Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 89

Chapter 88:

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After everyone had a big meal, they patted their abdomen that they were eating, and their faces were full of expressions. Of course, two of them are exceptions. One is Luo Xiao. He has eaten his godmother's craftsmanship for so many years. Although he will repeatedly sigh for the improvement of her craftsmanship, he can eat it whenever he wants. So, just eat the right amount. But this way, in the eyes of others, is another kind of understanding. And the other strange person is Yu Jia, who doesn't know how to eat. When he thinks of waiting, he has a complex emotion that is both nervous and excited.

"Today, I really thank Director Luo for the treat." Everyone unanimously thanked them at last.

Luo Xiao waved his hand, "It's okay, everyone deserves it. If there are opportunities for cooperation in the future, we will work together again."

"It must be." It is the good luck of the crew members to be able to work with a director who is serious, kind and generous.

Luo Xiao smiled and watched them leave here one by one, but turned around to find that Yu Jiazheng was staring at him closely. After seeing his gaze, this quickly concealed his true thoughts.

"Luo, Director Luo, I have something, I think, I want to tell you." Yu Jia lowered her head and twisted the corners of her clothes with a shy tone, "Actually, I am to you... "

"What is it to me?" Luo Xiao looked at him with his arms folded in his chest with a smile. He was very curious about what tricks Yu Jia would do.

Yu Jiameng raised his head, bit his lower lip vigorously, closed his eyes and whispered, "Director Luo, I like you."

"What?" Luo Xiao said, this is a sound several times smaller than the sound of mosquitoes. Even if his ears are sensitive, he doesn't have to test him like this, right?

Yu Jia's face was pale, and her figure shook for a while, and she looked at Luo Xiao with tears in her eyes, and said in a sad tone, "Director Luo, don't you need to humiliate me like this?"

"Huh?" Luo Xiao was really speechless. Did he miss something just now? He couldn't even understand what Yu Jia's words meant when the preface was not followed, but he was certain that this guy must have no good intentions. Forget it, since he doesn't know what this guy's plan is, then he still keeps changing.

The tears in Yu Jia's eye sockets came down all at once. It was really a beauty with tears in pear blossoms. If it weren't for Luo Xiao, someone who hated him to his bones, others would definitely catch it. Qian said softly for some comfort. He saw Luo Xiao still standing still and watching, and his eyes were clearly watching the show. There was a burst of irritation in his heart, but when he thought of what he got from that person, he still restrained his heart. He was unwilling and sobbed and said, "Director Luo, I know my status and status. No matter what I am, I am not worthy of you, the proud son of heaven. However, I still want you to know my love for you. When I first saw you, I understood that you will be the best first love and secret crush in my life. I dare not expect you to look at me differently. I just hope you can allow me to continue to fall in love with you. Let me witness your happiness."

Luo Xiao's goosebumps were directly aroused by his confession of expression, and he twitched the corners of his mouth and said silently, "Since you made me the object of a crush, then why tell me. The so-called crush is not you. Is it a persons business? If you let me know, its not a secret love but a clear love. Are you lying to me?"

"No, no, no." Yu Jia shook his head anxiously, "How can I talk to you? I love you so much!"

"Haha, isn't it?" Luo Xiao smiled sarcastically, then forget it, let's not talk about the relationship between the two of them, if this is loved, there is a suspicion of being in it! Besides, in the last life, this little **** didnt say to his face that he was very grateful for his brothers care over the years, but behind his back he not only pried his corner, took away his money, but also demanded him. How is fate!

"I knew that you would reflect this." Yu Jia seemed to have expected something, with a bitter smile on his face. When Luo Xiao was too late to react, he rushed up and hugged him, and then covered his face. Weeping and left here.

Luo Xiao looked at his back quickly leaving, frowning involuntarily, what is this guy doing? He lowered his head and raised his sleeves and asked, there seemed to be no strange smell. Then he shook his whole body up and down again, and found nothing unusual. However, according to the personality of this little bitch, his performance today is absolutely abnormal. With his understanding of this person in his previous life, this little **** would not do useless things. There must be something wrong with the embrace that rushed up just now.

On the other hand, after Yu Jia ran far away, until he ran out of the realizing range of Tianxiang Tower, he took the trail and sneaked back, watching Luo Xiao smell and shake clothes there. There was a disdainful smile on his face: Hmph, you know, this thing was given by the adult, how could it be so easy to find!

Seeing that Luo Xiao couldn't find the appearance of jumping feet in the future no matter what, a distorted smile appeared on his face. Then, taking a deep look at Luo Xiao, he left here with a relaxed pace.

Luo Xiao at the door of the store noticed that Yu Jia had really left here, and only then recovered his spiritual power. Yes, there is nothing wrong, it is spiritual power. In fact, just as Yu Jia ran away, he did not miss the successful smile on Yu Jias face. After realizing something was wrong, he released his spiritual power and stared at him closely. After returning quietly, he deliberately made an anxious but unwilling look.

In addition, as soon as he released the first trace of spiritual power, he felt another wave of weak spiritual power. After looking for it, I found a small bug that was only one-tenth the size of a rice grain in the inconspicuous seam on the edge of my clothes pocket. He directly flashed a thought, and then collected the little bug into his peach tree space and isolated it.

"Godmother, I'm going back first." Luo Xiao walked into the store, said hello to Xu Yan, and left here.

When I got home, I found that Ye Lan hadn't rested yet and was sitting on the sofa watching TV. When he saw him enter the door, his eyes lit up, "Xiaoxiao, are you back?" Walked in and smelled a faint sound. The smell of wine, his eyes darkened involuntarily: Do you want Xiaoxiao to drink more? Its not usually easy to make excuses. Isnt that a good opportunity today?

