The Vicious Female Character At The End Of Days Chapter 112

Chapter 111: Even If It Perishes I Will Be With You..

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Qingqing directly awakened Bai Tiantian, grabbed her and asked, "Where did Li Jin go? Has the research been successful?"

Bai Tiantian has a bloodless face. She is very weak with excessive blood loss. She timidly said: "I don't know, I fainted. Dr. Li was still here just now."

Qingqing coughed out a mouthful of blood, covered her mouth and supported the experiment platform to stabilize her body.

Bai Tiantian asked in horror: "Qingqing, are you injured?"

"I'm fine." Qingqing wiped away the blood from the corners of her mouth, disregarding the soiled clothes, and said: "Let's go find Li Jin."

I hope that Li Jin has already developed the X medicine gas to deal with zombies, and he can win the victory by launching it into the air.

Bai Tiantian climbed down from the test bench and walked out of the laboratory with her to find someone. The research institute is very large, and every laboratory is closed. The zombies besieged the city. The capable people went to defend the city, and the incompetent went to the refuge. .

The research institute was very empty and there were no figures. They looked anxiously one by one, and finally found Li Jin in one room.

Li Jin was wearing a white coat and holding a big jar. He was ecstatic to see them, "Great, come on, help me get the other two gas jars, and we will go to the rooftop together."

The long gas tank didn't look too heavy, and when it was held up, it almost bends a person's back.

The three people found the elevator through seven turns and eight turns of the corridor, but probably the circuit was damaged, and the elevator stopped unexpectedly, and they could only climb the stairs to the top of the fifth floor.

Li Jin was sweating on his forehead. He did not stop, panting and climbing up. The two girls behind also gritted their teeth, even if their knees were shaking, they insisted on climbing up.

Finally, the three of them reached the top of the building, and a small plane was parked on the top of the huge empty building. These gas tanks containing zombies of destruction need to be loaded into the plane and then flew into the air to be dropped.

The gas tank was placed on the plane, and a strong wind blew, and all three of them were hit by the shock and hit the ground, suffering minor injuries to varying degrees.

It was a male zombie with half of his arm burned. Zhou Hang keenly noticed that Li Jin and the others were doing something, and he didn't care about being interrupted by Cheng Rui's burn.

He didn't dare to touch the gas tank easily. The next second, Cheng Rui dashed to chase him, and two fire dragons roared in the air to swallow him.

Zhou Hang had to jump up again to avoid the attack, his face twisted savagely, his body changed abnormally, and he grew into a huge beast-like form, more than twice as fast as before.

Cheng Rui's eyebrows were shrouded in coldness, and the sky full of flames formed a net of fire toward him.

On the other side, the female zombie who was fighting Liang Zhiyu was very annoyed. The man on the other side could control the time eeriely. In addition, the invisible wind blade would be blown like a steel blade from time to time, and the head would be cut if he was not careful.

Had it not been for the zombies recovery speed to be abnormal, she would have been defeated by his hands long ago. Every time she was scratched, she would have caused severe pain. Her eyes had a ghastly killing intent, and she could not wait to immediately make the surface moist and moist. The man fell apart.

Li Jin and Bai Tiantian were injured by the roar of the zombies and could not get up on the ground for a long time.

Qingqing got up with difficulty, endured the severe pain from her body, and put the three gas tanks on the plane. She didn't know how to operate, so she had to leave it to Li Jin to complete.

With a bang, Fu Chen lost to Shen Mingxuan and slammed into the wall, smashing a hole. Qingqing saw this scene with another sorrow in her heart.

Shen Mingxuan stood tall and coldly staring below: "Fu Chen, you can't beat me."

"Zombies are a perfect new human. No matter how powerful your abilities are, you can't compare to me who can recover quickly." He coldly swept the inferior humans, and when the whole world changed, he was no longer a monster.

He will create a new world, and he is the leader of this world.

Qingqing was about to run towards Fu Chen, he screamed: "Don't come here!"

The man looked at her with dark eyes with nostalgia, as if he couldn't see enough. He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, took out a needle and plunged it into the heart.

What is that... What is he doing to himself, Qingqing's pupils widened, her heart throbbed, and tears dripped into her eyes.

Fu Chen burst into blue veins from his forehead, as if he was enduring some great pain, his eyes were scarlet like a monster.

"Fu Chen, you are crazy." Shen Mingxuan's silver eyes flashed in surprise, and laughed with extreme mockery: "Hahahahahaha, in the end you became a monster just like me."

Fu Chen's expression was gloomy, and his pain-suffering handsome face was distorted.

He couldn't beat Shen Mingxuan without injecting the test subject's drugs, and couldn't protect Qing Qing, and he would definitely die if he injected the drugs. He could only choose one of the two.

He said that he would not give her his life and want to keep his life with her, but he broke his promise today.

