Apocalypse Special Forces Chapter 565

Chapter 565: Distribute Medicine

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Chapter 565 Distributing Medicine

Chapter 565: Distributing Potion

As soon as Ouyang Feng's words were uttered, everyone immediately calmed down, looking at Ouyang Feng standing on a high platform in the center, while Ouyang Feng smiled and shook the bottle in his hand and said:

"This bottle contains a potion of life, which I call life potion. It contains a trace of life origin. This bottle of potion is for the awakened. Maybe you have discovered that after becoming the awakened, your strength cannot be improved again. The reason is that there is no source of life in your body."

"If you want to rely on the natural origin of life in your body, you need the life energy in your body to reach a certain level. This requires a long time and a certain amount of luck. But with this, you dont need it. Life energy can enter the threshold of the fifth level of life."

"After entering the level of a fifth-level creature, your body's healing ability will be greatly increased, and you will also have the ability to regenerate limbs, um! Just like those dark bloodthirsty, that is to say, it will be difficult for you to die."

"The awakened person will get the life potion, and the strengthened person will get two bottles of potion, one bottle is the evolution potion. After using it, you will go through an evolutionary period of one week to ten days and become an evolutionary. Then, use it again. Another bottle of awakening medicine also needs a period of awakening, which should be about ten days before you will become an awakened."

"This is what I said. After half a month or a little longer, all the people present may become awakened. At that time, it will be the time when we fight back against the dark bloodthirsty."

"We will directly rush into Chris's lair and take him out. The Xizhou Continent will also have a recovery period of close to a year to prepare for the upcoming army of Devourers!"

"Now, I will distribute the potions directly, starting with the potentiators first, because you will have the longest experience, all potentiators, stand still in place, until you get two bottles of potions."

As Ouyang Feng said, he was about to jump off the high platform, collect blood among the strengtheners, and start making potions, but before he jumped off, a voice rang from the crowd:

"The strong from the East, you haven't said what price we need to pay!"

Although this person did not use a loudspeaker, because he shouted out loud, and now he was in the underground hall, the sound could not be diffused, so most of the people present still heard his words.

After this person yelled this sentence, everyone present also looked at Ouyang Feng nervously, because Ouyang Feng didnt say just now what they were going to pay for this potion, instead they talked about these potions in detail. The role of.

In their view, this is Ouyang Feng deliberately emphasizing the benefits of the medicine, and it should be prepared for the lion's mouth to open for a while. As for whether this medicine can achieve the effect Ouyang Feng said, this should be beyond doubt.

With so many people on the scene, Ouyang Feng would never tell such a big lie, and there is no need at all. These survivors now have almost nothing, except for themselves, they cant think of anything else they can come up with. As the price of exchanging medicine, hand it to Ouyang Feng.

Therefore, the survivors present now have a general guess in their hearts, that is, after getting the medicine, people like themselves may become Ouyang Feng's subordinates and obey his orders.

Regarding this, these survivors can still accept it in their hearts. They are not like Inovic and they do not like constraints. The long-term hiding in the underground life has completely erased their pride. As long as they can become stronger, To be able to have a greater chance of living, for them, obeying the orders of this Oriental is obviously not an unacceptable thing.

Ouyang Feng stopped his body about to jump off the high platform, straightened up to look at the people around him, and suddenly laughed: "Ah! That's right! I forgot to say that the price you need to pay is actually not strictly speaking. I forgot, but it is unnecessary to say nothing, because you have already paid for the price you need to pay."

Seeing the people below start to whisper with surprise, Ouyang Feng said again:

"You are standing here now, it is the price you paid to get my potion, that is-your trust and courage, I think for the dark bloodthirsty, each of you knows their strength better than me. After coming here, if there is an accident, what the consequences will be, you must be very clear, but you are still here."

"Most of you have not seen my strength with your own eyes, but you still choose to come here and fight side by side with me. No matter what you are here, for me, this is what you are right about. My trust, and being able to stand here requires a certain amount of courage."

