Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 92

Chapter 91:

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One month later, if you want to ask what people are most concerned about nowadays, it is the popular release of the TV series "Confusion and Passion" and the sale of the single apartment of the same name in the play.

It has to be said that Luo Xiaos film has resonated with many people in the North Piao family, far away from the loneliness of the homeland, huge experience pressure, endless troubles in life and work, etc. Everything is so familiar. So it makes people feel sour.

The same single dormitory launched by Ye Lan this time, with the help of this TV series, has undergone a reasonable large-scale advertising broadcast, coupled with a preferential price policy, especially about the house can be paid 30% first. Then a mortgage purchase method of paying the remaining money on time every month was launched for the first time. This preferential policy puts a lot of pressure on life and wages, but they have always dreamed of having a real home in city b. For the Beipiao family, it is definitely something that makes them extremely excited. Happy event.

On the first day of the official opening, the hot sales on the spot directly explained this point. A total of 350 units were sold out in less than two days. In the next month, dozens of people came to ask if there were other listings.

He Ben and Ye Lan looked at the reports brought in by the people below, and when they saw the intuitive data above, they both laughed in unison. Although the purchasers of these houses choose to purchase by mortgage after the down payment, as far as the down payment is concerned, it is basically the same as the initial investment. And this also means that the remaining 70% is profit, right?

"Ye Lan, I am deeply grateful that I invested in this real estate with you. You are really my lucky star!" He Ben smiled when he thought of the dividends he would get in this sale. It becomes more and more obvious.

Ye Lan nodded calmly, "Well, I really want to thank me."

"..." He Ben was silently speechless: dear, do you want to be such a cheeky?

"By the way, you have already seen the sales of this unit." Ye Lan waved the document in his hand, "We can continue to build a batch, and the number will not be large, it will be as good as this time."

"Hey? Doesn't it expand?" He Ben frowned in confusion, "You have seen it too, this one sells well."

"Yeah, I know." Ye Lan nodded, "But, you have to know, not to mention other places. There are more than a dozen real estate companies in city b alone, and they are seeing our situation. In the future, construction of this type of house will definitely start. Now because our supply is less than demand, this situation will happen. Once we wait for the houses of other companies to build, it will be an oversupply.

"Naturally, I also know this." He Ben expressed his understanding, but then frowned, "Since this is the case, do we continue to build?"

"Well, you have also seen that although our listings have been sold out, there are still a constant stream of people who come to visit our house specially and want to order, and even leave a contact number intimately. This shows that our market has already opened up a bit, with certain potential customers, they will make us the next batch of buyers of housing."

"That's true." He Ben replied with excitement.

Ye Lan took the documents on the table and said while looking at it, "He Ben, you must ensure the quality of the house. After all, our company will establish a foothold in this industry in the future, and quality is the most important thing. Yes, only if the quality is strictly controlled, our company will operate better."

"Well, I understand." He Ben nodded in agreement.

After the two discussed other matters about the company, He Ben turned around and left Ye Lan's office. He had other things to do. As for Ye Lan, naturally, he devoted himself seriously to the next work.

Besides, on Yu Jia's side, he watched Luo Xiao, who was interviewed by many reporters on the TV, and his eyes showed obvious surprise and cruelty.

He didn't understand, why does Luo Xiao seem to have nothing at all? He could swear to the sky that the bug was really put on Luo Xiao's body. Logically speaking, shouldn't it be this normal face? Could it be that?

"Humph!" A cold hum suddenly sounded behind Yu Jia.

After hearing this familiar voice, he stiffened subconsciously, and turned his head mechanically. After seeing the familiar face, he got up from the chair in a panic. , Lowered his head respectfully, and there was a clear uneasiness in his drooping eyes.

"Let's talk about it, what the **** is going on? Why did I lose contact with that Gu worm?"

"This, this me, really, really don't know." Yu Jia stammered nervously, "I don't know what the master has ordered this time?"

The black-clothed man called the "Master" looked at Luo Xiao who was still being interviewed on the TV, and his face showed an interesting look. But look at Yu Jia who was trembling unconsciously, the disgust in his eyes became more and more obvious, why is the gap between people so big?

"Okay, I don't bother to say anything to this trash you." The man in black waved his hand indifferently, but his eyes were fixed on Luo Xiao in the TV, a ray of light flashed through the middle quickly. ,"gone."

"Well, please go slowly, Master." Yu Jia bowed respectfully, and no one noticed the twisted expression on his face.

It's all because of this guide! If it werent for him, how could he go back that night, how could he meet this so-called ruthless master; if its not for him, how could he still live hard in this single room; if not for him, he would How could it be rejected by the'master' again. Blame him for all this! It's all his fault! !

Haha, we mortals naturally cannot understand this thinking logic that is obviously different from ordinary people. Of course, as far as Luo Xiao is concerned, he doesn't know these things anyway, even if he does, it is a shrug.

After all, a dog can bite a person, but a person cannot bite back because a dog bite. Is that different from a beast?

As for Luo Xiao, who was interviewed live in front of the TV, he slightly frowned at the moment when everyone was not paying attention: What on earth is going on? How did he feel that he was being spotted by a fierce cobra just now?

Calmly recalled it in his mind, and then immediately realized the result of his master's divination a month ago. But, fortunately, this feeling was not very long. After almost three minutes, he clearly noticed that the uncomfortable sight disappeared, and he couldn't help but let out a little relief in his heart.

Immediately, he thought of the phone call his mother had called early this morning, saying why he wanted to come over and give him a surprise. I really didn't know what surprises were waiting for him.

When he returned home at night, Luo Xiao saw a pair of obviously unfamiliar men's leather shoes at the entrance. He couldn't help but raised his eyebrows secretly, watching, this man might have a lot of time to communicate with them in the future.

After changing his shoes, Luo Xiao walked over to the laughter coming from the living room. When he saw the man who was close to his mother, he was slightly surprised: Hey? It turned out to be him?

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