The 99th Divorce Chapter 2316

Chapter 2316: Ok My Boyfriend End Of The Full Text

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The company's registered fund was also paid by Li Mosen himself.

But Li Jianyue could see that he seemed very busy and tired.

Every time I followed him, the tiredness and dark circles on his face couldn't be covered.

There were even a few times when I was in a video with her, she was so tired that she fell asleep directly.

Li Jianyue supported her cheek and listened to the sound of his sleep, and felt a little bit upset.

It was just five years since Limosen went to the United States.

Five years ago, Li Mosen set foot on this strange land alone.

Five years later, Li Mosen has completed all disciplines and won countless praises from his mentors and classmates.

In the end, when everyone thought that he would continue to develop in the United States, he chose to sell the company to the students who worked with him, leaving only a part of the equity.

When he returned, he didn't tell anyone.

Li Jianyue recently starred in the school's drama, and was named as the school's school flower after acting as the heroine of the drama.

Ever since she became famous, the most important thing on the road was someone watching her.

It is commonplace for boys to come up with a conversation, and everyone is surprised.

Li Jianyue walked along with her roommates holding a few books. There were several boys pushing in front of each other, and finally one of the boys who looked a little shy was pushed out.

The little boy looked very shy, scratched his head, and said rudely: "Hello, Li Jianyue, I ... I'm Chen Yuan from the computer department. I ... I think you are cute and want to talk to you ... make friends"

Li Jianyue's roommate snickered. "There are so many people who want to make friends with us, isn't it because she likes her?"

Li Jianyue has long been used to it, and smiled a little awkwardly, just about to speak. Suddenly, Yu Guang glanced behind Chen Yuan.

Li Jianyue froze for a moment, then her eyes brightened, "Brother Mosen!"

This sound made everyone look towards the back.

At a glance, he saw a man who was obviously biracial.

The black hair and blue eyes are enough to overlook the height of the heroes. They are dressed and dressed, and at a glance, they know that they are very tasteful.

More importantly, very young and handsome!

Everyone's eyes are bright when they see such a weekly poster.

Li Mosen had long imagined that Li Jianyue would be very popular, but never expected that her little girl would be blocked by so many people even on the way out of school.

He felt a little uncomfortable when he heard that kid.

make friends?


However, this uncomfortableness melted in Li Jianyue's Brother Mosen.

Li Mosen raised his lips and opened his arms at her.

Li Jianyue looked at Gao Leng, who was usually in front of the male classmates. She laughed cheerfully, turned around and threw all the books to her roommate, and she ran towards him like a lark.

Li Mosen hugged her, Li Jianyue laughed crisply, holding his neck tightly.

The people behind looked foolish.

This this this ...

This half way is to kill a Cheng to bite gold!

One of the boys behind Chen Yuan asked, "Li Li, who is this? Wouldn't it be your boyfriend?"

Li Mosen put her down, Li Jianyue smiled brightly, warmly raised her toes and raised her hand to go to his neck, but he was too tall, Li Jianyue seemed to hang from him.

But this is Li Jianyue, it looks even more cute!

Li Jianyue was a little proud and a little proud, and said, "Well! My boyfriend!"

Li Mosen folded her waist, lifted her a little, politely smiled, and said, "Hello."

People around saw Li Mosen and looked at Li Jianyue again, with envy and jealousy in their eyes.

However, Li Jianyue's face value, standing with this mixed-race handsome, is the real Langcai.

Those who had thought about Li Jianyue and had a little bit of thought, were completely disheartened at this moment.

The opponent is too powerful, and even the desire to compete is gone.

Li Mosen looked down at Li Jianyue.

"It's okay, you can go straight home!" Li Jianyue's eyes were bent, then she showed off, "I'll drive now, did you come here?"

Li Mosen heard this and said lightly, "Don't let you drive, I'll drive, let's go."

"No, let me try to drive you!"

"Then go home."

"Do not!"


"Brother Moson ~"


"Hee hee hee."

-[End of full text]-

Please turn back ~

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