Black Haired King Chapter 17

Black Haired King Chapter 17: Acquaintance

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Chapter 17 Acquaintance

So then, Raven, what request did you come for?

With Mistrea-san showing up, the critical mass-like atmosphere was dissolved, and we were able to show him into the house. Even then, the atmosphere between Helen-san and the Knights is still bad, on top of that, a black haired person such as myself showed up, which made it even worse.

The Knights

A black haired?! Dont get anywhere near Raven-sama!

The moment they said that, Helen-sans sword appeared before their throats with a flash. Im really happy that she got mad in my place, but thats still kind of scary.

If not for MIstrea-san and the so-called Raven guy, the knights head probably would have flown right then. Thats just how much killing intent Helen-san was releasing at this time.

Despite that going on, we showed them into the house, and we can finally start from the beginning. Raven-san sits in front of MIstrea-san, and his 2 knights stand behind him.

Raven-san is technically a guest, so even though she did it unwillingly, Helen-san served him some tea. Meanwhile, Im standing behind Mistrea-san, somehow, the atmosphere was telling me that I shouldnt sit.

Before we start, can those 2

Is what Raven-san said to Mistrea-san, I wonder if its something he doesnt want us to hear? In that case, I wouldnt mind leaving the area, when I tried to do so.

It isnt a problem. Helen is my granddaughter, and Redius is my disciple, so it shouldnt really matter if they hear.

So Mistrea-san urges Raven-san to continue his story. Is it really ok? Raven-sans 2 knights seem to be glaring at me I want to move

Speaking of Mistrea-sans granddaughter, shes their daughter, correct? Its nice to meet you, daughter of Yurian-dono and Erea-dono. My name is Raven Cliffhill. Yurian-dono and Erea-dono have taken great care of me.

.Nice to meet you. My name is Helen Ragres. It seems you know my mother and father. Edit last name if needed, not net

Eeeh~ Hes an acquaintance of Helen-sans parents? Well, he IS an acquaintance of Mistrea-san, so I guess it isnt odd for him to know Helen-sans parents.

If I remember correctly, Helen-sans mother, Erea-san is Mistrea-sans daughter? From the story I heard, they left to subjugate a red dragon that appeared and passed away.

I believe the subjugation was a success, and the surviving adventurers brought back her parents belongings. The sword Helen-san is using is one of them.

Thats why she listened to me warmly when I told her about the memento my mother gave me being stolen. I cant thank Helen-san enough huh.

Yes, Mistrea-san took care of me for a period of time, thats when I became acquainted with them, looking back, its already been 20 years or so huh?

Thats about right, back then, you were only 10 years old. Back then, your father brought a crybaby Raven here to temper himself, if I recall correctly?

Hahaha, Im truly embarrassed. Despite that, Im still a superior officer that leads troops now, so if possible, I would like it if we could not talk about that in front of my subordinates.

Eeeh~ In that case, wouldnt that make him my older brother disciple? Still, Mistrea-san is amazing, huh, to think one of her disciples is one of the countries leaders.

Alright, so then, whats the reason for coming? I doubt you came here just to chat, right?

And so, Mistrea-san asks for a second time. Instead of his previous smile, Raven-san starts releasing the pressure worthy of being the commander in chief.

Of course, this time, Ive come to speak about something that Im sure you are already aware of, its about the war.

The war huh.

Speaking of wars, hes most likely talking about the war between the Albast Kingdom and the Britaris Kingdom, right? Until now, Ive only heard Mistrea-san talk about it, but hearing it from the kingdoms chief in command brings greater credibility to it. If were talking about leading troops, theyll all be the subordinates of this person.

Yes. If it all starts as planned, the war should begin around June of next year. It should be right when Prince William graduates from school. Hell be commanding my subordinates, it should be a 30,000 strong army.

Eh~, The Albast Kingdom is willing to spare half of its available troops? I can see how much effort theyre putting into this next war.

