Traverser Management System Chapter 530

Chapter 530: Endless End

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The system finally came, and when he realized that Zheng Yu had begun to truly integrate the Tao of Heaven, he couldn't wait to rush to Zheng Yu.

It is very simple for the system to find Zheng Yu. He only needs to drop Huselei's body, then use Zheng Yu as the coordinates, and directly teleport to reach him.

The system was also too anxious. He originally thought that Zheng Yu had started to formally integrate the heavens, which meant that Zheng Yu had succeeded, but he did not expect that after he came over, he found that it seemed that the development of the situation was not as he had imagined.

He thought that Zheng Yu had cleared all the obstacles and began to formally integrate the way of heaven, so he wanted to come and pick the fruit as soon as possible.

But I didn't expect that after arriving here, I discovered that Heavenly Dao is still the Heavenly Dao, and Taoist Hongjun, who has integrated the Heavenly Dao, is watching Zheng Yu absorb the Heavenly Dao little by little.

And the system, as a greedy guy with Tiandao, ran directly into Tiandao, how could Tiandao let him go, while being fused by Zheng Yu, he began to attack the system.

A little bit of time passed, and there seemed to be no change in Journey to the West, and it was still the same.

One day 500 years later, the sky was magnificent and graceful. All the saints seemed to hear a call from the sky and immediately gathered here. They stood on the top of the mountain with solemn expressions, looking at the sudden appearance in the sky. That huge eye.

The six saints walked towards this huge eye one by one, it seemed that they had arranged a seat for them inside.

They saw the passage of time with their own eyes, but as time passed, it was not forward, but backward, a little backward, as if it had passed, hundreds of years and thousands of years, it seemed that only a moment had passed, and time had returned. When Datang was prosperous.

At this time, Monkey King was suppressed at the foot of Wuzhi Mountain, waiting sorrowfully, not knowing when he would be able to escape the cage.

Zhu Bajie was demoted to the world and came to Gaolaozhuang, watching the little lady of the Gao family's rising water spirit.

Monk Sha was raised by the Jade Emperor and was demoted to the world with a secret mission. He fell into the Liusha River, quietly waiting for the little monk who was about to be eaten by him nine times.

Xiao Bailong burned his wedding room, but didn't know that when the fire started, all his elders were hidden in the void, leaving behind the beads that the Jade Emperor had bestowed on him.

This time there is no Zheng Yu, everything is flowing slowly according to the original plot.

A whole thousand traversers were once again waved by Zheng Yu, thrown into various planes, looking for those things that can be recycled into their origins and improve their realm.

After Zheng Yu got the origin points they returned, he continued to integrate those small planes and worked hard to improve his life level.

There are even more powerful planes in the outside world, and the heavenly ways of those planes are even more powerful. Maybe sometime, this Journey to the West world that has been integrated by Zheng Yu will be discovered by them, and they want to take a bite of meat from him. .

Zheng Yu waved his hand, six small golden spheres appeared in front of him, and the six small golden spheres directly landed on the six saints in front of him.

One by one, the channels opened to the unknown plane, and the six saints were instilled by him carefully and all released tasks, so that they could continue to improve their realm, and at the same time, obtain more origin for him.

The six saints are much stronger than the 1,000 summoned traversers, and they must be able to bring him more benefits.

There are more great abilities in the Journey to the West. Zheng Yu only needs to glance at them to catch them directly from the emptiness.

One by one, they installed the system and threw them into other planes.

Some planes are very powerful, and some planes seem low and low, but they have a lot of resources.

In this way, Zheng Yu started his first official launch of the traverser mission since he was a system.

He has taken out the management platform of the traverser, covering hundreds of miles in a circle, with clouds and mist on it, which looks more beautiful than the Holy Land of Xianjia.

Just let it float directly above the Westward Journey World, and the surrounding barriers have been completely erased by it. At this moment, it is the heavenly way of the Westward Journey world, possessing the wisdom heavenly way, and in charge of everything.

Time rewinds thousands of years of time, just like that.

He had to do the tasks that Tiandao had not completed before. Tiandao was no longer the same. His name was Zheng Yu.

The system is not the previous system anymore, the spiritual wisdom is directly integrated into his body, and now Zheng Yu is the system.

It turns out that the things that can be exchanged in the system are those that the system has found various hosts in the previous millions of years, and they have collected them bit by bit.

The system has been upgraded twice, and no matter how powerful he was before, he has now become Zheng Yu.

Because Zheng Yu later integrated the system in, resulting in the current Heavenly Dao level being raised again.

In this world, the saints are no longer the final destination. If these people continue to ascend, their realm will increase again.

Journey to the West originally began to collapse downward and the energy that escaped outward. After Zheng Yu merged two beings that were equal to the way of heaven, all the problems would no longer exist.

Journey to the West is still the Journey to the West, but the Way of Heaven is no longer the Way of Heaven.

Taoist Hongjun left, and Zheng Yu could be regarded as saving his life. When he left, he found Zheng Yu and asked for a subsystem.

Countless thousands of years have been imprisoned on the Dao of Heaven, and the time of self-closing is too long. He also wants to go to other planes and take a look. At the same time, he also wants to improve his life level.

In the entire Westward Journey World, all those who surpassed Da Luo Jinxian were expropriated.

They brought them up one by one, and threw them out after installing the system. At this moment, Zheng Yu didn't have to do anything. He just had to wait here and there would be endless sources of origin coming to him.

And he can rely on these origin points to transform into the power needed by the system.

Zheng Yu now has all the means of Heavenly Dao, but, after all, he is not the most powerful Heavenly Dao.

Maybe there is a more powerful way of heaven that can swallow it in one bite, and can't even struggle to resist?

Therefore, he still needs to continue to strengthen himself, the heaven and the world of this world are all in his mind, and he can take the whole heaven and earth into his body by just beckoning.

He did the same, taking a world with him, entering other planes, and starting his life of plundering and killing again.

The girls who used to be favorites used to have no fixed homes, but now they carry the world with them, so they can be retrieved.

After they were integrated into the plane, they were resurrected and brought into the transversal management platform, giving them management authority, and they could come back at any time.

The endless planes were still waiting for him, and Zheng Yu set out again.

(Passing through alien system)

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