The Omnipotent Queen In An Interstellar Age Chapter 1190

Chapter 1190: Extra: Sealing

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The vast universe breeds all creatures.

Creatures multiply, bring vitality, turn into energy, and give back to the universe.

Thousands of years ago, because human beings in all creatures developed too fast, they neglected ecology, which led to the extinction of many species, and few species remained.

In order for the universe to continue to obtain energy and continue, in the abyss where the core of the universe is located, the deep pool transformed by the core force of the universe begins to nurture creatures.

But because the power of the universe is too strong, the strength of the species bred is too much beyond what it should have been.

As more and more species are bred in the universe, these species, which should have co-existed with mankind and thrived in the universe, began to attack mankind because of their food needs.

This powerful biological species is called by mankind-star beast.

The battle between humans and star beasts lasted for more than two thousand years.

Until the branch of the star beasts-the Zerg clan recognized by the star beasts as low-level star beasts, deliberately accumulating strength, using the contradiction between humans and star beasts, so that the star beast group's vitality is greatly injured!

In the end, the Zerg cannibalize most of the star beasts and turn them into nourishment for their reproduction, replacing the position of the star beasts in the universe!

Since then, the enemy forces of mankind have also changed from star beasts to zerg.

Although there are a large number of Zergs, humans have developed insecticides specifically designed to fight the Zergs.

For a time, the battle between the Zerg and humans fell into a stalemate.

The deep pool where the core energy of the universe is located, as the star beasts are almost extinct, the emergence of the Zerg clan disrupts the entire universe, and the power gained by the universe core is not enough to support the continued reproduction of the star beasts.

The only remaining core power of the universe fell silent.

A few years later, due to some changes, a trace of consciousness has developed within the core of the universe...

This strand of consciousness was born within the core force of the universe, but yearned for the outside world.

By chance, the core consciousness of the universe and an alien creature who came to the core of the universe forcibly exchanged their bodies!

The core consciousness of the universe has long known the existence of this alien creature, and its birth is, in a sense, what this alien creature did in the universe that inspired its birth.

The core consciousness of the universe knows that it is wrong for it to occupy someone else's body, but it is not claimed for nothing.

As a price, it will give that alien creature an unexpected core power of the universe!

It uses all its power in exchange for freedom for a year-

But the core consciousness of the universe did not expect that its exchange would end within a year...

After it gets its body, it can leave the core of the universe and wander outside.

It was originally intended to walk around in the universe and feel the creatures of this universe firsthand.

Until it encounters the human being who is born with the blessing of the power of aura-

The'power of air transport' is a special existence in the universe, and this kind of force only exists in the creatures of the universe, especially human beings.

Among the power of air transport, human beings who are born with the power of air transport are generally acquired, and its really rare.

When the core consciousness of the universe encounters human beings who are born with the power of air, suddenly instinctively gives birth to an idea--

The human beings who are born with the power of aura will become stronger rapidly in the future to make more contributions to the benign development of the universe!

The core consciousness of the universe did just that.

It forcibly took away the human who was born with the power of aura, intending to take him to the core of the universe, and use the power of the core of the universe to make him stronger quickly.

But on the way, it was attacked!

The core consciousness of the universe did not expect that when he was attacked, that human would actually try to protect himself? !

At that moment, a strange feeling appeared in its consciousness.

It was a feeling of being cared by other creatures, and it seemed that oneself had finally been in contact with the creatures in this universe.

This is an emotion it has never had before.

Because of this matter, it has other ideas for this human being treated as a tool for use, or even a toy that it finds fun.

It looks more pleasing to him!

So it gave itself a code name, and wanted him to remember himself, even if it disappeared a year later, that code name would still exist in his heart.

It told him that it could be called Fengxin in the future.

The core of the universe with the same surname as him.

Feng Xin knew that he would lose his current body in a year, and even his consciousness would disappear into the vast universe.

It also knows that it cannot watch him contribute to the development of this universe in the future.

Although it feels regretful, as long as he thinks of his future achievements and has his own contribution, it feels content.

But it didn't expect it, just for a year, it can't have it!

When this human being called Fengjiao's natural power of air transport received the infusion of the core power of the universe, his strength became stronger.

There is another human being with the power of luck who has also joined this rapid growth process.

At that time, the core power of the universe was not enough to support the strength of the two human beings added by the power of luck, and the universe may be turbulent!

At a critical moment, the consciousness of the alien creature that was occupied by himself has mastered the core power of the universe.

She forcibly merged it and the physical power it occupies into the core power of the universe!

Feng Xin felt that what she had done this time was a pitfall.

It is said that less than one-tenth of the year has passed, so it ends?

It thought that it had reintegrated into the core force of the universe and it was completely over.

But I didn't expect that after it returned to the core power of the universe, it still retained a trace of consciousness.

As the consciousness of outside creatures turns the core force of the universe into itself, it becomes a redundant existence.

Since it is redundant, it will naturally be separated from the core power of the universe.

Probably after many years, its consciousness, which was separated from the core of the universe, gradually regained its body in the power that all creatures in the universe gave back to the core of the universe.

The first time it had a body, it left the core of the universe.

It is going to look at the human being who was born with the power of luck, how is it now?

Was he able to regain his body because of his contribution to the development of the universe and the power he gave back to the core of the universe?

It is no longer limited to a year's time.

It can even exist in the universe as an independent individual for a long time.

It can watch him become stronger by himself, and grow up all the way...

It will work with him for the benign development of this universe and make contributions to the universe.

It will exist in the universe in its current state, allowing the universe to continue...

But it did not expect that it possessed the qualification to re-exist in this world, in addition to being for the universe, it also gave birth to selfishness.

It wants to get his more attention and his likes.


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