Host Please Dont Match Up With The Vicious Female Chapter 185

Chapter 185: You Are My Most True Truth 8

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Song Qi posted the photo to his account.

If she doesn't post, someone will post it. It's better to post it yourself.

"It's really uncomfortable to be stared at." Qiao Yu lowered his voice and tugged at the corner of Song Qi's clothes.

Song Qi looked at Qiao Yu and smiled: "When I was a star, I was very courageous."

"That's different, it's not my face after all." Qiao Yu muttered softly.

"Then tell them not to look at it?"

"Forget it." Qiao Yu immediately shook his head.

Song Qi nodded Qiao Yu's forehead.

At nine o'clock, everyone was walking towards the auditorium. Song Qi and Qiao Yu were forced to separate. Of course, Song Qi did not forget to observe where Qiao Yu was sitting.

As soon as she walked away, many people approached Qiao Yu.

"What the **** is Qiao Yu?"

"What's your relationship with the marshal?"

"It's the relationship you see." Qiao Yu pretended to be calm.

"Wow, fall in love with Song Qi! It's amazing."

"I wish you a good relationship for a hundred years!"

"Even Marshal Song got out of order."

"When did it happen?"

Qiao Yu opened his mouth and wanted to say a long time ago, but thinking about his current age, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, he still swallowed the words back: "Hey, I won't tell you."

Song Qi sat in the middle of the first row. Many people passed by the first row to look at her. Compared with Qiao Yu's shyness, she was calm from beginning to end, and occasionally smiled with others.

Many people feel that Song Qi is much gentler today.

Song Qi's speech was behind the principal. When she took the stage, the applause in the auditorium was obviously much enthusiastic.

"Stop applauding, your principal is jealous."

Everyone laughed, probably because they didn't expect Song Qi to make jokes first when he came on stage.

"Today, I still haven't prepared a speech. It feels meaningless. I hate memorizing the manuscript. Although I can remember it, my speech may be a little messy today. Just listen to it and have fun."

"I didn't plan to agree to the Union University, but finally I thought about it and agreed. On the surface, I want to say something to you. I personally hope that someone's graduation ceremony will have my presence." Song Qi looked down and lowered his head. Qiao Yu.

"Wow!" the people in the audience shouted.

Song Qi also smiled a little more on his face: "After graduation, everyone will enter the society. I hope that everyone will not become a boring person under the ravages of the society and keep a part of their interest. Now the average life span of human beings is two hundred years. , Technology is advancing rapidly. Who knows how old we can live in the future. If your hundreds of years are boring and uncomfortable, there is nothing to remember. You say that it is miserable and not miserable."

"Today I am not going to talk about dry goods, and it is not a special session of the Military Academy. Can the students who write with their heads look up at me?"

"Well, that's you, Qiao Yu, and the sixth in the seventh row and the thirteenth in the eighth row."

Qiao Yu covered his face silently, and his entire face turned red.

"A lot of people asked me before, why I could sit in the position of marshal before the age of thirty, become the youngest marshal and the first female marshal in the history of the league."

"First, because I was born with a better physical fitness than the average person, with excellent mental power and toughness. At the age of fifteen, I joined the army because I was too poor to survive. This is the innate factor for my success."

"Secondly, when I was fifteen, the goal I set for myself was to become a marshal, so that people who look down on me can only look up to me from now on. I have an idea that I am a second-year-old. I insisted on it for more than ten years. I can work hard for the goal. Before I was eighteen, I lived by this obsession. Later, there were more wars, and I set a new goal. I wanted to end the war. I killed a lot of people, but I I hate death."

"When my first comrade-in-arms left me, I cried all night, but that was the last time I cried. If I want fewer people to die, I have to make myself stronger. Later, I became the female of others. Devil."

"The most important thing for success is persistence and struggle. You have heard of this kind of thing since childhood. I don't have much to say, and I have nothing special."

"I have completed the first stage of my life, and I am about to enter the second stage. She makes me better, more complete, and more emotional. I hope everyone will come across the one that makes you better. people."

"We have communicated with the principal of the alliance in advance. Today, we will use this occasion to explain to the public about Qiao Yu and me. Although I don't like to explain, I don't like others to question our feelings."

"My acquaintance with her came from a wonderful experience. I know that there are still many people who have the same experience as me. Others involve confidentiality and cannot continue to say. I hope that everyone will not ask how we met and when in the future. If you know, bless us."

"I think I want a simple blessing, there is no problem."

"I wish you all come true."

Song Qi's speech was very brief, only one or two minutes. As soon as she finished speaking, the video had been posted online, and the discussion time had reached hundreds of billions of minutes.

Some people understand the wonderful experience that Song Qi mentioned, and those who don't understand have guessed countless possibilities on the forum.

But few people think that Song Qi is really nonsense.

There are many people who wish Song Qi and Qiao Yu, and they have already ranked first in the hot search.

Photos of Song Qi walking out of school holding Qiao Yu's hand are circulating on the Internet.

