Great Single Player Of The Heavens Chapter 681

Vol 2 Chapter 647: Sneak In Or Wushuang

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After no other problems were detected on V's body, Placid synchronized V's system with a subnet called "Poseidon" to maintain communication at all times.

Of course, in the eyes of V and Lu Qi, this is more like a tool to monitor their every move.

Until this time, the two talents finally got their mission content-sneak into the Great Empire Mall and find a modified hacking equipment car and the owner behind it!

"Go to the mall and my people will guide you in."

Unplugging the personal connection, V immediately asked:

"Understood. After doing this, you will let us see Bridget, right?"

"Yes it is."

"Very good, I hope you keep your promise..."

After that, looking at each other, V and Lu Qi turned and left, leaving only Praxis, who could not see the change in expression, watching the back of the two who left...

. . .

Since Vs personal system is synchronized with Poseidons subnet, Placide will hear every word they say, so after they left the Bhadi Hotel, they went straight to the Grand Empire Mall without saying a word. .

Soon, the two arrived at a comprehensive and integrated commercial area covering a large area and well-equipped.

The neon signs of the Great Empire Shopping Centre are also crooked and bleak.

Abandoned vehicles, rusty facilities, and ferris wheels that are still moving in the distance all seem to be telling a cruel reality-this is not heaven!

In the wide and desolate parking lot, the two found the stalking point of the Voodoo Gang.

From the little brother of the voodoo gang, I got the best way to enter the mall-the garage.

Bend down, with the help of abandoned vehicles and stone piers, Lu Qi and V sneaked silently to a car outside the garage entrance.

Sticking out his head, he swept past the garage entrance.


There were only five enemies guarding the entrance of the garage, and each of them looked like bodybuilding champions, with scary muscles.

The members of the Animal Gang have always refused to use common electronic implants. They prefer tailor-made enhancement supplements, especially the use of strong testosterone and animal enhancers to make themselves stronger.

Compared with firearms, they prefer to use their fists to solve problems.

But before the two of them, there is only one question: sneak in or Wushuang?

Leaning on the back of the abandoned car, V pulled out a pistol and asked Lu Qi beside him:

"What to do? Fuck them or..."

Lu Qi first observed the positions of the five guards, and found that they were relatively close, making it difficult to carry out stealth assassinations.

Thinking of this, without saying anything, he directly took out a "prelude" model revolver, and said in a deep voice:

"Go straight! Three mines on the right, two yours on the left, count to three, we shoot at the same time."

"Okay!" Nodded, V, as if thinking of something, suddenly asked: "Have you been in the army before?"

Hearing this, Lu Qi paused briefly, "Is it obvious?"

Shrugging his shoulders, V said casually: "Very few people use the tactical language of synchronized shooting, except those in the army."

Looking at V with a certain face, Lu Qi just smiled and said nothing. Quan was the default.

At this time, in a very enchanting posture, Johnny Silverhand, lying on the front cover of the car, couldn't help asking:

"Hey, ask which unit he was in before? I might also know him."

However, this small request of Johnny was found by V, and he was angry:

"You and he have been dead for fifty years, do you think people's troops have something to do with you, an old man?"

Upon hearing this, Johnny Silverhand directly raised an international greeting gesture to V, cursing:


Lu Qi, who was on the side, did not realize that his teammate was in his mind, cursing with another stinky conscious body, he just asked:

"ready or Not?"

"You can start anytime."

"Very well, listen to my command, one...two...three!"

As soon as the voice fell, the two got up from the back of the car at the same time, raised their guns at the target they had chosen, and then pulled the trigger.

In order to ensure accuracy, Lu Qi directly turned on [Bullet Time]!

Bang bang bang...

A series of gunfire sounded, and the five members of the animal gang were shot dead without even having a chance to react!

After fixing the guard at the entrance of the garage, the two men straightened their backs, walked quickly through the containers outside the garage and entered the mall smoothly.

As soon as he stepped into the mall, Lu Qi immediately activated another skill: [Eagle Eye Vision]!

His eyes suddenly turned into a vast expanse of whiteness, and all the movement around him was in full view.

The faint sound of footsteps and conversations from the mall, suddenly came in

Obviously, the sound of gunshots outside the garage attracted the attention of other animal gang members in the mall.

At this moment, Lu Qi bent down and beckoned to the V behind him:

"follow me!"

Next, with the help of the cover of the terrain and the visual advantage brought by [Eagle Eye Vision], the two crossed over with several animal gang members who came to check the situation.

"We are here!"

As soon as the voice fell, Placid's low voice suddenly came into V's mind: "Okay, remember, find that car first."


After entering the mall, V originally thought that Lu Qi would take the rigid method like he did at the garage door just now to kill the people of the animal gang frontally, and then go to the hacker equipment car.

However, Lu Qi took him and played peek-a-boo with the people of the animal help.

The entire Great Empire Mall is too big, and the people of the animal gang simply can't control all the corners, which gives the two a chance to sneak.

What makes V even more unexpected is that Lu Qi seems to have a pair of eyes of God, he can feel the enemy's movements clearly, even where there is an enemy~wuxiaworld.online~Where is the guard turret and when is the enemy? Will turn around and leave, all know!

"At six o'clock, two enemies!"

"After he turns around, we will go over again!"

"On the second floor above, there is a warning turret, hack him out!"

Under the precise command of Lu Qi, what V had to do was to use his hacking skills to invade the security turret and temporarily modify the defense protocol so that they could pass smoothly.

Not only V was shocked by Lu Qi's stealth ability, even Johnny, who was living in his mind, couldn't help but sigh:

"Fak! This guy is **** god!"

Soon, the two found the hacker equipment cart located in the corner of the mall lobby.

However, there were three members of the animal gang standing next to the car, chatting, and seemed to have no intention of leaving.

Upon seeing this, Lu Qi, who was hiding in the corner, couldn't help taking out a revolver, and smiled at V on the side:

"It seems that our peekaboo ends here. It's time to make some noise..."

"Old rules, two mines on the right and yours on the left."

Upon hearing this, V also took out his pistol, "click" and the bullet was loaded:

"no problem!"

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