Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 95

Chapter 94:

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Yes, that person's home is not a rich and noble home, no, to be precise, it should be a well-off level and it is not considered to be a good life.

A family of three, his father used to be a skilled worker in a factory, but because of a major work error in his work, he not only caused a huge loss of property for the company, but he also lost his position and a leg.

Even if I go to find another job, few units are willing to hire him. The end result is to use alcohol to dissipate sorrows until he becomes addicted to alcohol. Every time I drank high, I immediately started to chase my wife and son violently, causing the relationship between husband and wife to drop to the bottom of the ice.

The mother is a traditional housewife who has no income from work, and originally all the expenses of the family depend on her husband. However, now that her husband is down, in order for the family to continue to live, she has to go out to help people wash and wash, so that the family can continue to live, and earn the meager hard money. She was already exhausted physically and mentally from working outside, but after returning home, not only did she not feel a trace of warmth, but some were actually relentless scolding and beatings.

The family of three that had been envied by neighbors around it became fragmented. It was originally the son of an employee of a state-owned enterprise that everyone envied the rush to make, so there were no friends with whom he could really get along. The reality of life changed his heart. His original lively and cheerful personality became inferiority sensitive little by little. He yearned for his own success and eager to step on those who laughed at them. My heart twisted unconsciously.

Luo Xiao still clearly remembered that when he saw the man for the first time, he was wearing clean but old clothes. The meal he ate was always a few large noodle buns with the various steamed buns he brought from home. Plant pickled cucumber pickles, and hardly communicate with other people.

When did it start that the man became fashionable and stopped wearing non-brand names? When did it start that the man became picky about things and stopped eating the non-precious? Since when did that man become vain, go into various high-end places, spend money unscrupulously?

Yes, everything started when he got his love! There was a mocking smile on Luo Xiao's face: No wonder, as the saying goes, whoever falls in love first is a big loser! Yang Jian, hehe, he really is a bitch! At this time in his last life, he was already squandering with the love he gave him, but this life was different. Without him, would he have become such a darkly angry and unspeakable tortoise?

That's right, the two parties involved in the fight that happened in the restaurant just now, the guy who was beaten was Yang Jian. Now when I think of the miserable way of being beaten, Luo Xiao's heart is refreshed. However, don't think that he will let the **** let go. As one of the murderers who killed him in his previous life, he will definitely thank you!

"Little Si, what's the matter with you?" Qiu Lu, who was sitting next to him, pushed the frame of his glasses and looked at Luo Xiao worriedly, "What is going on with you to be honest with the three? Since getting on the bus, You have such a gloomy expression? Could it be?"

"...No, I'm okay." Luo Xiao replied with a smile on his face, "third brother, don't worry about it."

"But..." Qiu Lu wanted to say something, but Yan Liben, who was sitting in front of him, interrupted.

"The third child, since the fourth child says it's okay, then you can rest assured." Yan Liben turned his head and raised an eyebrow at Luo Xiao, "Little fourth, you can tell us if you have anything, and the brothers will help you! "

Luo Xiao nodded heavily, "Hmm!"

Because Luo Xiao lives outside, and the second and third are living at school, I thought Luo Xiao was the first to get home because of the reason for the way. Seeing Luo Xiao walking away, Qiu Lu leaned forward, frowned and said to Yan Liben: "What did you interrupt me for?"

"Cut, you don't believe you that you are getting stuck." Yan Liben curled his lips, but immediately explained before he got angry: "Okay, let's get back to business, don't you still know who is Xiaosi? Just like him, don't worry, you can't suffer, don't forget, who else is beside him!"

"That's true too!" Qiu Lu reached out and touched his chin, nodding in agreement.

After getting out of the car, the two walked in the direction of the bedroom. As for the boss, Ke Zheng, everyone has a girlfriend, okay? Naturally, I moved out of the two-person world with my girlfriend~~~

"I'm back." Luo Xiao opened the door and said habitually.

"Xiaoxiao, are you back?" After Ye Lan heard the sound, he immediately got up from the sofa and walked behind him, took off his coat thoughtfully, and hung it on a hanger beside him, "What, and Are they having fun?"

"Yeah!" Luo Xiao echoed afterwards with low interest.

