Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 971

Chapter 971: The Two Three Blissful Things(13)

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When they came out of theRotating Restaurant,someone had already drivenCheng Yang's car to the entrance. Out of habit, hereached over for the keys but Qiao Anxia snatched thembefore him."I'll drive."

He glanced at her,then,without a word, he nodded in agreement.

Even though they stayed in Beijing, Qiao Anxia and Cheng Yang would stay over at hotels on special occasions. Hehad already booked a room in Four Seasons Hotel. After giving her the address, she drove over.

Cheng Yang wasexhausted from rushing back to celebrate their anniversary. After shutting his eyes for a while, he fell into deep sleep.

When they reached the hotel, Qiao Anxia called him softly. When he opened his eyes, his gaze was blurry. He glanced up at her, pausing slightly before following her out of the car into the hotel. Without taking a shower, he curled up in bed.

Qiao Anxia went to the kitchen to pour a cup of water. When she entered the bedroom, Cheng Yang was already fast asleep, a hint of red showing on his white flawless skin.

She called him several times but he still didn't react. She stared at him silently for a while before reaching out to caress his face. When she finally reached his lips, the tears in her eyes started to stream down her face. She stood up abruptly, grabbedonto the room cardand leftthe room in a hurry.

When she reached the hotel entrance, she saw a familiar car plate number. As she walked forward, the window screen scrolled down, and inside was Lin Wei in a simple white dress.

Qiao Anxia struggled to keep her tears from falling. Lowering her eyes, she passed the room card over without looking at her in detail. When Lin Wei took the card, she froze slightly, instructing her to "Take good care of him" before taking large strides away.


There are many types of love in this world,but among everyone deep in love there is one similarity, they would always wish the other would live a better life. They would often selfishly assume that by giving the other party whatever they lack would be for the best,but they often forget that in life nothing is perfect, and regret is also beautiful. Byfilling up what the other lacks, you somehow deprive them of more.


Qiao Anxia hailed a cab back to the apartment. Back home, she threw herself on the sofa, bursting into tears.

Ever since she was young, she had always been a strong person, whenever something caught her eye, she would use her entire soul to obtain it. Other than Lu Jinnian, her obsession from youth, what hadshe not been able to get?

She never expected that there would come a day when she would give up what she really wanted.

She wanted him to have a beautiful family, to have a wife that treated him well and an adorable child.

She couldn't give it to him soshe wished that a girl that truly lovedhim would.

She knew that if they were to separate, they would both feel horrible,but time was the best medicine. When he finally nursed his broken heart back together, he would finally be free of the pain,just like she hadbeenwhen she finally gave up on Lu Jinnian.

She really likedCheng Yang.

She couldn't bearto leave him.

She couldn't allow him to have an imperfect life because of her.

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