Starcrafts Strongest Commander Chapter 588

Chapter 571: Rose Fleet

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"Starcraft's strongest commander (!

Not a pirate fleet?

James was obviously taken aback.

"Bring me the picture of the enemy ship!"

"Yes, commander!"

After some operations by his subordinates, an image appeared in the command center. It was a battleship that James had never seen before.

Although the style of the battleship is completely unrecognizable, which force it belongs to.

However, when James saw the emblem on the shell of the battleship, his voice trembled...

"Rose...Rose Fleet!!"

"This is impossible!!"

"Richard and the descendants of the entire Rose Fleet will be cleansed by the empire 30,000 years ago tomorrow morning!"

"How could it be the Rose Fleet?"

Although, the empire spent a full 30,000 years to water down and clear all the records about Richard, so that 99% of the civilians today do not know that there was such a great existence in the empire, and this existence came from the civilian class!

However, this does not mean that the nobles do not know, especially the families of the high aristocrats, there are orthodox records of the history of the empire.

Richard... The Rose Fleet... once laid down the heroes of the entire Wes galaxy group for the Empire, James naturally knows.

However, after Richard passed away and the nobles took power 30,000 years ago, his heirs had been thoroughly cleansed.

Moreover, not only the descendants of Richard were cleaned, but even the entire Rose Fleet and the descendants of its soldiers were cleaned.

This was the largest cleaning operation in the history of the empire. It stands to reason that the Rose Fleet has completely disappeared in the long river of history after that.

But why...

What happened to this huge fleet with the rose emblem in front of you?


At the same time, the rabbi star.

The nobles no longer had the leisurely look they used to be, one by one hiding in their own homes, shivering, hoping that the nightmare would pass as soon as possible.

Batch after batch of mecha troops fell from the sky, and military installations in various places were breached almost without resistance.

Just kidding, all the noble commanders ran away. In this case, how can you expect the soldiers to resist?

Besides, the orbit is already occupied, and if you really resist it, people won't play with you directly. Wouldn't it be fragrant if a shot of energy bounced off the orbit?

Therefore, let alone organizing resistance, maybe you stand up to resist, and someone immediately shoots you black shots behind you!

In just an hour, all military installations and noble residences had been completely controlled.

After the mech forces controlled the surface, the assault ship carrying a large number of commandos began the second round of orbital airborne.

After all, the mecha is too large, and some search operations are not very convenient.

Therefore, the mecha is mainly used to suppress, and the commando is the main force in the aftermath.

Nowadays, everyone in Lance's fleet comes from the organization of the civilians. For the nobles, they don't have the same sense of fear as ordinary civilians, some just hate and hate...

With such a mood, the airborne commandos immediately took action, dragging the nobles one after another from the mansions, shopping malls, beaches and so on.

It was only at this time that the civilians on the rabbi star discovered that these "aggressors" seemed to have no interest in them at all, and were merely arresting the nobles.

Some civilians, who were gradually no longer afraid, began to boldly walk out of their dilapidated homes, standing on the side of the road and watching...

The scenes on the rabbi star naturally fell in James' eyes.

Sure enough, only to our nobles!

Damn, can't wait any longer, you have to rush out, there is only a dead end to stay!

"Order all fleets immediately, attack immediately, and rush out for me!"

"Commander... now going out is purely a target!"

After hearing James' order, the deputy shuddered and spoke.

Is the current situation not clear enough?

People have completely surrounded our entire Starport Group, and even the naval guns have been charged.

Are you letting the fleet out this time?

What's the difference between this and letting warships line up and shoot people out?


However, just after the deputy finished speaking, a gunshot came out from the command center without warning.

Just now, he was still trying to persuade James' lieutenant, and he was already in a pool of blood.

"Whoever dares to disturb the military's mind, this is the end!"

"Issued orders to all fleets immediately, all attack, and annihilate the invading enemies!"

"Yes, commander!"

Photographed when James had just executed his adjutant, no one in the command center dared to raise objections anymore. They started to operate and gave James orders layer by layer.

Star Harbor Group, No. 0129, District 317, Star Harbor.

"What, Commander James asked us to attack?"

"Is this calling us to die?"

A commander who seemed to have just grown up, dressed in a gorgeous military uniform, and was obviously a nobleman, was constantly roaring.

Now in this situation, fools can't see what's going on. Go out and die. There is no second possibility!

But James actually let them rush out?

What a joke!

I dare not do such a stupid thing!

"Ignore this order!"


"Don't you understand what I said? Or if I give you a battleship, you take the lead and rush out?"

The adjutant dared not say anything at once.

And such things are not alone.

These noble brothers may command the fleet, all of them are Xiaobai, but it does not mean that they are fools, on the contrary, each of these guys is not low in IQ.

And what idea James made, they can't see it at all?

Want to let yourself go out to be bait, and then you take the opportunity to run away, are we really stupid?

When the order was issued for five minutes, only a few warships in the entire Starport group sailed out of Starport, and their ending...

Let alone counterattack, he couldn't even drive out of Star Harbor. As soon as he appeared, he was directly destroyed.

"I'll give you ten more minutes. If you still don't surrender, don't blame us for not thinking about our compatriots!"

After eliminating those warships that obeyed James' orders and sailed out of Starport in an attempt to resist, Lance's voice was once again transmitted to each warship through the star broadcast.


"Never possible!"

James is a little crazy~wuxiaworld.online~ There is still a chance for others to surrender, he surrenders...

There is absolutely no possibility of surviving!

Speaking of, the biggest reason why the James family has records about Richard and the Rose Fleet is that the family of James is one of the seven families responsible for cleaning the Rose Fleet.

It's okay if these enemies are pirates now, but if they are really the Rose Fleet, then they are definitely on its top liquidation list.


That's just to die later!

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