Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 87

Chapter 86:

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A month later, Luo Xiao brought all the people involved in the filming to his alma mater, where they will shoot the campus footage in "Confusion and Passion". Due to the strong support of teachers such as Lao Wei, he did not have to go up to find extras. The students of the performance department in the same branch of the same branch enthusiastically came as a background or played some inadvertently important roles. For them, it is to do social practice ahead of time.

Luo Xiao sat behind the camera and nodded to the side of the scene. The first act of the first episode of "Confusion and Passion" officially began shooting with the sound of boarding.

"Ah, sorry classmate, are you okay?" Tong Mu, as a mountain boy who walked out of the deep mountains of Sichuan, this is his first time in a city outside, and the first time he has come to the capital of the motherland City b, there are many tall buildings rising from the ground, wide streets with busy traffic, and a strong historical and cultural heritage, etc., all of which seem so attractive to him as a mountain boy. From the moment he set foot in this city, he made up his mind to make some achievements here and take root here. No, as soon as he entered the key prestigious school he was going to study in the next four years, he opened his eyes and looked around, only to accidentally hit the person in front of him.

"Well, I'm fine." Qiu Jiajia picked up the book that had been hit on the ground, raised her head and smiled softly at Tong Mu, "Classmates, be careful when you walk. If you look around like this, you dont look at the road under your feet. I can wrestle!"

"...Well, thank you for your reminder." Tong Mu's ears turned red quietly, and he thanked him with composure, and then he watched Qiu Jiajia's back until she disappeared. Then he lowered his head and touched his fast beating heart with his hand. What happened?

"Ka" Luo Xiao yelled, and then nodded to Yu Jia, who played Tong Mu, and Zhang Xin, who played Qiu Jiajia, "You have passed this scene just now, continue to maintain this state, and we started to shoot the next scene. Scenes."

"The second act of the first episode of "Confusion and Passion" hits the board."

In the following day, because the content of the filming did not have much performance difficulty, the filming ended earlier than the estimated time. Luo Xiao, who returned home, looked at the shooting content being played back on the camera, and could not help touching his chin with his hand. He narrowed his eyes and stared at the familiar figure and muttered: "I have to say, Yu Jia This little sluts acting skills are pretty good. Compared with other actors, it does have some advantages. However, after all, he has such good acting skills. Isnt it a **** teaching?"

In fact, Luo Xiao's guess is really correct. It is precisely because of his mother's role model, how could he not learn anything? In addition, during his two years of college life, as long as he has time to go out to work to make money, what kind of people have not met? In order to get more wages, he did not spend less time observing the person, and then treated them in different ways according to different people. Not to mention, this method made him a favorite of the employer of the company.

But even so, the wages given by the bosses are not high, and for him who is in dire need of money, it is really a drop in the bucket.

"How about it, today is the first day of shooting. Is it going well?" Ye Lan returned home and hung the coat he was wearing on a hanger beside him. Then he walked naturally to Luo Xiao's side and held him with his hand. After a fragrant kiss, he curiously looked at the content of the video that was still playing, "Huh? This is the actor? How do I remember that the original document of your script had the appearance of the actor? Looks, physique, and so on, it's a little different from the current one."

Luo Xiao nodded, "Yes, according to my original assumptions, he actually did not meet my initial setting. But, no way, he was the best acting in the role competition at the time, so I and everyone else I agree to choose him to speak. Anyway, the actor in my script said in the setting that he was actually adopted by others, and his real biological parents are actually someone else. It is precisely because of this that he grew up If you dont want to be a mountain man, it will be explained."

"That's true." Ye Lan stared at the characters in the camera carefully. The more he looked, the more he found a sense of familiarity. He turned his head and asked questioningly, "Xiaoxiao, how do I think he looks like you two or three points? what?"

"Well, he is my uncle's son." Luo Xiao dropped a bomb lightly.

Ye Lan immediately enlarged his eyes, "What, is he your brother?"

"Although I really don't want to have a blood relationship with this guy, but I can't help it. The facts are there." Luo Xiao shrugged, "But don't worry, he doesn't know that I have a relationship with him. Otherwise, this guy will do everything possible to stick it up, like a super sticky brown candy, you can't shake it off!"

