glanced at the direction they were leaving again, and then helped Old Man Huo to walk to the side of the sofa and sit down.

Just when he bends down to pour tea for Mr. Huo, Mr. Huo accidentally saw something that made him angry. He just said, why the **** old man Yu was winking at him before he left, and it meant A deep smile, it turned out to be such a thing!

Older Huo, who was thinking and getting angry, shouted directly, "Ye Lan, you little bastard, get out of here!"

"Grandpa Huo, what's the matter with you?" Ye Lan immediately walked out of the kitchen when he heard the voice, looking at him with a puzzled look, "What can I do?"

"You! You!" Elder Huo pointed at him angrily, and then looked at his apprentice who was also confused. His heart was really complicated! How could his obedient apprentice get entangled by this little bastard? Isn't this a live sheep entering the wolf's mouth?

Ye Lan saw what he was referring to back and forth, followed his line of sight, and immediately understood, his face immediately showed a bright smile, "So you are referring to this thing, I think, I still haven't worked hard enough!"

Listening to the full of regret in Ye Lan's tone, Old Huo's lungs are about to explode, bastard, what is the regret of sister Ni, regret! These are all so obvious marks, what's the matter, do you want to cover your whole body densely?

If Ye Lan could hear the controversy in his heart at this time, then he would directly nod his head greatly! Doesn't he really want to do this, isn't it too late for the time just now!

After seeing the reaction of the two of them, Luo Xiao somehow felt a bad feeling in his heart. He quickly walked into the bathroom, looked at himself in the mirror, and took a breath. : I'll take it. Originally, his skin is naturally fair and not tanned. It is easier to leave bruises on his body than ordinary people. Now its okay, a few marks that are hickeys actually appeared on his neck at a glance. Originally, this mark was hidden by the collar of the clothes, but because of the heat after the meal, he turned the collar down. Turn, doesnt it mean that?

No wonder the eyes of Grandpa Ouyang and Grandpa Yu shifted so slightly before leaving just now. Is this the truth?

"Ye Ye, from today, you will sleep in the study room for me!" Luo Xiao stared at him and said angrily, this guy really can't get used to him, he's always awkward!

"Hey? Isn't it?" Ye Lan didn't dare immediately when he heard it. Why? He persisted for three years until yesterday and he just slept in a bed. The quilt was not warm, so why was he driven out? No, an appeal must be requested!

The appeal is rejected! Luo Xiao firmly shook his head, hum, let you take such an inch!

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