Luo Xiao took off his coat and hung it on the hanger on one side, while going to the kitchen to pour a glass of milk out to hangover, "Yeba, why haven't you slept yet?"

"I'm just waiting for you to come back to celebrate!" Ye Lan showed a grieved expression, "As a result, you waited until now to come back!"

"Sorry, they were a little bit happy eating, so they came back late." Luo Xiao looked at him apologetically.

Ye Lan waved his hand, "Forget it, then we will celebrate now. Wait for me, I will take out the wine."

"Hey? I don't need wine, right?" Luo Xiao shook his head after hearing this, "You don't know that my alcohol volume is not very good, or drink milk."

When Ye Lan heard this, his face showed a clearly injured expression, "Sure enough, Xiaoxiao, you still don't like me."

"Ha? How come?" Luo Xiao immediately denied, "Ye Zi, you think too much."

Ye Lan didn't say anything, just stared at him silently. Luo Xiao sighed deeply, put down the milk in his hand, and took the initiative to turn around and walked into the kitchen to take out a bottle of red wine and two glasses, "Is this all right?"

"No, you don't have to force yourself." Ye Lan said quietly with a trace of bitterness.

Luo Xiao directly opened the red wine bottle, poured two glasses of red wine, one cup was stuffed into Ye Lan's hand, and one cup was drunk by herself, "I'm done."

"You... Ye Lan looked at him hesitantly, then looked at the red wine in his hand.

"What do you look at, didn't you say you want to celebrate for me? I've done it, now it's up to you." Luo Xiao glared at him, "Or, you lied to me?"

"No, how could I lie to you!" Ye Lan looked at him sincerely, "I just want to drink with you after clinking glasses."

Luo Xiao glanced at him, his feelings are still too fast? Forget it, then pour another glass, and go back to the room to sleep after drinking. Thinking about this, he put another cup in his cup, and after clinking with Ye Lan, he drank it again, shouldn't it be all right now?

As a result, as soon as he finished drinking, Ye Lan quickly took the red wine bottle and poured another glass for him, "Xiaoxiao, the glass you have just now is not as much as mine. No, you have to have another glass." ."

Luo Xiao, who had already eaten two glasses of red wine, added the white wine that was on the dinner table before. Under the influence of the alcohol, his reaction began to become a little slow. He looked at the glass of red wine in his hand, and then again. Looking at Ye Lan in front of him, he curled his lips and drank the red wine in the glass.

Ye Lan looked at Luo Xiao, whose face was flushing at this moment, and couldn't help swallowing, "Xiaoxiao, can I kiss you?"

Luo Xiao tilted his head and looked at him suspiciously. Then when Ye Lan was about to move forward to kiss, he reached out and hooked Ye Lan's neck and kissed him actively.

This made Ye Lan, who had never seen Luo Xiao take the initiative before, became excited, and directly turned away from the guest, carefully tasting the meat that is hard to get.

After being temporarily lost in kissing Luo Xiao, Ye Lan couldn't help but hugged his princess and walked into the master bedroom. Looking at Luo Xiao who was lying on the bed with a charming look, Ye Lan flushed his eyes and just bent down. I wanted to say something, but saw Luo Xiao proactively kiss again, and his delicate hands continued to tear Ye Lan's clothes. If you still don't understand anything, Ye Lan will kill him with a piece of tofu!

"Yeah~~~" Luo Xiao opened his confused eyes. The drinking last night made his head still feel uncomfortable. He just wanted to reach out and rub his temples, but he felt a strange feeling, especially There is something that doesn't belong to me somewhere.

"Xiaoxiao, you are awake~~~" Ye Lan moved the energetic place at the moment, "Good morning~~~"

"What a shit! Take your one out!" Luo Xiao flushed, and gritted his teeth and said, "Otherwise, see if I don't cut it."

"Oh, don't do this." Ye Lan moved a few more times rascally, "It can be related to your sexual happiness for the rest of your life!"

"You!" Luo Xiao immediately exploded his hair, "Get it out for me immediately!"

Ye Lan looked at him looking angry at the moment. After all, he had eaten enough last night, so he didn't tease Luo Xiao anymore and pulled it out directly.

Feeling a stream of liquid also flowed out, Luo Xiao's face rose even more red, he turned his head and stared at Ye Lan fiercely: Blame you!

Ye Lan knew that he did a bit too much yesterday, but this is not what he can do. Finally, I ate meat for the first time. What if I didn't eat it to the fullest! So, he touched his nose and looked at Luo Xiao flatteringly, "Xiaoxiao, or I will hold you to wash it."

"No need!" Luo Xiao glared at him once again, and then proudly raised his head and commanded, "I will go to wash myself, you go and make me breakfast, I want to eat your own cooking!"

"Okay, no problem." Ye Lan, a cooking idiot, would agree no matter what Luo Xiao gave at this time. After confirming that Luo Xiao really didn't need him to go to the bathroom, he walked out of the bedroom with a regretful expression to prepare breakfast.

Looking at the embarrassing expression of regret on his face, Luo Xiao almost threw the pillow on his face: What regret is it? Little master, I've been eaten and wiped out by you, what do you want?

Listening to the ping-pong-pong sound coming out of the kitchen downstairs, Luo Xiao could imagine appearing in Ye Lan's confusion, and his mood finally improved at this moment. In fact, this kind of relationship happened to the two of them. He was mentally prepared for a long time, but he didn't expect it to be so sudden. But there is nothing unacceptable, because after he woke up, he recalled what he had done last night, so he couldn't help but want to dig a hole and turn around! Didnt it mean that fragments would appear after drinking? Why does he remember every detail so clearly? Especially those details that he is active and passionate about, do you want to do that?

Luo Xiao clenched his fists and made a solemn decision in his heart: Well, never drink anymore!

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