Ultra Dimensional Warfare Chapter 1281

Chapter 1281: Fan Wai 3 A New Beginning

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"It's January 1, 0090 of UC Epoch. Happy new year, dear viewers! Welcome to the new year! I am William Smith, please be happy to be able to broadcast news for everyone in the new year!"

On the TV, a gentle young man with short brown hair greeted the audience in front of the TV with a smile. As his partner, the beautiful female anchor sitting next to him with blond hair, rimless glasses and wearing professional OL clothes also answered the next moment:

"Happy new year, viewers! I am the new anchor Alina Wicker. In the new year, I will host the news network together with William! Please enlighten viewers!"

After some New Year greetings, it's time for the topic.

The one who opened the topic was naturally Alina as the new anchor, which is also one of the benefits of the new anchor.

"William. Remember the earth-shattering doomsday battle at the end of UC0087?"

William nodded, his face somewhat solemnly replied: "Well. I still remember. Although I am not one of the combatants, after the incident, our TV station also obtained relevant information and videos from the Federation. There is no doubt that that The earth-shattering doomsday battle is indeed the most shocking and deadly alien invasion that we humans have encountered for the first time after entering the cosmic era."

"Yes. Although this is not a very good time, but here, I want to offer my sincerest gratitude to the heroes who gave their lives for the survival of mankind in that doomsday war!"

"Thank you! Heroes! It was your sacrifice that brought the continuation of the human race!"

"Thank you! Heroes! It is because of your sacrifice that mankind realizes that we are not a powerful race in this universe!"

"Thank you! Heroes! It is because of your sacrifice that human beings can turn their eyes from the earth to the deep universe, looking for new hope and new road!"

Under the words of the two anchors, the audience sitting in front of the TV could not help but fall into silence, subconsciously mourning the many heroes who gave their lives for the survival of mankind three years ago.

Among them, the heroes who suffered irreparable injuries in that fierce battle and are still lying in bed are the most.

"Is this time again? Unknowingly, three years have passed!"

Outside the window, Baixue slowly fell.

A woman with long purple-red hair and heroic eyebrows walked in front of the window with a goblet of red wine in her hand, and cast her gaze on the white that was already covered with silver. world.


At this time, a slight sound of footsteps sounded.

Then, a knock on the door sounded.

"Come in!"

The woman turned around, walked to a table not far away, and put down the wine glass in her hand, then looked up in the direction of the door.


With the sound of the door being pushed open, a small figure walked in gracefully.

"Harman. Happy new year!"

"Happy new year! Your Royal Highness Princess Minerva."

After seeing the appearance of the little figure clearly, the woman smiled softly, nodded, and sent her New Year's greetings.

It turns out that this tiny figure is Her Royal Highness Princess Minerva Zabi of the Principality of Zeon. After the battle of UC0087 at the end of UC0087, her destiny trajectory was also changed by this ultimate battle like everyone else.

Taking advantage of the power of the First World War, they jointly boarded the Marshal of the Earth Federation, and Rebil and He Moming, who were the generals, issued a joint declaration for the first time.

First, the title of the Principality of Zeon will not be expelled, but it will only be retained until the moment when Minerva Zabi, the current heir of the Zabi family, dies.

Second, Minerva Zabi can inherit the title and throne of the Principality of Zeon, but this title is like the name of the Principality of Zeon, which is already in vain, and will only be retained until Minerva. The moment Zabi died.

In other words, both the Principality of Zeon and the Prince of Zeon can only be inherited by Minerva Zabi.

Of course, this is not a decision that shocked the world.

The most deadly is the third point.

At the end of the joint declaration, Rebir and Ho Inexplicably announced in the name of the New Earth Federal Government that no one, any organization, any institution (including the New Earth Federal Government), all organizations, all institutions can Before Minerva Zabi became an adult, he imposes any education, knowledge, and will on matters related to the inheritance of the Principality of Zeon.

