Super Internet Cafes In Other Worlds Chapter 383

Chapter 406: Be Lingfeng's Jealousy

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Su Linglong was dubious: "Is it the potent potion in the gold miner?"

Men, just drink vigorously!

While the online voting was in full swing, the Dayong Army also quietly assembled in Qingniu Pass, Fengbei Road.

As the prince garrisoned on the frontier, Bai Lingfeng naturally got the news. He is in control. This time he must seize the military power of the entire Fengbei Dao! The day when the military power was seized was the day when he joined the inside and outside to become the emperor.

Bai Lingfeng's ambition was deep into his bones. From the moment he came to the frontier, he embarked on a road of no return, cultivated power and gathered people's hearts secretly, he was arrogant, and he was the best candidate to fight for the position of dragon.

He colluded with the forces of the previous dynasty and accumulated money secretly. Not only that, he also controlled seven or eight banks except Dayong Bank, such as the Chase Bank, which is known as the second bank in the world.

What's more frightening is that he bought the emperor's most trusted Baiqiwei, and helped him deliver some "half-true" news.

Even this military exercise conducted by Yunmeng has his shadow.

The middle-aged scribe, wearing a crescent white Confucian shirt, wearing a square turban, smiling, and not shocked. Yue Shu Zhai.yszbook.

"Congratulations to the three princes, this change in Qingniu Pass is when I am waiting to seize power in one fell swoop!"

Bai Lingfeng said: "Everything depends on the magic of the sky!"

The middle-aged scribe lightly said: "I heard that the author of this book is already opening a new book. The title of the book seems to be called "One City One, Rich Night"

Bai Lingfeng was surprised: "Nirvana rebirth?"

The middle-aged scribes made a calculation: "It turns out that the man named Chen Fan is so awesome. There are so many beauties, arrogant flowers!"

Bai Lingfeng frowned: "Is there a pretty concubine of this prince in Huanhualou?"

The middle-aged scribe sneered: "Absolutely kill, Gao Lengyu sister, innocent loli, temperament senior sister, how can you compare with others who have never played with a computer?"

Bai Lingfeng said angrily: "I'm not convinced, when I become the emperor, how I want to play and how to play!"


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