The 99th Divorce Chapter 2315

Chapter 2315: I Love You Too

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Li Mosen held his breath, looked at her, and was silent for a moment.

Li Jianyue stepped forward, pursed her mouth, and kissed him.

Li Mosen was all stiff, and felt the soft touch on his lips, and his heart was full of wind.

After all, could not help but reach out and hug her.

Li Jianyue exclaimed, and then Li Mosen blocked her lips.

Li Mosen kissed her deeply and deeply, but there was nothing further than the lip to the lip.

Li Jianyue's face burned, and she blinked, and then tentatively stuck out her tongue to lick his lips.

Like an electric shock, Li Mosen was once again stiff, and Wen Xiang nephrite was pregnant, starting from his lips, as if a heat flow had quietly spread to the limbs, and the unspeakable feeling spread throughout his body.

Li Jianyue saw that he didn't respond, and once again learned what the novel said and stuck out his tongue.

Li Mosen burned so badly that he couldn't bear to push her away, holding her, kissing and kissing.

I didn't want to let go until my mouth hurt.

In the end, Li Jianyue first flinched, got down from him, and then shrank to the inside of the bed.

Night, deep.

Li Jianyue felt that her heartbeat was about to explode.

Li Mosen felt that he was a bit uncomfortable, and he didn't dare to approach.

Li Jianyue tightened the quilt, turned his back to him, closed his eyes, and tried to sleep.

However, as she was brewing enough sleepiness, her waist suddenly tightened.

He ... hugged her.

Li Jianyue heard his heartbeat clearly, and the pulse on his arm that he was holding her.

The whole world is left with the sound of breathing and heartbeat.

Li Jianyue was stiff, so was Li Mosen.

But with such stalemate, no one moved first, and no one spoke first.

I don't know how long, Li Mosen heard the sound of breathing in his arms.

Li Mosen couldn't help laughing, and his heart was filled with contentment.

He quietly hugged her, kissed her hair, and said softly, "Good night."

Li Jianyue slept so deep that she didn't know what she had dreamed, and snorted: "I love you too ..."

Li Mosen couldn't help but hold her tighter and closed her eyes.

However, he had no accidental insomnia.

Because there were still things to be rushed to deal with, just after dawn, he went out.

By the time he returned, Li Jianyue had already left.

On the dining table, there are several plates, covered with lids, and sticky notes on them: remember to eat even if you are busy, I'm leaving


Li Jianyue followed Li Jianqian and Yu Chulin strolling around before returning to Cannes.

The summer vacation passed quickly. As a freshman, Li Jianyue was hacked a lot during military training.

After finally crawling home, Li Jianyue heard the good news as soon as he entered the door.

Li Sicheng was very happy with Su Qianci, and told her that Li Mosen had done business with classmates in the United States and made more than one million.

In the process, Li Mosen didn't ask for a penny from his family, but he kept his parents from investing in living expenses.

Li Jianyue listened sweetly, and soon went upstairs to talk with Li Mosen.

In the next two years, Li Mosen, like Kaihang, even registered a company with his classmates abroad, and the operation was flourishing.

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