Whether to inherit the Principality of Zeon and whether to become the last prince of the Principality of Zeon will be decided by the future adult Minerva Zabi.

Therefore, the little figure standing in front of Haman now is Minerva Zabi who has abandoned most of the royal education, but has retained the title of princess in daily life.

"Your Royal Highness. Is today's schedule going to be revised?" Haman keenly noticed Minerva's hands hidden behind his back.

When Minerva heard it, he shook his head quickly, and said with a smile, "Harman! Happy New Year! This is a New Year's gift!"

Haman was taken aback and looked at the box held high by Minerva with some surprise.

It was a box about 20 cm wide and 30 cm long, wrapped in a layer of exquisite wrapping paper, and with a beautiful bow on the side.

"this is?"

Haman looked at Minerva somewhat unexpectedly.

Although in the three years after the war, Haman removed all duties related to the Principality of Zeon and even Axis, and devoted himself to the work of taking care of Minerva, but Haman never thought of Mi Neva would even give her a gift.

Even though, in the past three years, the two people who have removed most of the halo related to the Principality of Zeon have become more and more harmonious because of their similar life experiences.

"Harman, don't you like it?"

Seeing Haman's delay in accepting the gift, Minerva's expectant face showed a faint gloom.

"No. Your Royal Highness. I'm just a little surprised!" Haman shook his head, reached out to take the gift, squatted down, looked up at Minerva's eyes, and sincerely thanked him: "Thank you! Your Highness! "

After hearing Haman's thanks, Minerva smiled sweetly and nodded vigorously. "Then, Harman. Now I am going to St. Friar College!"

"It's going on..."

Thinking of the woman who was about to teach Minerva about music, Haman's expression fluctuated in an instant, but in the blink of an eye, it was covered up by him.

"Are you going to take that galaxy singer's music class?"

"Well, yes. Meimei will come with me tomorrow!" Minerva nodded and chuckled.

"Mei Mei? Is it He Mei Mei, the daughter of General He... He?"

"Yes it is!"

Looking at Minerva's cheerful little face, Haman knew that Minerva had forged a good friendship with the daughter of the general who was three years old this year, He Meimei.

I heard that the general's daughter caused quite a stir right after she was born.

While thinking about it, Haman subconsciously touched the space-time crystal that had been hanging in his heart.

That movement is indeed true.

At that time, Harman's time-space crystal also appeared a little strange. It's just that Harman didn't tell anyone.

"That's good! Be careful on the road!"

"Yeah!" Minerva nodded, and after rolling her eyes, he cautiously probed: "May I have a meal with Lin Mingmei and others tonight?"

"Really? Then, tell Teacher Lin Mingmei trouble for me! Your Royal Highness Minerva, please pay attention to your behavior!"

"Yes!" Minerva gave a crisp response, stepped forward and hugged Haman, then turned and walked out of the room.

After the convoy carrying Minerva left the castle where Harman and Minerva lived, Harman focused on the beautifully wrapped gift box placed on the table.

"What on earth will the princess give me?"

The thought came out of Harman's mind uncontrollably, and wandered back and forth.

Soon, under the impulse of this idea, Harman unwrapped the wrapping paper in three or two and opened the box.

At that moment, Harman's eyes lit up.

A pair of crystal shoes with crystal clear, beautiful lines are lying quietly in the box.

"Crystal shoes?"

Haman froze for a moment, then smiled helplessly.

"It seems that Her Royal Highness has listened to fairy tales a lot recently, right?"

But Haman said, but he reached out his hand and gently took off a crystal shoe, and looked at it carefully before his eyes.

"These crystal shoes are beautifully made. But, don't you know if you can wear them?"

As soon as this thought appeared, Haman again uncontrollably took out the crystal shoes, placed them beside his feet, and put his smooth little feet into the crystal shoes without hesitation.


This is the first feeling Harman has after putting on the crystal shoes.


Something strange happened!