"Many people say they envy me." Qiao Yu leaned on Song Qi and looked at Guangnao, with a smile on his face.

"Does anyone scold you?"


"Then don't look at it."

"Don't worry, I have a very good psychological endurance, and I won't be attracted by the popularity. To be honest, I am quite proud."

"The best person in the universe is mine."

Relatives Song kissed Qiao Yu's profile.

After Qiao Yu returned, he went straight to the research institute, and his eyes widened when he saw the contents inside: "My God, how much did you spend?"

It was all things she couldn't afford and couldn't afford.

This is simply heaven.

Qiao Yu took a few photos and posted a VJ dynamic, wanting to show off.

[Qiao Yu V: A paradise for mecha researchers, ah ah ah!

The comments were quickly forwarded by the big guys in mecha research, and the big guys who usually don't talk much are very excited at this moment.

Although they have a lot of research stuff, Ken is not complete.

Those who make mechas are all big guys. The most expensive ones cost hundreds of millions. It takes at least a few years to grind down. Of course, you need to spend decades in the research institute and make something, or even find a leader to grind. There is no chance.

[Boss A: Where is this?

[Qiao Yu V: A private research institute prepared by my family Song Song for me.

Qiao Yu pulled countless hatreds all at once.

After that, she sent a hiring news, not too many people wanted to come.

Song Qi thought that he would be able to look at Qiao Yu who was busy working happily when he came back.

The skull hurts.

On the day Song Qi proposed to Qiao Yu, she wrapped up the virtual big screen of the entire league, which was extremely high profile.

Qiao Yu scolded Song Qi, although he laughed after the scolding.

"Why are you so high-profile."

"I told you a long time ago that when I am with you, I will declare the world." Song Qi held the box with eight rings in his hand and looked at her, "So, will you marry me?"

Qiao Yu looked at the ring in the box, a little surprised. Seven familiar rings formed a circle, with only one ring in the middle, which she hadn't seen before, and she touched it one by one.

The most uncomfortable thing for her after returning was that she couldn't bring the ring back, but now Song Qi made another set for her.

"Of course I would." Qiao Yu clicked on the ring in the middle, "Help me put it on."

"Okay." Song Qi helped Qiao Yu put on the ring, and put her in his arms, and stabilized her lips.

Qiao's parents also came back specially after the second phase of the study, saying it was to attend the engagement banquet, but Song Qi always felt that the two came back for the research institute.

Because the two people stayed in the institute for too long, they almost missed the engagement banquet.

"How about I donate some to your research institute?" Song Qi asked, looking at the expressions of the two people.

"No." Professor Qiao refused, "Why are you such a prodigal!"

Obviously he saw Song Qi's proposal of marriage.

Song Qi smiled.

The two parents of Qiao's family rushed back after attending the engagement banquet. Song Qi looked at the expressions and movements of his old husband, it seemed that he was going to the leader to ask for a machine.

She also heard the line prepared by Professor Qiao: "Even a private research institute has these, how can we not have it."

Very good, and hard core.

Later, Song Qi also received calls from many people, asking her to buy some good machines in the future, don't come out to shout.

Obviously, the head of the appropriation is very painful.

Song Qi and Qiao Yu's wedding place was in an ordinary city on an ordinary planet.

This is the city where Song Qi was born.

The town is more lively than ever before.

The location was chosen by Qiao Yu.

"I don't know what bad things happened to you before you turned fifteen. I won't ask you, I don't want you to have bad things in your life."

"So, hold the wedding here and put a good stamp on the bad, so it will be good."

"Yeah." Song Qi took Qiao Yu's hand, looked at the light in her eyes, and kissed her lips, "Then you may have to accompany me to walk more places and cover a few more places, my experience is not good. Quite a lot."

I lost my family in this city, and now I have it again, which is great.

"Good." Qiao Yu stood on tiptoe and put his arms around Song Qi's neck, and kissed him on his own initiative.

The guests below laughed.

"Professor Joe, your daughter is very fierce."

Professor Qiao glanced at the speaker. He drank some wine and spoke a little more relaxedly than before: "Nonsense, can you stop Marshal Song?"

The others laughed again.

Not far from the wedding venue, a middle-aged man and woman led a teenage boy and looked around.

"Xiaoyong, that Marshal Song is your sister. Let's find her and let her take you to the Emperor Star."

"You threw her out and wanted her to recognize you? What do you think, go back." Xiaoyong frowned, feeling ashamed.

"How can I go back! We gave birth to her!" the middle-aged man cried.

"Three." A man walked towards the three. "Marshal Song is an orphan. She has no family members before today."

"who are you!"

The man smiled, his smile still looked very kind, he showed the gun on his waist: "If you disturb Marshal Song's life..."

He didn't say the next thing, but the three of them understood.

"There will be someone staring at you here. Keep your mouth tight, please leave the three of you."

In the auditorium.

Song Qi and Qiao Yu are talking with visitors.

Qiao Yu stood beside Song Qi, her mouth raised, her eyelashes curled, her ears were red, and she looked very cute. This was the first and last time she had done a bad thing.