The heart beat frantically, at a speed several times faster than that of ordinary people, and it was as painful as it was about to explode. He roared and violently attacked Shen Mingxuan.

Qingqing fell to the ground in despair, with blood flowing out of her mouth, she covered her mouth and looked at the fighting figure in the distance in despair.

Li Jin got up, he limped to the plane, his eyes were determined and tragic, he stood in front of the plane, turned his head and said to Qingqing: "Help me quickly."

Qingqing had no choice, and tremblingly stood up and went to help him climb onto the plane.

Before closing the cabin door, Li Jin apologized to her with a look of sadness and guilt: "I'm sorry, I gave him the medicine. It is impossible for a supernatural person to beat a monster like the zombie emperor. Only by mutation can he be entangled. "

Qingqing was in tears and couldn't speak.

Li Jin started the plane and was about to fly into the sky. A black shadow fell on the top of the plane, and he screamed wildly and fiercely to prevent the plane from rushing into the air.

Qingqing immediately threw off a light system ability and whipped his body heavily. The pain did not make him easily let go. Seeing that the plane was about to be destroyed, she was another huge light system ability attacking his head.

Zhou Hang's skin was thick and thick and couldn't resist the zombie-killing starlight system's ability. He suddenly fell from the plane and hit the ground heavily.

"Ahang!" The female zombie roared sharply.

Regardless of being cut off by the wind blade, Yang Li rushed towards Zhou Hang who had fallen to the ground, rushed to protect him, and let the light element ability slash a deep blood mark on her back.

The plane desperately rushed to the sky and dropped the gas tank, a bang of colorless and odorless gas blasted through the sky, and the world filled with gunpowder was swept by the air waves. Humans had sharp tinnitus for a moment and could not hear the sound.

Blue smoke came out of the tail of the plane in the air and it fell straight down. Li Jin in the cockpit showed a gratified smile. He did it. The next second the plane burst into ashes.

The tide of zombies seemed to be instantly stiff when the pause button was pressed, and then large tracts fell down, and humans stood in place unbelievably stunned.

Yang Li cried in despair. She could feel her body declining rapidly.

Zhou Hang opened his scorched and scarred arms and gently hugged her, then kissed her lips, hugged her and fell down at the last second of his life.

Fu Chen and Shen Mingxuan were already affected as soon as the air wave shook. They fell from the air like a kite with a broken wire to the ground, like dead bodies.

Qingqing hurriedly got up and rushed over, shouting hoarsely: "Fu Chen!"

The figure of her running desperately fell into the eyes of Fu Chen and Shen Mingxuan at the same time, and her sad and crying appearance was heartbreaking.

Shen Mingxuan blinked his eyes gradually losing light, and he imagined that she was running desperately for him, even if it was a dream.

Perhaps it was gradually losing his vitality. Many fragments flashed in his head, and the memories of him just becoming a zombie with her kept playing.

Those days when he was least ashamed and embarrassed were actually the time he missed the most and was happy.

He seemed to see her again ordering him to squat down. He thought she was angry, but she told him to stretch out his injured hand and put a bandage on him patiently and gently.

In the blurred vision, the girl ran to Fu Chen and knelt down, leaning over and hugging him, crying and saying something.


Shen Mingxuan unwillingly stretched out his hand over there, the bandage he still tied to his hand was stained with blood, and he tried to catch her weakly and in vain, but he didn't catch anything.

"Fu Chen, don't die, I'm begging you, don't die..." Qingqing held Fu Chen, her tears dripped down and hit the man's bloodstained face.

Fu Chen looked at the crying girl, raised his hand with difficulty, and gently wiped her tears, "Don't cry."

His Qingqing looks good when she cries, but he doesn't like her tears, and his heart is broken when she cries. That kind of pain is more painful than death.

"After I die, the base can belong to you. You have to live happily."

Qingqing choked, tears pouring out of her eyes continuously, shook her head and said, "No, I don't want it."

Fu Chen stroked her white cheeks, her voice hoarse: "Be good, it won't look good if you cry again."

She was so sad, and his soul was bursting with pain when she cried, so how could he leave with confidence.

His Qingqing, his love.

Fu Chen had a lot to say, she was so squeamish, no one was accustomed to how to do it, he really didn't worry about her.

He wanted to tell her that after he died, she had forgotten him. Liang Zhiyu, Cheng Rui, and Xiao Yang were all people who could deliver, but he selfishly didn't want her to fall in love with others.

"Qingqing, I finally know..."

After rebirth, he always wanted to avoid the ending of the previous life, but unexpectedly let her break into his heart and couldn't let it go.

Cheers resounded across the sky from all over the base. Humans won the victory. Everyone shouted and congratulated happily. Only here the picture seemed to freeze, and the girl was crying in sadness while holding him.

"Relive my life, I..."-It turned out to be to meet you.

His pupils suddenly dimmed.

Qing Qing bowed her head and knelt in place, as if dead.

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