The moment Haman stood up wearing the crystal shoes, a flash of fluorescence suddenly emerged from the void, and in the blink of an eye, Haman was enveloped in it.

After the fluorescence dissipated, it was discovered that the woman with long purple-red hair and heroic brows had disappeared. She was replaced by a red-red armor and a black sweater-based waistcoat dress with a head. A girl with long fuchsia hair tied with two blue ribbons and a pair of ponytails.


Haman raised his hands and shook his hands. He clearly felt that his body, which he had exercised from menstruation and menstruation, had become fragile.

In doubt, Haman looked back at the changing mirror placed in the corner of the room.

It doesn't matter if you don't look.

At first glance, Haman was taken aback.

The person in the mirror turned out to be his already a little fuzzy, almost forgotten appearance-14-year-old Harman Kahn!

The person who appeared in the mirror was the 14-year-old self! !

"Why, how could this be?"

Whenever an ordinary woman discovers that she has regained her youth, she will definitely yell in ecstasy.

But Haman, as the commander of Axis, immediately took into consideration this matter, which is great news for the women of the world, whether it was the direction of some conspiracy.


No matter what Harman thought, he couldn't think of a reason. No matter how good she was, she couldn't figure out the reason why she suddenly returned to her 14-year-old appearance.

The only thing she could know was that the pair of crystal shoes was given to herself by Minerva. And Minerva could not be against himself.

At this point, Harman is still confident.

After thinking about it, Haman looked at the youthful and tender self in the mirror, turned around awkwardly, stepped on the crystal shoes, and walked out of the room lightly, out of the castle where she had lived in seclusion for three years. Rarely set foot on the land outside the castle.

Half an hour later, on a street in the city not far from the castle, as time went by, a woman who was getting closer to the mentality of a 14-year-old girl stepped on crystal shoes and strolled on the lively street.

"Because it's a holiday? There are more people in this city!"

Haman stood on a viewing platform, looking down at the crowd below, slightly surprised.

Compared to her memories of living in the castle, the flow of people in this city seems to have increased a lot.

Seeing the people with laughter and family dragging their homes shuttled around the shops, Haman wandering in the lively flower market suddenly felt a sense of relief. He couldn't help but think of the heroes that the male and female anchors had said before.

"Perhaps, this is the highest glory of our fighters, right?"

After Haman watched the crowd in silence for a while, and then turned around to leave, he accidentally bumped into someone.

"No, sorry..."

But before Haman finished speaking, he realized that the appearance of the person he bumped into was so familiar.



After holding up his fingers, the man turned around and motioned for Haman to follow.

The two of them traversed the endless crowds in tandem, crossed the streets, and came to the quiet and quiet half-mountain park with fewer people.

"Unexpectedly, you were also recruited. Haman."

The man stood by the lake, took off the sunglasses that covered his face, and looked at Haman with a helpless smile.


As soon as he saw that familiar face, Haman almost blurted out the name, but in the next second, after seeing the pupils with obvious color difference, Haman abruptly stopped the words and replaced it with another A title.

"It's you! Ho, General Ho."

There was a dim flash in Haman's eyes, but it soon brightened again.

"It's me! I'm glad you didn't think of me as that Chara."

The person who came is the legendary general why inexplicable.

It's just that at this time, he was changed by the mysterious phenomenon like Haman, and once again became the appearance of Char Aznable.

"How did you become..."

After Haman glanced at the face that once made her dream, he suddenly said in a comprehensive manner: "Could it be that your appearance has been changed by certain objects?"

He inexplicably raised the sunglasses in Yang's hand.

"Look! That's the reason. I just want to go out with sunglasses on private visits occasionally, but I didn't expect it to be like this."

What an inexplicable randomness gradually faded the embarrassment in Haman's heart.

"I, I became like this because of it."

Inexplicably, under Haman's signal, He dropped his eyes on the pair of crystal shoes.

"These are crystal shoes?"

He was inexplicably stunned, and said thoughtfully: "This is really a crystal shoe worthy of the name."