"So! Don't worry about it, everyone. The medicine you are about to get is paid for. Now, we must hurry up. You can chat with each other, but please don't move around. This can increase the speed at which I distribute the medicine."

"Moreover, these medicines all require a drop of blood from the user. That is to say, the medicines I send to everyone can only be used by him, so don't be confused, otherwise, I will not be responsible for any accidents."

Speaking of this, Ouyang Feng dropped the microphone of the loudspeaker, jumped directly off the high platform, and walked towards the side of the enhancer. Because of Ouyang Fengs request, the awakener, the evolver, and the enhancer are in this underground square. It is divided into three batches, with some distance between each other, which is also convenient for Ouyang Feng to distinguish.

Coming to the fortifiers, Ouyang Feng constantly walks through the crowd, while Apocalypse is constantly drawing blood from the surrounding fortifiers. Fortunately, there is now the consciousness of the Apostle John. Otherwise, this work will be much more complicated. Up.

After more than two hours, all the enhancers had two more potions in their hands. After that, Ouyang Feng did not stop, and went directly to the evolutionary camp, and started the previous action again. After more than an hour, all the evolutionists also received their own awakening potions.

After doing this, Ouyang Feng did not continue to distribute potions in the Awakened camp, but first returned to the stands in the center of the square, picked up the microphone of the loudspeaker, and said to the bottom:

"Now, all the enhancers and evolvers have got their own potions. Nicholas and the others should have arranged a place for you just now. You will go back to your respective residences immediately and use your own potions. Pay attention to the potions in your hands. It is marked with a number. Drink the potion in the first bottle first, and when you wake up, drink the potion in the second bottle."

"And evolutionary, you all only have a bottle of potion, you should not be able to drink it wrong, as for the awakened, you wait a moment, because these people who have received potions will soon fall into deep sleep, where they are sleeping. For a while, we will be responsible for the safety of this underground fortress."

"Now all the awakened are scattered, and follow the others to their residences. After confirming safety, you will all return here. I will wait for you. Now, all disbanded, hurry back to your residence and use you as soon as possible. The potion in the hand."

As soon as Ouyang Feng's voice fell, all the survivors present immediately began to take action, especially those strengtheners and evolvers. After all, they had potions that could quickly increase their strength. They had been envious of the awakened for a long time.

Especially those fortifiers. At this time, the fortifiers are actually not much different from ordinary people. They are basically cannon fodder. Whenever a survival point is breached by a dark bloodthirsty, they can escape. Basically, there will be no enhancers, and there are not even many evolving ones. Unless the number of dark bloodthirsty is very small, there will only be awakened ones with acceleration ability, and there is a great chance that they can escape.

Soon in the huge square, only Ouyang Feng, Zhang Ruhao, and Xiaowu were left. They all stayed outside at this time and were not by his side, and Zhang Ruhao showed his importance at this time because of this underground fortress. All entrances and exits were reset by him, except for him, no one can open it.

This is to prevent someone from accidentally being attacked by dark bloodthirsty when opening the entrance and exit. This is how the old underground fortress was lost.

One hour later, Nicholas and other awakened people from the Western Continent began to return to the square one after another. After confirming that they were all present, Ouyang Feng looked at them and sighed secretly.

Of the 70,000 or so survivors, the number of awakened survivors turned out to be less than 1,000. This ratio... is too small.

"Do you see the medicines in front of me? Everyone has one bottle. The life medicine does not require the user's blood, so there is no need to distinguish between users. You can take it yourself. After that, you can use it directly because you take the life core. There is no need to fall asleep."

Ouyang Feng pointed to the life medicine that he had already made and placed on the high platform and said: "Everyone queues up to get it, don't mess up, everyone has it, so it makes no difference if you get it earlier or later!"

After hearing Ouyang Fengs words, these awakened people showed eager light in their eyes, staring at the medicine on the high platform, but they all lined up one by one and walked by the high platform according to what Ouyang Feng said. Everyone took a life potion...

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