"Since this is the case, do you need me..." Ye Lan darkened his eyes and said in a low voice.

Luo Xiao waved his hand, "It's okay, I'll take care of this. By the way, how is your real estate building?"

"Well, the progress is pretty good. It is estimated that it can be built before your movie is finished. In this case, you can just use your movie to make another hit." Ye Lan touched his head, "You can rest assured All right."

"Well, by the way, Ye Zi." Luo Xiao turned his head and looked at him seriously, "The quality must be guaranteed!"

"Relax, I have been letting He Ben supervise there! After all, this is our first real estate project. The quality must be strictly controlled, and there should be no cutting corners."

"Well, that's good." Luo Xiaoan turned his head and continued watching the video.

Ye Lan smiled and watched the video with him patiently over and over again.

On the second day, Luo Xiao continued to shoot. Although Luo Xiao did not know any of the actors involved in the filming this time, it is undeniable that their acting skills are no better than those of the original actors who performed the film. Although it is inevitable to stop and start again during the period, the overall shooting speed is still acceptable. Basically, if you shoot at this speed, it can end around the originally estimated finishing time.

But there is still the word "accident" in this world. Just a month before they were about to die, actor Li Jingmin, who played the female number one, suffered a car accident on his way home, and eventually died because of his injuries.

When Luo Xiao received the news, he was very surprised. He was fine when the shooting ended, but he didn't expect to be so fast. To this end, he deliberately put on the crew's three-day vacation, one is to have time to see her for the last time, and the other is to relax.

On the day of rework, although everyone said nothing, the atmosphere in the crew was obviously not as good as before. Luo Xiao knows that this incident is very sad for everyone, but this scene has to continue to be filmed. To this end, he deliberately modified the script, and arranged the heroine Qiu Jiajia in the play to die in a car accident. In this scene, Luo Xiao hired a girl with a body shape similar to Li Jingmin as a substitute, and he performed it by not shooting positively. Although a substitute was used, the final shot was really good.

Soon, the time came to the last scene of the movie, and this scene can also be regarded as the important part of the whole show.

In the end, after losing his lover, Tong Mu devoted all his energy to starting a business. In the process of starting a business, he experienced the betrayal of the ironiest buddies, the enthusiastic help of strangers, and the experience of the company. The bankruptcy confiscated all assets. However, in the end, he still stood up successfully with a spirit of not admitting defeat and not afraid of difficulties.

Luo Xiao stared at Yu Jia's performance, he did not miss the crazy hot eyes flashing in it, and the joy of revenge. He frowned involuntarily, shouted a timeout, and then beckoned to Yu Jia, "Yu Jia, what is your condition today? Although it took you a lot of hard work to achieve success, But dont forget, your character wont allow you to appear crazy."

"I'm sorry, Director Luo, please give me another chance." Yu Jia quickly bowed down and said respectfully.

Luo Xiao glanced at him faintly, "But, this is already the ninth time you have been called to stop, what's the matter, do you want to call it a stop to make it perfect?"

In Yu Jia's lowered eyes, a sullen expression flashed quickly. From the beginning of the filming to the present, he is not a fool, and he can clearly feel that Director Luo dislikes him, and can even be said to be disgusting. But why is this? Obviously they don't know each other at all?

"I'm sorry, director, please give me one more chance, one last chance, please." Yu Jia put her hands together, looking at Luo Xiao with aggrieved expression, "Director Luo, really, I promise this is the last time. Up."

Luo Xiao looked at the familiar expression on his face, and he had no feelings for a long time. He didn't even understand, why was he deceived by this little bitch's acting skills in the first place? Obviously his current acting skills are much better than before! However, being watched by these eyes is really goosebumps!

"Forget it, wait until the meal is finished before taking pictures." Luo Xiao waved his hand tirelessly. He was afraid that he would not send Yu Jia away. He would definitely take the food that he ate yesterday because of the disgusting look on his face. Spit it out!

Yu Jia didn't miss the undisguised expression on Luo Xiao's face. Although there was nothing on his face, he was really hated in his heart. Better than one day, he will also make this so-called Luo Dao pay a heavy price!

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