"You, what are you talking about?"

It seems that because of the return to a 14-year-old girl, Haman's character has returned to its original innocence.

"No. Nothing. I just think these crystal shoes match you very well." He shook his head inexplicably, and put on his sunglasses again, so as not to be identified by the crowd.

Of course, even if it is to see through the identity, it is also the identity of Char Aznable.

Haman stared silently at the face that was hidden by the sunglasses for a while, then suddenly stretched out his hands and grabbed the inexplicable right hand and left.

"Harman, you..."

Just as He Moming spoke, he was blocked by Haman.

"Opportunity is rare. If you want to make an unannounced visit, you also need someone to cover it, don't you? It just so happens that I am also one of the victims of this mysterious phenomenon. How about a partner?"

Facing Harman's proposal, He inexplicably agreed.

What's more, in the past three years, He inexplicably tried to knock on the gate of that castle many times, but they were all rejected by Haman who was living in it.

"Perhaps, this is an opportunity!"

With such an idea, why inexplicably just let it go, give full play to the principle of the supremacy of female companions, and let Haman decide where to go to play.

As a result, under the joint action of the two, the snack street, commercial street, and play area left the footsteps and laughter of the two.

"Quick! It's a big avatar!!"

Whether it is words, deeds, demeanor or actions, Harman, who has completely restored the posture that a 14-year-old girl should have, while holding He inexplicably right hand, while pointing at the large portrait cameras set up at the exit of the shopping center. Cheered.

"If you like it, let's take a photo!"

He made the proposal somehow without losing the opportunity.



With the click of the camera, the big heads of the two were quickly printed out.

"Here! Here you are."

He blinked inexplicably, looked at the big head that Haman handed over for a while, then reached out and took it. Then, Ho inexplicably looked at Haman carefully closing the big head, and asked:

"Next, where do you want to go?"

"The center fountain! I want to go there and see!"

At the suggestion of Harman, the two once again passed through the crowd and came to the central fountain which was still overcrowded.

Coincidentally, the business here seems to have paid for a symphony band to perform here, and even cleared a large area in front of the central fountain for some special performance.

"I heard that there will be a waltz dance competition here later, shall we participate in it?"

"Waltz? I don't care, but have you learned it?"

As soon as they were near the central fountain, He and Harman heard the news from the nearby population.

It seems that the cleared land was set up for the waltz dance competition.

No, not long after He Moming and Harman arrived, when the symphony band that was performing suddenly stopped, when the music sounded again, it was a gentle tune.

"The game has started!"

Everyone present knew that the game had started when they heard the change of music and the female singer who walked from the stage to the stage.

Haman blinked, a glimmer of expectation appeared under his eyes, but after looking up at He's inexplicable face, he lowered his head again.

"Want to try it?"

Unexpectedly, He inexplicably sensed Haman's expectation, and took the initiative to walk to Haman, bent down, and stretched out his right hand to make an invitation.

"You, can you?"

After the Doomsday War, Harman investigated Ho Inexplicable's past a lot. Maybe he didn't know anything else, but He Inexplicably did not receive the so-called elite education fact, and Haman did know it.

"No. But now, I already do,"

A confident smile appeared on Ho's face.

This confidence comes from his growing spiritual power and those couple dancers who have been coming off the stage and working hard for the first prize.

Even if he could not, but with the help of powerful mental power, he could roughly understand the key to the waltz.

The rest is actual combat.

Pulling Haman with a surprised look, the two of them came to the center of the dance floor inexplicably.

"You really will?"

He inexplicably looked at Haman, who was still a little unbelievable, and smiled.

"Try it and you will know."

He took a few steps away inexplicably and made an invitation again.

Haman took a deep breath, stepped forward slowly, stretched out his right hand and held He inexplicably's left hand together, and then, Haman's left hand lightly rested on He inexplicably's right upper arm.

And Ho's inexplicable right hand gently stroked his left back.