The Albast Kingdom is only about 50,000 strong after all, Ive heard from Mistrea-san but, the standing army is only about 10,000 strong. The limit they can draft is only around 50,000, to think theyd mobilize more than half of that

Yes, Its so that the crown prince, William, will be able to achieve his first victory. Also, its to shut up the Britaris Kingdom thats been pretty noisy lately, if it goes well, we might even grab some territory.

Hmm, I see~ So, the reason why youve told me so much is because

Yes, I would like to request Mistrea-sama to join in on the campaign. As for what specifically, Id like you to train the soldiers, as well as act as a guard for Prince William.

I see, its true that Mistrea-san is really intense, but if you can endure it, shes a really good teacher.

Also, if Prince William is near her, hell probably be safe. Still, there are no certainties in war, so you never know what could happen. I dont know anything about war though.

I understand the matter, my response is, I refuse.

While I was still thinking, she already refused. It looks like Raven-san already saw this coming, so his facial expressions are the same, but the knights behind him seem surprised. They probably never expected someone to refuse the request of the commander in chief.

.May I ask the reason?

The reason should be obvious. Our era is over, thats all. Didnt you all start this war so that you can pass the torch onto Prince Williams generation? Bringing an old lady like me will just bring in old fashion thinking.

.Whats someone who barely looks 30 saying, It seems Raven-san understood what Mistrea-san was saying since he didnt say anything.

..But, isnt now a time where old fashion thinking is needed?

He continues to push, but.

In that case, Raven, why dont you teach them yourself? Ill pass.

Mistrea-san isnt conceding, it doesnt seem like shell change her opinion

..I understand. I guess it cant be helped, in that case, Helen-san, would you like to participate? Im sure a 4 element holder like you will have great achievements

When he saw it was impossible to get Mistrea-san, he instantly invites Helen-san. True, Helen-sans hair is an almost transparent, beautiful light blue color. (author wrote Mistrea-san, but this should be Helen)

Since shes a 4 element holder, she should bring great achievements, on top of mastering Fierce Flame Style.

I will not participate.

Still, Helen-san turned the offer down too.

I see, thats a shame. I guess it really cant be helped, I still have work to do, so I cant stay any longer. Ive done what I came here for, so Ill take my leave, Helen-san, if you feel like participating later, just head to the Albast Kingdoms parade ground. thats where conscription is being done.

Like I said.!

When Helen-san was going to turn him down again, Raven-san looked over at me. Helen-san noticed it too, so she stopped talking.

Is this an indirect way of asking me? Mistrea-san is giggling too The knights behind him dont seem to realize it yet though.

Well, from the perspective of the knights, they dont even want to talk to a black haired like me, still, I heard some good information.

Well then, Please excuse me.


Mistrea-san lightly responds, then Raven-san activates gate. I guess he came all the way here through gate, and hes going to return through it at his own discretion too.

Alright, lets prepare dinner, shall we? Im already starving.

Says Mistrea-san while stretching, just a second ago she was filled with majesty, but now shes just a normal grandma Even though she looks like an older sister, I guess Ill help out Helen-san.

Ahh, Redius, tomorrow well begin wrapping up training, so prepare yourself.

.This lady, casually saying such important things like that

Raven-sama is it really ok that we didnt bring her back?!

What, no matter what I said there, Mistrea-sama wouldnt have come anyways.

Not her, I mean her granddaughter! We should have at least brought her back !

If we did that, we would have all gotten killed by Mistrea-sama.

Also, that black haired kid. Mistrea-sama did say he was her disciple, but he has quite the body. At first, I was still avoiding him because he was a black haired, but, he had such a self-confidence aura that you wouldnt believe he was a black haired, so I got interested.

For the time being, I did convey that I wanted to enlist him, but I wonder if he caught it. I couldnt talk since my subordinates were next to me, but the next time I see him, Ill talk to him.

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