Player Invasion Chapter 976

Chapter 977: Success Rate

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If they dont put a magnet, they have no way at all. They can attract each other in this way, and this teleportation array is the same. There is no way to teleport without pre-established two places. There is no doubt that the place below There must be no teleportation array, so how do you use the teleportation array if you want to go in?

"The teleportation array I'm talking about can be defined as a short-distance spatial movement, with the help of the power of space. It should be able to transmit arbitrarily within a certain distance. Of course, this method will cause spatial fluctuations. If there is a detection space If you have equipment, you might find it."

This is normal. There is absolutely no perfect solution in this world, and no perfect person will appear. This is the law of reading knowledge, and everything has its weaknesses and shortcomings.

When taking care of his strengths, his shortcomings must be taken into account. There is no doubt that there will be space detection equipment in the following place, so what Bai Li said next is the focus.

"I have a way to minimize this spatial fluctuation. Even the most sophisticated instrument can't detect it. Then the three of us can successfully transmit there."

"How about? Do you want to give it a try? If you want to give it a try, I will start to prepare now. After ten minutes, I can teleport and move. The probability of success is 80%. If it fails, there is a probability that we will roll it. Entering the turbulence of space and being directly cut by space debris, there is another possibility that we will be teleported to other places and then discovered."

You are saying that its dark under the lights. If they successfully teleport through the inside, there will be no problem, because its impossible for people outside to think that someone already exists inside, but if they dont teleport inside, there will be a little deviation. After being transmitted to other places, I think it will be discovered immediately.

A total of 80% of the success rate seems to be very high, but in fact the 80% success rate is still very, very small.

After all, you have to look at the consequences of failure. If you fail only to lose a little profit or wealth, then the 80% success rate is indeed not low, but if you fail, you lose your life, then this success rate is Very low.

However, none of the three of them are the kind of timid people. Since they decided to call you to wear them, they must not hesitate, so they finally decided to act immediately.

"You get started, I believe we will blow up this place if we succeed, but it's still a problem to escape after the bombing."

This is the disadvantage of being active on other people's territory. You have to take one step when you do anything. Any slight mistake in the three steps, any little carelessness will lead to your failure.

Not only have to find a way to make things successful, but how to deal with this matter after success, and the consequences is also a problem. Anyway, if this thing is blown up, it is estimated that this core area will explode and everyone will come. Chasing the three of them and trying to escape from here is almost a dream.

"Don't worry, I'm already prepared. In this place, I will establish a teleportation formation to form a connection with a certain formation outside. As long as we can escape to this place, we can leave in an instant."

Lin Tian satisfactorily considered the Arrow Baili people very, very delicately, and took almost all the results and consequences into consideration. This way, it would be the best, whether it was a success or a failure at least. Can guarantee that they leave here safe and sound.

Ten minutes passed quickly, Bai Li, after we finished building this thing, three people stood in a circle of light. As the space was distorted, the bodies of the three people disappeared in it strangely. Shutting through the space, it is clear that some people see them right in front of them that they can't touch each other and can't see them. This is a space barrier.

The four-dimensional space has length, width, and height, and there is also a four-dimensional space that forms a common clan with time, and being able to travel freely in the space is equivalent to coming to a higher level of space.

It is using a higher-level exercise method to exercise, so if you are in a three-dimensional space, there must be no way to see it.

After a few breaths, the three people suddenly squeezed out of the space again, and at this time they successfully came to a strange place, this place is like a power station, and there are all kinds of tall machines everywhere. , Some of the blue liquid in the huge roar is stored in a super large tank and is continuously transported out. In the process of transport, after a series of processing, they will finally become only half a finger. Blue spheres.

These little balls, Lin Tian, have seen people from the machine race. This is what they eat. Just a small one can maintain the energy in their bodies for a long time. And such a big factory here, I dont know it can How much energy is provided, no wonder the core members of these races will never lack energy, it turns out that there are so many energy provided to them every day.

Lin Tians former residence has used these things far more than the daily consumption of all the machine races, but this factory is not the only factory, which means that the machine race people still store a lot of energy in addition to natural production, even though now Blowing this place back, they won't be bothered for a short time, because they still have stored energy.

This discovery made Lin Tian sometimes Daji was not only Lin Tian, but the other two were also helpless for a year. They did not expect that this would be the case. If these things are very precious and very rare, then they will be returned to each other. It caused a great blow, but these things are only considered very much but not rare. If they are everywhere, then even if they destroy these things, it is estimated that they will not be able to cause much trouble to the other party.

Then they have to consider whether there is any point in doing this. If you risk your life for something meaningless, it is definitely something that a fool would do. Lin Tian only recognized that the three of them are not fools, so he must Can't do what a fool would do.

"What should we do? Do we continue to think of ways to destroy this place, or just leave the army this place and get our mind?"

"Since it's all here, you must have taken a vacation yesterday, so if you can't destroy these things, you still have to cause her some trouble, such as poisoning them, and let them eat it. peaceful."

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