My Youth Began With Him Chapter 4918

Chapter 4918: The Year Of Life 107

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Pudding really can't guess the heart of Liao Muchen.

Because he is such a wonderful person, moody, and can not see what he will always do next.

Just in the pudding of the gods, Liao Muchen has stepped up the steps in three steps.

On the face that Pudding just washed, kiss gently...

Yes, just gently...

However, it was such a kiss that Liao Muchens long-awaited heart was satisfied, and he intended to draw a successful conclusion to this story of his crush.

In the future, the pudding is just the boss, no longer a sweetheart...

The Taoist priest said that life is alive, contentment is always happy, why bother to ask for trouble, always asking for something that is not necessary?

So Liao Muchen gave up, especially when I heard that Wei Yunchu was back at the scene and met with Pudding.

He knew that he had no chance of winning...

So I took the opportunity to come to a special farewell with the pudding.

The temper of Pudding, who was kissed, took advantage of it... Of course it was a slap in the face.

Just raised his hand and slamming his slap, he found that Liao Muchens eyes had tears.

At that moment, she was stunned... she couldnt go.

"The boss... in the future... you will always be my boss."

After Liao Muchen finished, he licked his dry lips and then turned and left.

Looking at the figure, the pudding actually felt a bit bleak.

Then she slowly put her hand down...

I also know the meaning of the last sentence of Liao Muchen. Yes, she is his boss and he will always be his boss.

Su Yus affairs will never be repeated in the same way. After all, there is no longer a second Su Yu.

Therefore, Liao Muchen was on the verge of the cliff and went to the Liang Huan group CP. For him, it may not be a good thing.

The pudding went on the upstairs for a while before going out and continuing to mink with everyone...

Liao Muchen has left Nanshan Castle, he thought, this place, he will never come again for the second time.

In the future, be a good star, make money, then get married, have children...

Just like everyone else, sometimes ordinary is happiness.

In the evening, other guests left, leaving only the intimate people.

The professor left the city secretly that night because of his identity.

Qin Chu ordered people to get a bonfire party at the top of the mountain, and roast the whole sheep.

A large group of people are so comfortable to drink, chat, and eat lamb.

The children are also carefree...

Wei Yunchu and Pudding, Gao Boyuan and Douding, Tang Tianyi are surrounded by Joe.

With the absence of CP, Joe Yuanyuan and Qin Pan, the hard work became a hit.

One is responsible for roasting sheep, one is responsible for bartending...

Everyone looks at the starry sky above and feels that life is so satisfying.

With a good atmosphere, some people suggested that "pudding, sing a song for everyone."

"Why is it me?" Pudding looked awkward.

"Because the biggest gain today is you." Tang Chuan smiled and teased.

"I think it was the beginning of the cloud." Pudding actually learned to be naughty.

"Right right, you are both... then you both chorus together."

Tang Chuan is so awkward, everyone applauds...

The Bean Ding is even worse, come directly to the sentence, "Sister, or else, do you both sing the most dazzling national style?"

"Do we need to dance with square dance?" Gao Boyuan interjected.

"You two are going to die..."

Being said by the bean diced, the pudding is mad, grabbing the stone in front of the eye, and throwing the bean diced, she is always so spooky.

"The most dazzling national wind is even, it is not suitable for this situation... I will sing a song for everyone, the song of the scene." Pudding was in a good mood, slowly got up and cleared his throat.

Wei Yunchu seems to know what she wants to sing and take out her mobile phone. "I will accompaniment you."

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