Quick Transmigration: Rescuing Supporting Male Leads Plan Chapter 11

Quick Transmigration: Rescuing Supporting Male Leads Plan Chapter 11

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Gu Jinmi snorted with laughter when they were far enough away.

Ouyang Wen looked at Gu Jinmi, who is roaring with laughter. With a look of helplessness, he said, You! I really dont know what to do with you.

Gu Jinmi stuck out her tongue and said, Haha, I cant help it! Humph! Blame her for looking such an eyesore to me. Shes so fake, I wont feel comfortable if I did not play a small trick on her. Hmph! So what.

Okay, okay, okay, its nothing much. But you should be very careful to not provoke her so easily.

Gu Jinmi glared at Ouyang Wen irritatedly and said, Hmph! Are you being soft on her?

Haha! Im being soft, why should I be soft on her?! I am just concerned for you. You are not that womans opponent, if she becomes ruthless, you definitely wont result in a good outcome.

You you you Humph! You are looking down on me! Why am I not a match for her? You develop others ambition, but instead destroyed your own prestige.

Yes, yes, yes, you are the best person in the whole world. Ouyang Wen said while rubbing Gu Jinmis nose.[1]

Oi, Ouyang Wen, what is with your couldnt care less tone! You dont trust me.

Who doesnt believe you, I believe you, silly.

Humph! Okay, we should quickly go! Lets go play more, I want to sit on the carousel.

Huh! Carousel? One was extremely thrilling, another was quiet and peaceful, this girl is undeniably an extreme!

Why, we cant?

Can, can, I am here, for today, to accompany you even at the risk of my life. Whatever you want to play in the park today, I will accompany you for every one of them.

They played in the amus.e.m.e.nt park till 6 p.m.

Oh! Im hungry, lets go find something to eat!

You You still will be hungry! I thought you wouldnt think of being hungry since you are so reluctant to leave!

Hehe, this is my first time coming here to play! Thats why it is inevitable that I got a little too exuberant!

Haha, is that so? Okay, lets go!

Ouyang gege, are we going straight home after we eat?

En, do you want to go anywhere else?

Where do I want to go? I also have no idea.

Since you dont know where to go, should we go to look at the stars?

Absolutely! Lets look at the stars!

Ouyang Wen brought Gu Jinmi to a western restaurant. In front of her was a beef steak, however, she felt uneasy. She has not eaten a steak before, it does not look familiar to her! Can it really be eaten like that?

Ouyang Wen spotted Gu Jinmis staring at the steak with an unfocused look. Whats wrong, you dont like it? I remembered that you stayed overseas for a long time, so I thought you will like it.

No, no. Actually, when I was overseas, I seldom ate western cuisine as I wasnt use to it. Every time I ate it, I would either suffer a stomach ache or something as bad. As a result, Mother specially asked a housemaid to stay overseas with me. Haha, dont my life seem quite luxurious?

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Why would I think in that way? Considering you will have a stomach ache, lets not eat here. Well find a Chinese restaurant to eat in.

She immediately shook her head, No need, no need, now that my health has been better, there shouldnt be any problems. It wouldnt need to be so troublesome anymore and I am very hungry now. I will starve to death if we find another restaurant.

Haha, so exaggerated. Ok then, Ill give this one to you first, eat!

Gu Jinmi picked a small piece up, sniffed it, carefully placed it in her mouth and chewed. Hmmm, it isnt that bad. Yep, not bad, not bad.

Ouyang Wen watched Gu Jinmi eating her meal scrumptiously and laughed, Slowly eat, no one is going to s.n.a.t.c.h with you.

Thats because Im hungry! Okay, Im full now.

Are you really full already?! But you only ate a little bit of your steak.

Haha, I only eat a small amount.

No can do, eat a little salad.

Gu Jinmi frowned and pushed it away, Dont want.

No, eat.

Dont want, dont want, the salad has carrots and broccoli. I hate them. I dont want to, I dont want.

Dont be so picky.

No, no, humph! I dont want means I dont want, if you continue forcing me, Im going home.

Aunty said, when we are out, you need to listen to me. From the way I look at it, its because you are such a picky eater that you are so skinny.

Thats not it! This is the standard body figure!

Standard body figure is it?! The female figure is normally judged by the guys, okay? Thats why I think you are too skinny

N- no! Bully.

Little girl, if that is bullying, then you really have not been bullied before!

Humph! Out of all the male stranger around me, you are the only one that I talked to! Gu Jinmi unsatisfying murmured to herself.

Not knowing why, after hearing Gu Jinmis words, he was ecstatic! Does it mean that he has a chance to become her first love?

Gu Jinmi noticed Ouyang Wen in a daze and said, Oi, Oi, Oi, whats wrong with you? Have you finished eating? If you have, then lets go!

Okay, Ill go settle the bill.

Ill go with you.

After paying for the bill, Ouyang Wen brought Gu Jinmi to the car. Ouyang gege, where are we going next?

When we reach, you will know. It may be a little far, so you rest up on the way there.

En, okay. Because she has been playing for the whole afternoon and including the music played in the car, once she leaned comfortably on the chair, she instantly fell asleep.

Ouyang Wen was about to say something. He shook his head after seeing that Gu Jinmi was already asleep. This girl!

Ouyang Wen gradually came to a stop at the side of the road. He took a blanket from the back of the car and carefully covered Gu Jinmi with it.

Looks like today have exhausted her! Forget it, Ill just let her rest properly for the remainder of today. Ouyang Wen discreetly leaned over and gave her a kiss on her forehead. Good night, my princess, I wish you have a good dream.

Returning back to her house, Ouyang Wen gingerly carried Gu Jinmi into the house. Her mother and father were startled, this progress is a little too fast! Even though they are more open to these things, but this

Without acknowledging her mother and father, he delicately placed her on her bed and went down. Looking at Gu Jinmis mother and father, he said, Aunty, uncle, so sorry! Jin er is a little tired today and fell asleep already. That, uncle, aunty, Ill make a move first.

Eh! