The Game Started With Building Mecha Chapter 558

Chapter 494: Lin Chen's Wedding Puth Is Here To Make Trouble

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In fact, when they first started preparing for the wedding, Lin Chen and Jiang Xiu'er were aware of the guests' problems, and they did not advocate large-scale arrangements.

Therefore, if you are frugal, the expected person is probably the one hundred and ten.

But as a result, many people are now present one after another.

The gang of Lin Chen's men are here, Alice is here, Jiang Jingxuan is here, Dr. Xiao is also here, and so on.

Thousands of people were added at least at once!

Many reporters even came to fish in troubled waters.

"Happy wedding!"

After these people arrived, they offered their most sincere blessings.

These people were soon arranged under the official auspices, and then, soon after, the wedding officially began!

As for the reporters, the officials have adopted an attitude of turning one eye and closing one eye.

Jiang Xiu'er Fengxia wears a crown, solemn and noble, showing a natural and classical beauty. Her skin is white and tender, her face is impeccable, and she has a slight smile on her mouth.

She came out slowly, just like the fairy Linchen, so that all the guests immediately took a deep breath of air.

In this era of Internet prevalence, all kinds of beauties are unknown, but no one can match Jiang Xiu'er!

Just as the fire of the glowing candle compares with the radiance of the sun and the moon, this is basically a level.

Jiang Xiu'er's beauty is intoxicating, and it makes people unable to give birth to a half-profane thought.

This scene was also broadcast to the entire Huangzhen Empire by the reporters on the spot.

Countless viewers watching the live broadcast were howling ghosts and wolves.

"This is the real Bai Fumei!"

"Why other people's wives are always so beautiful, but my own wife is frustrated and pocky."

"I envy and hate it."

"Cut, it's far worse than my Qiao Biluo."

People started to be sour.

There is no harm if there is no contrast, and probably only the last bit of stubbornness can barely be maintained in the mouth.

At the scene, in the seats among the guests, Lin Chen's old subordinate, Aisha's eyes were full of envy, and he whispered, "It's so beautiful."

Jiang Jingxuan on one side deeply agrees.

She has always been quite conceited about her purple color, but now it seems that compared with the red makeup Jiang Xiu'er, she unconsciously feels ashamed.

Many people in the room were dumbfounded, and even Lin Chen, who had watched Jiang Xiu'er for more than ten years as a fianc, was slightly sluggish, and was stunned by the beauty of Jiang Xiu'er today!

Jiang Xiu'er came to Lin Chen's side with a smile on her mouth, and faced many relatives and friends with him.

As the host, Zhang Lie, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, lived in the audience completely. He stepped forward and gave a blunt speech: "Dear friends, in each of our lives, we will encounter many accidents, occasional encounters. Some people, some things and some memories, our hearts will suddenly open a door, a window, in fact, I want to say..."

The atmosphere is very good, you can always hear prolonged bursts of applause.

The wedding is still going on.

As the wedding was held, Minister of Foreign Affairs Zhang Lie smiled and said, "The husband and wife worship each other!"

Lin Chen and Jiang Xiu'er bowed to each other.

However, just after the worship, there were more people at the wedding scene. Before, everyone just watched the couple and didn't pay much attention to the scene.

But right now, as the wedding was about to end, people suddenly realized that there were many more people here!

Puth, Lungumo, Nicotine, William, etc. are all here, and there are even leaders of Xinhua Star and Federation Star.

Jiang Mingyuan picked up the microphone and said, "Why are you here?"

There is no point of blaming either, more of it is still surprised.

After all, everyone used to be allies, so they can give their backs to the other's brothers. Now they naturally wont be guarding the three-square acre of Azure Star. If you have time, you can worry about some minor issues. Its not as good as that. Its a joy to run to the vast starry sky to conquer a planet by force.

Puth arrogantly said loudly: "Why can't we come, aren't you welcome to come to congratulate?"

Jiang Mingyuan whispered: "Welcome."

He said so, but he always felt that Puth, an old thing, seemed to be holding back bad water.

Pu Si and others offered their blessings: "Then we congratulate Lin Chen and Jiang Xiu'er for their happy wedding."

It's just that I came late, and the wedding was about to end.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Zhang Lie once again blew up and finally announced: "I announce that the wedding of Mr. Lin Chen and Ms. Jiang Xiu'er has ended successfully. Let us congratulate the couple with the warmest applause!"

"Papa" there was a tide of applause at the scene.

Until the applause disappeared, Jiang Mingyuan walked to the front desk with a microphone in hand and said: "Since the wedding is over, then I will announce good news!"

I am going to take this opportunity to announce the news of the life medicine to the public.

All the people present immediately looked at Jiang Xiu'er's flat abdomen.

At this time, UU Puth's eyes suddenly lit up.

Doesn't this opportunity come!

As long as I am here to tell everyone that the interstellar network plan of the Forbidden Empire is about to be implemented, then I will properly become the focus of attention on the scene.

What's more, it is more exciting to be able to win the grace at the wedding of Lin Chen and Jiang Xiu'er.

Immediately after Jiang Mingyuan finished speaking, he shouted: "Wait a minute, I also have something to say!"

Jiang Mingyuan's face sank, and he shouted, "You'll talk until I finish."

Everyone around laughed silently, winking at Puth.

Puth's face flushed, and then he cheered himself up. Today, he must do a good job.

He whispered confidently: "Let you be proud of it for a while, and I will go through the audience later!"

The more I think about it, the more it becomes impossible to describe what I want to do in my heart.

Even Pu Si has seen his words successfully ignite the audience, and he will become the most beautiful old man in the audience!

At this time, Jiang Ming, who was on the stage, saw that the atmosphere at the scene fell, and his voice also fell. He cleared his throat and announced in a loud voice: "All reporters are aiming at me. Next, I will use my daughter and When the son-in-law is newly married, he is announcing great news!"

As soon as the words fell, the reporters who had been prepared by the government immediately came in and turned on the cameras!

Suddenly, there were hundreds of additional cameras facing the spirited Jiang Mingyuan on the stage.

Jiang Mingyuan smiled vigorously: "As we all know, the average life span of our human race is less than a hundred years. Compared with this vast starry sky, it is completely incomparable. In addition, the years are not forgiving. Many people have many wishes because of their longevity. So, in the Huangzhen Empire, a very secret study on how to extend life span was launched!"

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