Ye Lan noticed it immediately, and there was a trace of concern in his eyes: "What's wrong, have you encountered anything that goes wrong?"

"Well, I saw a disgusting person." Luo Xiao sat down on the soft sofa, then pulled Ye Lan to sit next to him, hugged his waist tightly with his hands, and buried his broad face. On the chest of acquaintance.

After a slight daze, Ye Lan reached out and touched his head, and asked softly: "What's wrong, Xiaoxiao? Tell me, who is that annoying guy? I'll help you get a bad breath. ."

"No, let me do it myself." Luo Xiao took a breath, raised his head and said viciously, "Huh! Let me entertain him!"

"Well, be entertained!" Ye Lan nodded in agreement, "Why, how, do you feel more comfortable now?"

Luo Xiao's eyeballs turned, and he deliberately raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, "What if I am not comfortable, but also depressed?"

"What should I do?" Ye Lan tilted his head and frowned, "That's naturally cold!" As soon as the voice fell, he abruptly got up, hugged Princess Luo Xiao, and hurried towards the two of them. Go to the bedroom.

Luo Xiao was dumbfounded at once, isn't it? Didnt they say anything about love just now? Why did things suddenly move towards this?

He immediately struggled to be put down, well, finally put down, but unfortunately, he was lying on the bed, and the position with Ye Lan was very bad.

Sure enough, before he could say anything, Ye Lan's kiss had already launched a fierce offensive, and his head suddenly became groggy. When his consciousness finally reflected, there were already hot things in his body that did not belong to him.

"Ye Lan!" Luo Xiao gritted his teeth in a low voice, "You fellow!"

"Xiaoxiao, I can't blame me for this! It's you who seduce me there, I can't help it~~~" Ye Lan replied without any reduction in motion.

There is no way to go to your sister! Luo Xiao clenched his teeth and strenuously compared a **** to him, his eyes shining in disbelief.

Ye Lan said brazenly and confidently: "Who told you not only to hug you, but also to wink at me! I'm not Liu Xiahui, how could I sit still? Besides, we are all. My partner, let alone its not the first time we did it, so dont be shy!" After speaking, he deliberately spoiled Luo Xiaos sensitive place so that he couldnt help overflowing his mouth with sweetness. Groans.

During the river crab period, please imagine the details in the middle (ps: you can think whatever you want~~~)

When Luo Xiaogang woke up early in the morning, he planned to roll over, but the cells all over his body were clamoring, especially in that place. He stared at the pillow that still had warmth next to him, and his teeth tickled with hate in his heart. Therefore, it is impossible for a wolf that has already eaten meat to be a vegetarian. but! Even if he is that piece of meat, he can't be "fried" over and over again, right? Meat also has meat rights, okay!

Unfortunately, under Ye Lan's petting offensive, Luo Xiao's little awkwardness disappeared without a trace.

After Ye Lan went to work in the company, Luo Xiao leaned back lazily on the window, picked up a phone on one side and called the restaurant manager yesterday: "Fang, who were the two who fought yesterday?"

"The one who hit was Sicheng, the son of the office director of the Agriculture Bureau of City B, and the one who was hit was Yang Jian, a temporary worker hired by our restaurant." Manager Fang said, " This is how it happened. Sicheng and his girlfriend came out of the private room after eating, and when they turned the corner, they just touched Yang Jian's shoulder lightly. He suddenly lost his temper and caused us to lose nearly. It looks like two hundred thousand. Fortunately, the director of the department has already sent us the compensation."

"That's it, that's good." Luo Xiao nodded, "By the way, how is the migrant worker named Yang Jian?"

When Manager Fang heard this, he couldn't help sighing deeply: "He, because he was a little undernourished, and his body was weak. Now coupled with this punch and kick, he suffered a lot of skin injuries. . Boss, look, do we need to help him?"

After Luo Xiao listened, he was stunned for a moment. He didn't expect this guy to end up like this. He stretched out his hand and pressed the bridge of his nose, "No, I have my own decision on this matter. Okay, I will hang up first.

"Well, goodbye, President Luo."

After putting down the phone, Luo Xiao felt a complicated emotion in his heart. But no matter what, he never thought he was a holy father, so even if someone said that he was hard-hearted, things in his previous life could not be simply done!

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