Containment Control Starts With The Umbrella Chapter 870

Chapter 865: Maeve Vs Alien Guard Vs Tracker

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The determination of the deep sea is not as good as Madeleine, who has dealt with politicians, rich men, and military officers all the time.

Seeing the tragic death of Black, Madeleine just screamed out of instinct, but when she heard the warning from the tracker, she closed her mouth directly, resisting fear and staying still.

"It...they are demons... demons..."

But the deep sea looked at the black color that had become a pool of fleshy mud, and the words devil, monster, etc. were kept in his mouth.

The powerful strength shown by the tracker has scared the most useless superhero on land.

how to spell?

Deep Sea knew that he couldn't match Black at all, and Black was stomped by the tracker's foot. In other words, he might not even be able to deal with the tracker's thumb.

"Deep sea! Hurry up and help me get around that big guy (stalker)!"

At this time, Maeve escaped another siege, not forgetting to remind the deep sea loudly.

"No! I don't want it! Don't kill me!"

But Deep Sea threw the microphone in his hand, and turned around to flee the auditorium, ready to completely abandon Maeve who was still fighting.


Seeing a deep-sea escape like being bullied by a bully, but without the guts to fight against it, once again refreshed everyone present, as well as people who watched this scene through the live broadcast.

The deep sea was scared away?

In fact, the behavior of the deep sea is not difficult to understand.

Deep Sea has been squeezed out of the seven-man team because the audience doesn't care about the ocean environment and marine life at all.

Moreover, the deep sea has not received proper training, just an ordinary person with super power, so it is the most correct move for the deep sea to choose to escape.

"Black Robe" is aimed at Marvel and DC, whether it is the original comics or the adaptation of the film and television series.

Ironically, in real life, if there is a so-called superhero, then it will be packaged as a star or internet celebrity by a big company, and no one can escape the control of capital.

But Marvel and DC are not real universes.

If Steve Rogers is standing in the deep sea, regardless of whether he injects super serum to become the US team, Rogers will say to the tracker "I can fight with you all day."

A superhero is never a hero who has become a hero because of superpowers. It is always an inner spirit.

Even if Rogers knew that the result of facing the tracker was death, he would still rush forward without hesitation.

This is the so-called superhero.

Obviously, Deep Sea does not possess this kind of spirit. Faced with the moment of life and death, Deep Sea chose to escape and survive like ordinary people.

But how could the tracker give the deep sea a chance to escape?


"Step! Step!"

Just watch the tracker laugh mechanically, and then catch up with the deep sea faster.





The tracker only used a hand knife with a slight force, knocking it back to the deep ocean where it was escaping, and knocking it out easily.

Xuan Se must die, but Deep Sea and Starlight don't have that need yet.

Xuanlu only obeyed Walt and Edgar, with too many innocent human lives on his hands, and William couldn't let this black-faced ninja go.

But Deep Sea has never done anything that hurts the world, just like to infringe on female fans, and most female fans still post upside down.

As for Starlight, she must stay alive. She is currently one of the very few superhumans who insist on justice.

At this point, except for Maeve, who was still dealing with the alien guards, the other three of the Seven had lost their combat capabilities.

"Made Coward!"

While Maeve clenched her teeth and persisted, she still did not forget to scold Deep Sea.

at last.

When an alien guard rammed her recklessly, she finally caught an empty space.

She dodges to avoid the collision of the guards, and before the other three guards have time to encircle, she quickly turns around, bending her knees hard.

"Huh!" clicked.

With a sudden jump, his fingers closed and fisted, borrowing the strength of the jump and the whole body, he threw his fist towards the back of the guard just now.

"Puff!!" Shouted.

The huge head of this alien guard was stunned by Maeve's full blow.

Green alien blood splattered everywhere, even Maeve's armor and bare skin were stained with blood.



The moment Maeve fell to the ground and stood firmly, she felt the heat of many parts of her body, and the sound of strong acid corroding the floor and metal objects.

She looked down.

Only then did she discover that the Greek-style armor on her body was being corroded by the alien blood, and it had become riddled with holes.

Even the blood stains on her skin began to emit corrosive smoke.

Upon seeing this.

She hurriedly tore off the broken armor, and the skin eroded by strong acid and blood, she could only endure the pain, and quickly moved away from the remaining three alien guards.

Fortunately, her physical defensive ability is second only to that of a native of the country, and there is a storm frontline she has never met before, otherwise she may be directly corroded by strong acid.

At this time, Maeve was in a panic. With her Greek armor removed, she no longer had the **** charm of holding a pipa half-hidden before, because now she only has a set of underwear to cover her private parts.

However, Maeve was not in the mood to consider the issue of privacy.

"Even the blood is made of strong acid, is it a Hydra?" Maeve muttered solemnly to herself.

In her cognition, these monsters are definitely not aliens, only monsters from the same mythological system as her.

It looks like a snake and has strong acid blood. Various characteristics make her associate the guard with the Hydra.

As everyone knows...

There is indeed a Hydra in the universe where William lives, and he is now playing happily with 628. Researchers in the containment center are conducting various resurrection experiments all the time.



The tracker who had been watching the battle finally made a move. The strong fist wind generated by the right fist blows away Maeve's hair first, and then a fist that is several times the size of the absolute sandbag hits.


Maeve hurried back, only then barely escaped a blow.

However, the tracker's agility was not in proportion to its huge body, and he swung several punches to Maeve quickly.

In the end, she was forced to the wall on the left side of the podium, and there was no way to go back.

She can only choose to protect her body with her arms and use her strong physique to resist the heavy punch of the tracker, but...

"Cough! Let go... Let go of me!"

However, the tracker did not choose to punch, UU reading www.uukanshu. Instead, com quickly stretched his right hand forward, clamped straight to Maeve's neck, and then lifted Maeve up.


At this moment, the unconscious starlight woke up slowly, and saw Maeve whose mobility was restricted by the tracker, and couldn't help but roar, and she got up to help the senior she was looking up to.

"Quick...Run! You can't beat them!"

Maeve, whose neck was clamped, reminded the starlight that her breathing was extremely unsmooth, and her hands had been trying to break the tracker's right hand.

But the result was very helpless. She was clamped on her neck and couldn't use her strength at all. In addition, the strength of the tracker was even higher than her.

Is it... really going to die?

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