Since The Red Moon Appeared Chapter 344

Chapter 326: Happy Cooperation 4000 Words

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"From the red moon (!

"The combat squad that is ready to perform the cleaning mission has been assembled."

When Lu Xin and the others passed through the blockade, there were already people sitting in a circle in the camp on the east side of Buffalo, in the tent.

Unlike the soldiers wearing uniform uniforms outside, the people in this tent do not wear uniforms, and each person in the tent has its own unique style and even a variety of tricks. Some are wearing armed suits that are convenient for sports, some are wearing brand-new suits, some are wearing short skirts and heavy military boots, and some are wearing colorful, powdered faces, like a clown in a circus.

Even among them, there are some wearing doctors' white coats and hospital gowns.


"Now, it's up to me to share the latest intelligence with you and make the final action plan."

Sitting at the top, the man in black armed clothes picked up the file and said coldly:

"After determining the target last night, seven lurkers entered Buffalo to try to find out the location of the laboratory."

After speaking, he glanced at the people in the war room: "However, until now, no one has relayed the message back, and no one has come out. Computer monitoring found that they still have vital signs, but they are completely lost. contact."

"In other words, we can't get information support from lurkers now, and we have to help them rescue people."

"The mission will be carried out in small teams, and each team will enter Buffalo from different locations."

"The primary goal is to find the specific location of the laboratory and pass it back as soon as possible."

"The second goal is to rescue the kidnapped Dr. Zhao Shiming."

"The third goal is to prevent the success of the black table experiment."

"The fourth goal is to clean up all visible pollution."


"Huh? Enter in groups?"

As soon as the mans voice fell, there was a commotion among the capable people in the city center, who seemed very serious just now. A man with fancy hair raised his hand seriously and reported: "Captain Li, you are not a man. Do you watch old movies?"

He looked serious: "Anyone who acts separately in a horror movie will die miserably one by one..."

"Right right..."

Many people nodded in agreement: "When you hit a ghost, you are most forbidden to act separately. It is easy to be broken by each."

"Captain is like this, enters a horror movie, and lives for up to two minutes..."



The man in the black armed suit raised his voice a little, and then patiently explained: "We are not making a horror movie."

"Nor are we going to catch ghosts."

He explained it very seriously: "In the face of special pollution incidents, the strength of strength can no longer be accumulated by the number of people. If you act collectively, it is very likely that you will be trapped by the opponent's insoluble ability or destroyed, and the mission will fail. . Therefore, in order to increase the possibility of completing the task, we have to enter Buffalo in small groups and conduct laboratory searches in the form of spot-on-face."

"In this way, even if a few teams fail, only a few people will die..."

"Scientifically speaking, people are dying every second in the world, so what's so terrible about how many people die?"


"Finally, please rest assured, this task is an S-level task. There are rewards for completing the task, and there is a generous pension if you die!"


"Oh oh..."

After hearing this, everyone was relieved: "There is a pension, then we can rest assured."

"Check in directly?"


"Okay, okay, don't just consider the issue of pensions, the task also needs to be taken seriously!"

Captain Li in the black armed suit ignored the clamors of his colleagues, but calmly made the final speech: "Please note that this time we are facing the craziest mysterious organization with no lower limit. They have not only mastered the most powerful One of his spiritual powers, he also snatched a variety of parasitic items with serial numbers in the top 100, and cultivated a variety of weird creatures..."

"Everyone must go all out!"


After he finished speaking, he stood up, took a big horn, and began to assign tasks to the team members in the tent: "We have 21 people in total, and we are organized into seven teams. I will be the captain of the team. The command of the entire cleanup mission..."

"Squad No. 1, stays at the outpost, protects the information analysts, and responds in the middle."

"The second team is in guerrilla mode, ready to support at any time."

"The other four teams entered Buffalo from four directions, southeast, northwest, and found the experimental base to immediately notify the other groups."

"Remember, first, during the mission, before the final moment, and before you are sure that you are not used as a bait by your opponent, you are not allowed to call for support or fall collectively. Second, each team immediately reports the target when it finds the target. Even if you receive a signal for help or a task, you still need to carefully confirm it. After entering the city, everything is unreliable."

"When we enter the city, armed personnel will set up a fire blockade on the entire Buffalo to prevent the spread of pollution."

"The overall combat time is ten hours."

"Within ten hours, if no one of us finds the experimental base or sends out a message."

"Then the headquarters will consider escalating the threat of this incident and initiate the final emergency response plan!"

"Please rest assured..."

"Even if you can't find your bones, I will remember you forever."

"Now, the teams are testing equipment and weapons for the last time!"

"ready to go!"



"The conditions are tougher, don't mind Dr. Zhao."

Buffalo three hours ago.

Chen Xun, wearing gold glasses and a slim suit, took Dr. Zhao Shiming into an open laboratory.

There are strange containers and various instruments everywhere.

On the computer screen, some vital signs were constantly bounced out, and the staff was nervously tapping the keyboard.

Large and small glass jars are arranged around like decorations.

In these glass jars, some are huge eyeballs, some are flesh and blood with a mouth, and some are colorful little fishes. When you look closely, you will find that the bodies of these little fish are actually roots. Fingers.

The entire laboratory is very busy, everyone is busy. Seeing Chen Xun and Dr. Zhao Shiming coming in, no one in this laboratory looked up, let alone stepped forward to say hello. There was only a slightly obese woman with a pale yellow face, drowsing, holding two cups that looked like they had not been washed, and sent them to Chen Xun and Zhao Shiming.

There is coffee in the cup.

It is not a good thing to distinguish from color and smell.

Chen Xun took a cup by himself, took a big sip, and said with a smile: "Is there no expensive coffee or tea? There is only this cheap instant coffee, and there is not much left. Only people like Dr. Zhao are here. I I will be generous to invite you to have a drink..."

Zhao Shiming glanced at the coffee cup, frowned, and said, "No need."

"It looks a little dirty."

Chen Xun smiled and said, "But I have the best antidote, so Dr. Zhao doesn't have to worry about food poisoning."

"Even if you have an antidote, it will affect my state."

Zhao Shiming said: "Coffee is used for refreshing. I don't mind if your coffee is of good quality or the cups are not clean. But if you have to risk your health for simply enjoying coffee, it is a problem of work attitude. Up."

Suddenly, Chen Xun put down the coffee cup and said respectfully: "Dr. Zhao is right."

After that, he walked forward with Zhao Shiming, and then came to a strengthened glass pool with a diameter of about three meters.

The pool looks very high. Looking down from the second floor where they are, you can see that the pool is deep and terrible. It is full of a sticky, pungent green liquid with scarlet flesh and blood, as if it has its own life. With the same consciousness, tumbling in the liquid, occasionally snake-like tentacles protruded out of the water, and then slowly retracted, splashing a thin spray of water and bubbles.

There are thick pipes extending from various places and connected to this pond, which is complicated and weird.

Zhao Shiming took a deep look, his face was slightly tense, and suddenly said, "What's the percentage?"


Chen Xun smiled and said, "I have already told you the last problem. It is the direction you specialize in. If you can overcome it, I and you should be the first in the world to complete this experiment. People, others, dont I need to say more?"

Zhao Shiming looked at the pool and was silent for a while, then suddenly said, "Unexpectedly, you walked farther than me..."

"Because you still belong to the academy after all."

Chen Xun smiled and said, "It's somewhat restrained to do things. Naturally, it is faster than us."

Zhao Shiming took a deep breath, then turned around and looked at Chen Xun seriously: "You took such a big risk to come to me because I am one of the few researchers in the Academy who work outside the main city. Or is it because I have indeed calculated that the project I am researching can indeed help you overcome this last problem? Is there anyone else who is a better choice for you?"


"The two main cities of the central city, large and small, are indeed one of the most difficult cities for those with the ability to enter..."

"Basically it can be said to be absolutely safe."

Chen Xun answered slowly, and then suddenly some smiles appeared on his face: "But it is not necessarily true that no one can enter. The main problem is that with Dr. Zhao's knowledge and status, it is completely safe and stable. Stay in the main city, enjoy the best treatment and security in the world, and focus on doing your own research, but you have taken the initiative to invite you to come to the satellite city..."

"Does this mean that you are also waiting for an opportunity?"

He looked at Zhao Shimings eyes, smiled, and said, "Dr. Zhaos knowledge is one aspect, but his attitude is another aspect. I may have many choices, but there is only one person who can guarantee to help me complete the project with all my heart. Dr. Zhao, you are alone."


Their eyes met in the air, and each other could see the peace and confidence on each other's face.

After a while, Zhao Shiming sneered, and said: "I have to remind you one thing, according to my understanding of the central city, they must have taken action now, although I am pretty sure, the central city administrative hall, maybe There are a lot of people who support you, but on this issue, they can't stop the action in the central city. Perhaps the special operations team has already arrived outside the city by this time..."

"Are you sure we can finish this subject before they attack?"


"I know they have already arrived, and they have now left an outpost outside Shili East of the city."

Chen Xun smiled and said, "But it's not important. There are too many people in the city center, and gradually it has a bureaucratic atmosphere. I start to like to rely on the number of people when doing things. It's a pity that the number of people can no longer be controlled by the current war. If Dr. Zhao still has concerns, then I can ask Dr. Zhao to take a look at the fate of their entry, and then decide whether to do this for me."

While talking, he opened a white curtain. On a table behind, there were a few delicate objects. The one on the left was a thick video tape that had been eliminated even in the civilized age. , The label above is blurred.

The middle one is a detailed twelfth-order Rubik's Cube.

The one on the right is a stopwatch that looks a little broken and old.


Zhao Shiming glanced at these things and frowned slightly.

Chen Xun smiled, then walked a few steps forward, and came to a console, dropped his fingers and tapped the buttons a few times.

On the screen, different pictures suddenly appeared, which seemed to be aimed at the city.

Some are a little girl in a white dress, quietly standing on a roof.

There was a man in a suit with only one eye on his face, walking slowly on a street.

Some workers in protective clothing are moving large boxes one by one.


Zhao Shiming's gaze swept across the screen one by one, and his expression changed from indifferent to a little strange. In the end, his expression became a little bit livid. Although he concealed his panic well, his eyes were still clearly hidden. The color of unceasing fear.

The voice was slightly hoarse: "How many monsters are you hiding in this city?"

Chen Xun smiled very kindly and said, "Actually, there is only one."


Zhao Shiming raised his eyebrows fiercely, as if he had understood something, the color of fear spread on his face.

He took two deep breaths to keep himself calm, looked up at Chen Xun, and said, "I can help you."

After a while, he gritted his teeth again and looked directly into Chen Xuns eyes and said: "But I need your promise~wuxiaworld.online~ If your plan is successful, then the host of this experiment must have My name, if your plan fails, then I am..."

He slowly said: "I was forced."

A smile appeared on Chen Xun's face: "This is the case. This is the courtesy that a black table should have."

Zhao Shiming nodded and stretched out his palm to him.

The two shook hands heavily and looked at each other with a sincere smile.

"Happy cooperation!"

Then they separated and strode to different positions.

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