Song Qi's bracelet-shaped light brain shook twice. She glanced at the news sent by Ye Sui on her wrist, looked at Qiao Yu beside her in a little surprise, and finally smiled and bowed her head to Ye Sui three times. The word "Let her come".


"Huh?" Qiao Yu took a sip and looked at Song Qi, looking a little drunk, with shiny eyes and shiny mouth, "What's wrong."

"You are really my light."

Qiao Yu was taken aback for a moment.

The people around heard Song Qi's words and began to booze.

Qiao Yu blushed again.

"Tell me what you are doing." Qiao Yu squeezed Song Qi's waist.

"Oh, show off with the single dog at this table."

"Wow! Marshal Song, you are too much!"

Qiao Yu looked at Song Qi's profile and leaned against her.

The guests left at ten o'clock, in fact they could still play until twelve o'clock.

But they found that Song Qi ran away with Qiao Yu.


"Why are you taking me out?"

"Didn't you say that you want to stamp my badness, so I will take you through it. From now on, the streets and alleys will be good."

Qiao Yu's face blushed. She didn't feel it when she said it before, but now she said it from Song Qi's mouth, how ashamed she heard it.

She is still wearing a wedding dress.

Song Qi took her back to the hotel to change into a dress that was convenient for her movement, and then went out together.

"I used to live here. When I was five years old, because of illness, those two people threw me into a slum area to save money, poor and poor."

Qiao Yu looked at the dilapidated house in front of him, and subconsciously squeezed Song Qi's hand: "Five years old?"

"Yeah." Song Qi nodded. "There is no one to manage the slum area. It's chaotic. Some people can't afford to eat and will eat the flesh of dead people. I was almost eaten."

Song Qi looked at Qiao Yu's red eyes and smiled.

Two people walked into the slum area. Many people were lying on the ground at random. They saw both sitting up and looking at the two people. There were no street lights around, only the bright brain in Song Qi's hand was on. Most of those people were He was skinny and his eyes looked a little scary in the dim light.

"There is nothing to cry. If I hadn't lived here for a period of time, my physique wouldn't be so good. Will I recite "Born in Worry and Die in Ease"? I have received a big job."

Although more than ten years have passed, nothing has changed here.

Song Qi introduced various corners to Qiao Yu as he walked.

"I used to hide here when I was chased and beaten."

"Here, I knocked down a boy who was four years older than me."

"This is where I have fun."

"This is where I live." Song Qi stopped in front of a broken house. It was already occupied by others, and it was even more dilapidated. "A kind-hearted person took me in. Although it is fierce, I I am very grateful to her. The day I left here was the day she passed away. I used to be not Song Qi, but Li Panzi. Song Qi was my own name. I sent it away. Looking forward to the future, Qi is also a kind person. Last name."

Qiao Yu was already crying makeup.

Song Qi wiped Qiao Yu's tears and held her in his arms: "Don't cry, let's make a good memory, and every memory will be your crying face."

Qiao Yu hammered Song Qi on the back twice and said nothing.

"I'm very happy now, that's it."

"Don't cry, I feel bad."

Qiao Yu immediately held back his expression, his expression distorted because he held back the tears, Song Qi couldn't help but smile.

The two left the slums and walked slowly in the small town.

After ten o'clock, there are still many people on the street.

The environment here is very different from that in the slums.

"Why don't they come out to find a job?" Qiao Yu didn't understand.

"They banished themselves and no one kept them. After I was rich, I let people come here to manage them, but it was useless. They felt that the slums were so big that they couldn't get out. In fact, they were just two streets. "Song Qi's expression was somewhat indifferent, and he twitched at the corner of his mouth, "This is their own choice, and no one else can change it."

Qiao Yu nodded, probably understand what it meant.

At about twelve oclock, Song Qi took Qiao Yu to the beach. There was no one on the beach, and the sea breeze was chilling on people.

Song Qi took off his uniform and put it on Qiao Yu's body.

"I think I'll come here when I'm sad." Song Qi leaned against the railing, "I'll come here when I'm happy for the first time."

Qiao Yu leaned on Song Qi: "You will go everywhere happily in the future."

"Then it's up to you."

Song Qi looked at the time on his wrist, waited till twelve o'clock, and kissed Qiao Yu: "Daughter-in-law, happy next day."

"You're happy too, dear." Qiao Yu said, learning from Song Qi's previous tone, and stood on tiptoe and kissed her on the cheek.

Song Qi looked at Qiao Yu deeply, put his arms around her waist, and lowered her head to stabilize her lips.

There are no stars on the sky, only the satellites of this planet sprinkle soft light on the two of them.

The wind suddenly became much smaller, and the two people's hair was gently picked up. In the wind, the two people's hair was entangled little by little.

Song Qi let go of Qiao Yu, trying to remove her head, but her scalp hurts. She glanced hard and touched her eyes, "Daughter-in-law, you see, naturally we think we are a couple."

"Well, they were made for each other."

(End of text)

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