My Bank Is Connected To Another World Chapter 206

Chapter 204: Industrial Zone Planning

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"My bank is connected to another world (!

in the afternoon.

The news spread widely.

"What? Sold the land? Build a factory?"


"Without land, what shall we do?"


The farmers are in a hurry, but they are counting on this land to make a living. Now that the land is transferred and planned for an industrial zone, what about their livelihood.




It is too difficult for ordinary people to live.

"The person in charge of each house, immediately go to the nearest drying shop."

At this time, a man came on horseback and roared loudly.

"What are you going to do in the drying yard?" someone asked.

"The person from Zhengyuan Business called it, I don't know, just hurry up."

After the notification, hurry away.

As a result, every household sent people to set the location. When it was time, they were all people, all farmers, and their faces were almost the same.


Just when they were at a loss, one person stepped onto the high platform, and everyone's eyes gathered together.

"Since the planning of the industrial zone prevents you from farming, our firm can accept you, and even your family members, and become a member of the firm."

"Of course, we don't raise idlers."

"Only work can earn income."

"Not all of the land in the entire industrial zone will be used to build factories, and a considerable part of the land will be reserved to meet the needs of plant personnel."

"Soon, the construction of the plant will begin, and you can..."


After listening.

Hundreds of people present were talking, and their faces were not as worried as before.

It seems pretty good to be a member of a firm.

In fact, it is very difficult for Yuancheng to find a good job, especially for large companies.


Now an opportunity lies ahead.

Most of them are still very happy. As for a small part of the worry, they are mainly afraid that the factory will not be set up and the land will not be able to grow. That would be embarrassing.

"Is this reliable?"

"It should be reliable. Behind the Zhengyuan company are people who can make watches. Now a watch is expensive and even ten gold, you can imagine how profitable it is."


With the exchange, some doubts were dispelled.


People can make watches, and its not an exaggeration to make money. Its so easy to make pornography.

Not to mention. The industrial zone is promoted by all major forces.

bright future.

"All right."

"Now we are going to register, and we are all in a good line, in order to prevent someone from misrepresenting the number of people in the family and illegally letting non-family members into our business."

"Please tell the truth about this registration and do not conceal it, otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences."


Listen to this.

The people present quickly lined up to register.



"Original address."


"How many people in the family? Who are you, what is your name, and how old are you."


The question is very detailed.

"My eldest son works elsewhere, can he enter a business?"


"thanks, thanks!"


Many people are excited, even the immediate family members who work outside are fine. By ten in the evening, the registration of the indigenous people in the entire area was completed.

Each back to each house.

When I heard that I could join the business and my immediate family members could also go in, the family members were very happy.

And just after registration, the company informed the basic treatment.

---One silver and five dollars a month, the lowest.

In the future, salary will be increased according to the length of service, type of work, performance, workload, etc., depending on the situation.

This number is in Yuancheng.

It's definitely close to the average line. In the past, the ground food has always been below the average line. Therefore, for them, this is equivalent to an increase in income.

How can I be upset.

"Well, go to bed early today, and the whole family will have to go there tomorrow morning to check the information and make a job assignment at the same time."

. . .

far away.

Industrial zone headquarters.

That's right.

The place where we gathered last night was used as the construction headquarters of the industrial zone. The courtyard was very bright under the shining of lights, and there were a large number of tents outside the courtyard.

They are all security personnel supported by major forces.

"So bright."

"These are the ones that lit up in the yard yesterday? Unbelievable."

"It's expensive!"

"do not know."


They felt very novel. In order to take care of their station, they directly pulled some wires over in the evening, and the end of the thread was connected to a glass-shaped object.

After dark.

Brush it!

The entire station was illuminated, and it was too bright compared to fire and oil lamps, as if it were daytime.

At first.

They were quite scared, but after adapting, they gathered around, staring at the light bulbs, trying to see something.

However, after watching it for a long time, I found nothing, and my eyes were dizzying.

. . .

Not far.

In the main building, yesterday's table had been removed and the chairs were emptied. Instead, several large tables connected together were placed with a drawing on it.

---Planning drawings of the industrial zone.

At the table.

Shu Fu watched quietly, very satisfied.

He personally designed the entire factory, of course, only large-scale planning and partial functional design.

Viewed from the top down, the entire plant area is symmetrical.

It's like a mind map.

On the left, there are roads that connect to large and small raw material warehouses. These warehouses are not close together, but separated, and the same kind of warehouses have one master and two backups.

There are three in total.

Avoid accidents. For example, if the timber warehouse catches on fire, if the fire burns out, the entire related production will have to stagnate.


All warehouses stand separately.

Unless it is deliberate destruction, a problem will not affect the entire production.

Some of the warehouses are green belts, and some are farmland, which are used to meet the needs of plant personnel, and some breeding plants will be added in the future.

Between some warehouses,

Shu Fu also planned the artificial river channel for fire protection planning. It is not deep, only knee-high, but it can be useful at critical times.

On the right is the assembly, secondary processing and finished product storage area.

Go in from the left.

Out on the right.

Overall symmetrical planning.

. . .

In the middle.

It is the most important production and processing workshop, which is the core of the entire industrial zone, where the main equipment is located.

Therefore, it must be bound by then.




Dozens of tons of things, take a look, grab one and try.

That is, the internal design of the entire building will be a bit compact. Even if it is upgraded to Level 4, the building area that can be bound increases greatly, but it is a factory after all.

It is still a comprehensive production plant with too much equipment.


Crowded is crowded, and can be put down.

In the early stage, Shufu did not plan to bring in too many equipment, because most of the workshops used highly intelligent products.


Most of the backward equipment occupies space and consumes people.


In the absence of subordinates, Shu Fu prepared to use highly automated equipment in the core workshop.

Even if I took 10,000 steps back, I was robbed by aliens someday.

Want to crack?


Want to be beautiful.

The more automated, the more it will crash.

It's like throwing an ordinary machine tool to 1800, relying on the theory and technology of the time, and trying to crack the imitation, there is hope.


Throw an apple 15 and try it in the past.






Can make the scientists at the time collapse.

The breakdown is still to come---microprocessor, something the size of a fingernail, densely covered with countless wires, it is a curse due to poor technology.

It can shed light on the hairs left by countless scientists ~wuxiaworld.online~.

There will always be a question before death: what is that? How exactly was it made.

The greater the generation difference, the more you can be at ease.

Coupled with some backup protection measures, such as adding a command to the control software---after working for a certain period of time, it cannot continue to work.

Shu Fu can make money by selling equipment on Alien Star.

of course.

Just think about it in my heart, he is not crazy yet, how can selling equipment make money by selling products?

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