Finally, after Haman took a deep look at He Inexplicable again, he tilted his head back, relaxed, and entrusted his upper body to He Inexplicable.

"let's start!"

The music plays.

The two danced to the beat.

Following the square steps that the two took, swayed, and rotated, Harman was surprised to find that He inexplicably did not know how to dance, but he was able to learn in the scene at an unimaginable speed, and learned to waltz thoroughly.

"Who on earth are you?"

This question flashed through Haman's mind, but was suppressed by herself in the next second.

As the two of them revolved, Haman suddenly found a strong sense of stability, and the tranquility unknowingly passed from the inexplicable body to her own body, making her mind uncontrollably indulged in it.

Inadvertently, Harman remembered the promise He had made inexplicably three years ago.

"Harman, I will guard it!"

At this moment, Haman was fascinated, fascinated by this unavoidable and unavoidable promise.



Walk sideways and slide,

Under the dance steps of the two who became more and more tacit, the entire dance floor became a special stage for the two without knowing it.

Whether they entered the venue earlier or later, the couple who entered the venue later than Homming noticed the existence of the Homming duo who had become the focus of the audience. They voluntarily withdrew from the dance floor and handed the stage to the two of them.

In this way, under the quiet gaze of the audience, as the symphony orchestra played harder and harder, He and Haman, as if possessed by the legendary dance god, presented a wonderful and moving waltz to the audience. The dance.

Even if they don't know the identity of the two inexplicably, they can feel an emotion called love from the dance of the two.

They really love each other!

This idea rises to the pinnacle as the waltz reaches the highest C moment!

The end of the song,

Stop dancing,

The audience cheered and thunderous applause!

At this moment, the representative of the business, who was moved by the two dances, snapped it quickly.


Fifteen years later, a young girl took this photo of a classic dance that was regarded as unrepeatable by everyone present, and asked to the beautiful woman who was sitting on a recliner and stroking her eight-month-old belly :

"Mother Haman. Is this the proof that you and Dad are in love?"

"Yes!" The beautiful woman nodded with a smile with a dazzling maternal brilliance on her face. "Are you disappointed?"

The girl pouted and nodded. "It's a bit. I heard from my friends that when Dad and Harman's mother finished dancing this waltz, there was an unwarranted anti-federal terrorist attack."

"Then, under the battle between me and Dad, the terrorist attack was finally defeated. After that, on the ruins, Dad half-kneeled on the ground and proposed to me, right?" The beautiful woman shook her head, somewhat Smiled helplessly.

"Huh? How did Haman's mother know?" The girl was surprised. If she hadn't held the original photo in her hand, perhaps she would have believed this statement.

"Haha. It's all rumors from good people. You know, at the time, whether it was in the universe or on earth, there were your ship mothers and ELS miniature scouts. What big things can federal terrorists do?" The beautiful woman stroked her belly while recalling the situation.

"Really? Sure enough, they are all deceiving." The girl muttered a few words, but unexpectedly, the beautiful woman bounced her forehead.

"You little girl. I don't believe in my parents, but in other people. I really don't know what to say about you!"

"Hehe! Don't be angry! Mother Harman. If you are angry, you will be bad for the baby!" The girl touched her forehead and smiled.

Suddenly, the girl's watch suddenly sounded a rapid alarm.

"this is?"

The girl raised her left hand and pressed it on the watch, her complexion became a little dignified.

"Mei Mei. Is it a mission?" the beautiful woman asked with no surprise.

"Yes!" The girl stood up, saluted the beautiful woman, and said loudly: "Now, He Meimei is ordered to gather on the Goblin! Your Excellency General Haman Kahn, please take care!"

"Wuyun is prosperous!" The beautiful woman, Haman Kahn replied with a serious face, and showed an encouraging smile.

"Come on! Meimei. Whether it's your father, mother, or us, all will be proud of you!"

"Yes! Mother Haman, see you later!"

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