Super Grandmaster Of Dragonball Chapter 987

: Not The End Of The End

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All the cleared universes are resurrected, even including the six universes that were wiped out by the king a long time ago. What kind of vicious powers are hidden in these six universes? What will Frieza do after his resurrection?

Dragon Ball Super is over, and this book can also be over.

Of course, Sun Wuben's story is not over.

Sun Wu could have shuttled between time and space. Since there is GT time and space and theater version time and space, there must be Dragon Ball Super Dimensional Chaos, Dragon Ball AF, Dragon Ball EX, Dragon Ball New Era, Dragon Ball Zero World, Dragon Ball World War , Dragon Ball Final Battle... The space-time existence of these Dragon Ball fan comics, which are very popular among Dragon Ball fans.

These fantimes all have very powerful BOSS.

Moreover, the time and space administrator, the time and space prison, the prison star administrator F, the evil Saiyans, the primitive Saiyans, and even the gods from angels and great priests, plus the devil, the higher dimensional universe, the holy land... All can be written.

In addition, the relationship between Sun Wuben and Bideli, Aijia sisters, Lan Qi, the two No.18s, and the future time and space Kiki, Da Buma, and Bideli have no endings. Shouldn't this be very important?

In any case, because everyone understands the reasons, this book is barely over. The original plan was 2 million words, but nearly 3 million words were written, many of which are still not clear.

Maybe in the future I will write some extras, to explain things that are not covered in the book, or not to write.

Next, I will try my best to prepare a new book.


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