An Expert Is Actually By My Side Chapter 450

Chapter 441: Xu 0 O'clock Hunch

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"Unexpectedly, this game of less than 400M actually hides such a big charm."

Looking at the constantly refreshing sales data in the background, Li Zongzheng's face was filled with surprise and emotion.

When Hao Yun talked to him about the project of the new game "Minecraft", he was actually not very optimistic about the market performance of this game.

After all, for the performance of current home PCs, the pixel style has long been outdated.

However, the reaction of the players was beyond his expectation.

Jiang Lecheng, who was sitting aside, yawned and said.

"I think this game is very fun. I played it last night and didn't go to bed until two o'clock."

Judging from the thick dark circles under her eyes, it was obvious that she stayed up late last night.

Du Ziteng on the side also nodded.

"I also find it very interesting...Although I haven't had time to play, I see that many people in my circle of friends are playing this game."

"Right?" Jiang Lecheng smiled triumphantly and said, "Let me just say, how could the game that Mr. Hao made is not fun! How about a group of fun!"

Listening to the conversation between the two, Li Zongzheng looked dazed.

Am I unable to keep up with the times?

Or are current players beginning to feel nostalgic?

As if seeing through the confusion on President Li's face, Du Ziteng coughed slightly and continued.

"Actually, I feel that the current games are not interesting anymore. The games on our creative workshop are not bad. I watched the games on the e-fun platform before, and I didn't find any one that can be played."

After a pause, he continued with a helpless tone.

"Many games are changing the soup without changing the medicine. The same gameplay has different shells... In contrast, Minecraft is probably the kind of unusual way. Although there is no fixed gameplay, it is for players. Provides unlimited possibilities."

"When you say that, I seem to have this feeling," Jiang Lecheng nodded, and said thoughtfully, "For example, yesterday I found a treasure server, and the host made the world into a maze-like scene. , And then disabled the mining function, and the whole game became an RPG labyrinth style. There were more than a hundred people online at that time, and it was very lively."

"Ah, the server you mentioned, I also searched it on the creative workshop before. The server is indeed an individual. It's a pity not to join our company." Liu Ye said with a smile, who had not spoken.

Jiang Lecheng said with a smile.

"Let's organize a group to open the dark together tomorrow."

"Yes! Wait until after get off work."

"Take me." At this time, Li Zongzheng, who was touching his chin and meditating, suddenly raised his hand and said with a serious face, "Listen to you guys...I think I need to get to know this game again."

"Uh, actually I think it would be better to play this game without being so serious," Liu Ye said with a light cough as he watched Mr. Li standing up seriously, "It was originally a casual game, too serious. Its impossible to feel that kind of fun to play in the ground."

Jiang Lecheng nodded and said.

"I also think...or else, Mr. Li, you go and watch the live broadcast first?"


Jiang Lecheng said.

"Hmm! Many casual game anchors have been broadcasting this game recently, and it's interesting to watch."

This sounds like a good note.

Li Zongzheng thought for a while, nodded and said.

"That's okay, you can show me the live broadcast room in a while..."

As a professional game designer, he felt that he had to figure out where this game is so fun and why it was so unexpectedly successful.

At this time, Li Zongzheng suddenly remembered what Mr. Hao said to himself before--

"Happiness does not have to be achieved through complicated means."

"The players themselves are born and the best game designers."

Intuition tells him that if he can understand the principle, it may become the key to breaking through the bottleneck on the road of game designer!


At the same time, rice entertainment headquarters.

Standing in front of Mr. Xu's desk, Wu Jianhua, the head of the marketing department, reported to Mr. Xu the latest sales situation of "Minecraft".

"As of now, one million people have downloaded "Minecraft", and the search popularity of major search engines continues to rise. According to the assessment of our marketing analysts, "Minecraft" may further open up the country. In the casual game market on the PC side, the game studios of the Sea Lion Group have launched a similar new game plan..."

After listening to Wu Jianhua's report, Xu Qianshi gently smashed his tongue and couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

"The price of a game is 56. One million copies is 56 million..."

And the sales data is still growing.

The most important thing is that the development cycle of this game is less than a month, and the shelf time is almost in the second month after the launch of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Yunmeng Group was afraid that it hadn't counted the money made on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds yet, yet another bundle of banknotes was placed in front of them.

The speed of making money is almost the same as that of a money printing machine!

At this moment, there was a knock on the door. After getting permission, a secretary in professional attire walked in.

"Mr. Xu."

"what's happenin?"

"There is your new mail."

"I know."

The office door closed again.

Xu Qianshi turned on the computer, logged in to the mailbox and checked the unread mail. About five minutes ago, an email was sent from the parent company of the group.

After reading the content of the email, his eyebrows were slightly raised.

Standing across from the desk, Wu Jianhua noticed the expression on Mr. Xu's face. Although he was curious about what was written in the email, Mr. Xu did not speak, and he did not dare to ask more.

When his mind was full of thoughts, Xu Qianshi, who had read the e-mail, suddenly took the initiative to speak.

"Yunmeng Group has another new action."

"New action?" Wu Jianhua was taken aback, and said in surprise, "Could it be that Resident Evil"

"No." Shaking his head, Xu Qianshi interrupted him and continued, "This time they plan to enter the hardware field. The product's name is "Mengjing-1". The function should be AR glasses."

"AR glasses?" Wu Jianhua frowned and asked confusedly, "that stuff...is there a market?"

As early as ten years ago, many domestic electronics industry giants launched AR glasses products, but sales are not optimistic. In recent years, basically no new products have come out. The main research and development strength of the group is also concentrated on mobile phones and new energy vehicles. .

"The AR glasses they launched are a bit special, they are said to be controlled by brain waves..." Xu Qianshi continued with a strange expression on his face, "And looking at this number, they seem to be planning a series?"

A series? ? ?

Wu Jianhua was stunned~wuxiaworld.online~ Isn't Yunmeng Group an Internet company?

How did you start researching hardware?

"...In any case, the parent company of the group seems to be very optimistic about the cooperation with Yunmeng Group this time, and feels that this cooperation may be able to break the deadlock that the AR project cannot be advanced, so I said hello to us in advance and let us try our best Maintain friendly relations with Yunmeng Group."

With the index finger lightly tapping on the desk, Xu Qianshi frowned and said thoughtfully.

"But I always feel that Hao Yun is in the next big game."

Wu Jianhua nodded and said silently.

"I also have this feeling."

"I even have a hunch...Let them continue to develop, and it won't take long. Not only games, but the entire electronic entertainment industry will undergo radical changes."

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