Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead's Counterattack Chapter 296

Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead's Counterattack Chapter 296

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Ch 296: Daughter of the Republic VS Chinese Opera Singer (11.28)

They felt as though they'd seen something they shouldn't, and wondered if they'd be silenced.

Luo Ran gripped his cup tightly. Should he leave first? But this was a rarely seen show, and he still wanted to watch. Ai.

Ziju BaiLin reacted the most quickly, shrinking his neck and secretly peeking at XunMi's face.

His mind raced with possible countermeasures, and suddenly the light bulb turned on.

"Wuu it hurts. Wife, my chest hurts."

He was taking advantage of the fact that he was still injured to make his wife softhearted. Aiya, he was so clever! One like.[1]

Sure enough, XunMi immediately touched Ziju BaiLin's chest nervously, looking very worried.

"How is it? Is there a lot of pain? What did the doctor say? Let's go find Old Jiang." She stood up, supporting Ziju BaiLin, and prepared to depart.

Seeing that he'd tricked his wife into leaving, Ziju BaiLin smiled in satisfaction, but he was caught by surprise by Luo Ran's words.

"How come I didn't know that Marshal Ziju still has palpitations? This is a big deal. It's said that for sudden palpitations, one shouldn't move around. XunMi ah, you should first help Marshal Ziju sit down, and then slowly get up to walk again. It would be best to ask the doctor to come over to take a look, just in case there are any other unknown problems. Wouldn't it be more serious if you act too rashly?"

Luo Ran could see at a glance that this guy Ziju BaiLin was pretending. As for why XunMi didn't notice though she was so intelligent, he could only say, concern confuses the mind.

There was no doubt that she loved Ziju BaiLin, so she did not suspect his words in the slightest.

This bandit marshal was really lucky. He casually s.n.a.t.c.hed an individual off the street and took XunMi home. If he says he'll s.n.a.t.c.h, he s.n.a.t.c.hes, but then to also gain the heart of the beauty, that was really against reason.

XunMi felt Luo Ran's words made sense, so she quickly helped Ziju BaiLin to sit down.

She recalled that his back was injured and he wasn't to touch hard things. She looked around, found some small cushions, and placed one behind his back.

After all this was done, XunMi still felt uneasy, and she quickly walked to the door, ready to ask Xiao Si[2] to go get the doctor, when she saw Mu Cheng hurriedly running over.

"Mu Cheng, quickly go get Old Jiang. BaiLin says his chest hurts."

Mu Cheng was already out of breath, and being told the Marshal had chest pain just made him dizzy. He immediatiely nodded, "Ok."

He turned and trotted back out to find the doctor. It was only once he reached the street that realization hit.

Ai, this wasn't right. The marshal had hurt his back and his head. How did it turn into a chest injury? Could it be the injury was transferred?

Somewhat worried, he asked the soldiers who were with him to go ask Old Jiang, while he turned back to FuRong Restaurant to understand the specific situation.

The involved party, Ziju BaiLin, had already become dumbfounded by the series of actions. The script should not be like this.

Clearly, his wife should have sent him home, and then he would have seized the opportunity to get her to agree to his requests, ah!

It was all because of this little white face, Luo Ran. He glared at him, his eyes seemed to be wishing he could just throw him out the window.

Luo Ran calmly raised his tea cup to Ziju BaiLin, not at all trying to conceal his good mood.

So what if you're a marshal? You still have to meekly follow along.

His gaze shifted to XunMi, who had just walked in looking calm, his smile becoming more meaningful.

XunMi poured a gla.s.s of water Ziju BaiLin and gently brought it to his mouth to drink.

"Drink some water first. Is your chest still hurting badly?"

Ziju BaiLin now just wanted to find a hole to bury himself in. He had completely dropped a stone on his own foot.

He had just spoken randomly, why did he mention his chest? Now he wanted to cry but he had no tears.

Please rewind time, ah! *ErKang hand*[3] / ( o ) / ~~

Cough cough. "That is, Wife, my chest doesn't hurt anymore. I might have just hurried over here to quickly just now, so I'm feeling a little unwell." After two awkward coughs, he hurriedly thought of ways to remedy the situation.

By all means, it was imperative his wife think him innocent and his actions unintentional. n(* *)n

After setting his goal, Ziju BaiLin especially politely expressed that he was really all right, then vaguely mentioned that his head was a little dizzy.

XunMi, who had retrieved her cool-headedness with great difficulty, lost it again.

Luo Ran felt he finally understood the degree of shamelessness this bandit marshal had. It was really something he'd never seen.

When Mu Cheng came back, he saw his marshal enjoying himself as the Madam ma.s.saged his temples.

To tell the truth, that smile on his face was really painful to the eyes.

"Mu Cheng, what about Old Jiang?" XunMi looked behind Mu Cheng behind and saw no one, so she was a little puzzled.

"I was concerned that the Marshal's condition had changed, so I let other people go back to invite him, then I came back to see for myself."

Mu Cheng was really worried, so he didn't see the marshal signaling him with his eyes.

"According to reason, chest pains shouldn't suddenly develop, and beforehand the Marshal wasn't suffering from any chest pain."

XunMi frowned. Why did she feel as though she had overlooked something?

Ah, she remembered!

She had previously had BaoBao do a full body examination on her husband, and only his back and head were injured. There were no problems elsewhere.

So then, where did this chest pain come from? She suddenly narrowed her eyes, emitting an unknown danger.

Ziju BaiLin secretly swallowed. He cursed Mu Cheng tens of times in his heart. How could he dig a pit for his own boss like that.

Mu Cheng was completely unaware that he had accidentally exposed his marshal's trick.

He was still working hard to recall whether or not those symptoms had appeared before, but he couldn't remember the situation.

XunMi turned around immediately once it was clear in her mind, and there was a sweet smile on her face.

It was so sweet that Ziju BaiLin felt that he could sense a thick black atmosphere pervading the air behind his wife, so terrifying.

Luo Ran once again experienced the aura of strength and harmony between these two.

Standing on the outside and looking in at them seeming like they were born for each other, the original semicircle had now become a full circle.

Even though the two now seemed to be in conflict, but to the onlookers, the happy pink atmosphere was clear to see.

Perhaps sometimes love is really different from what you see on the surface, whether good or bad, you only know when you feel it yourself.

"Wife, I was wrong, really."

Knowing that his work had been destroyed, Ziju BaiLin clearly acknowledged his mistake. His refined and elegant face took on a pitiful expression.

Upon seeing him like this, a soft-hearted person would immediately choose to forgive him.

Because those eyes are only filled with your reflection, looking at you, sincerely without any precautions, straight into the abyss.

This kind of temptation, who would not be emotionally affected? Who would not be tempted?

Although it was XunMi, she still panicked for a moment before coming out of her daze.

She reached out her hand to lift her husband's chin, and her eyes fluttered in a silent seduction, "En~~~ really know that you were wrong."

She deliberately slowed her tone, like a very patient hunter, waiting for the prey to obediently enter the game.

It's just that between these two people, it was still open to discussion who was the hunter and who was the prey.

Translator's Notes
[1] A like as in on social media.

[2] Who tf is Xiao Si? I guess a servant.

[3] A meme originating from the cla.s.sic drama My Fair Princess (aka Princess Pearl), where Fu Erkang is dramatically telling his love interest, Ziwei, not to go.

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