Evolution Crisis Chapter 154

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When the article woke up again, it was already a year later. At that time, only Wen's father was looking after him. He didn't ask him to call someone, but he asked him to tell himself what happened.

When the people in Sun Hermit Village took them and the queen back to the village, they concluded that the article temporarily exhausted the energy in his body. When the energy in his body recovered, he would naturally wake up, but No one can think of it, this wait is one year.

And in this year, the outside situation has undergone earth-shaking changes. The Heavenly Dao that he worked so hard in Xinghai has now united with the forces of Zhiying, and he has also established a firm foothold in Xinghai, relying on his remaining power. Flourish. Moreover, the person behind the "rumour" was also found out. The young master of the official Blue Dragon Association, Situ Mingying, the boss of the School's Department of Discipline and Discipline, turned out to be the master of the water family himself. With the ultimatum, the Azure Dragon Society, who was already deep in the quagmire, naturally did not want to provoke such a powerful enemy again. He took his family back in a desperate manner and vowed not to infringe Xinghai again. All previous efforts were rendered useless.

The biggest thing is that with the death of the second priest, Shen Aoying and the general, and a large number of loyal men, the original alliance of the three factions immediately fell apart.

Shen Aoying still had an empty Eagle League. Under Zhiyings planning and provocation, it was wiped out in an instant. As for the fish that slipped through the net, the young master of the Eagle League, after obtaining enough information he needed, Feeling troublesome, Leng Ying and the others had dealt with him silently before long, so that the Eagle League only had one young master whose whereabouts remained unaccounted for, and it became people's chat after dinner.

As for the remaining forces of the generals, all were sent to the military court due to the exposure of the conspiracy. However, because the chief culprit was dead, most of them were just blind obedience, so in the end the few surviving bosses were dealt with, and the others were left alone. Up.

As for the Warcraft Forest, it couldnt be simpler. When the queen and the high priest returned to the forest with the head of the second priest, everything was calm immediately, but after finishing the family affairs, the queen , The high priest and Wudie returned to the hermit village for good reasons. Their king is here, and after the last summon, the spirits of the three of them have been attached to the article, and they have been slaves since then. For the servant...I only listened to one sentence of the article. What no one thought was that under the black robe of the high priest, there was a beautiful face that was not inferior to the queen and the witch butterfly.

Considering the special identities of the three of them, it is impossible to drive them away. Otherwise, what should they do if they drove Warcraft to come and **** the article? Wu Tianya had no choice but to leave the three of them in the end, as for the future things. Give the article a headache!

Finally, when the article asked about Xiao Ruoyun and the others, Wen's father smiled mysteriously at his precious son and said: "Good boy, you are much better than your dad, and you are one against six." The article did not expect. My father even knew about this, and even used it to tease him. He immediately made a big blush and said embarrassingly: "Who said this?" Father Wen smiled satisfied and said, "Who else is this going to be." Say, after that time, all six people seemed to have been shot. After you slept for a year, you definitely didnt think that when you wake up, you will have six more babies!" Thinking of his six beautiful grandchildren, Wen Father couldn't help laughing again.

When the article heard the words, he lifted up in surprise and almost jumped out of the bed. He raised his eyes just to see that Xiao Ruoyun and the others had come to their bed with a child in each of the six, followed by Laura and the three of them. Everyone looked at him affectionately. One year was enough for them to brew their love, especially after they had a child, their heart was completely pinned on him, let alone put themselves on their own for a long time. The three of Lola who are regarded as one body with the article.

I feel like I cant argue with my mouth, and I dont know what to say. The head of the article shook and fainted again, but this time I felt sweetness before fainting. I had a good mood and slept well. After waking up, I felt sweet. Come and enjoy this beautiful life again!


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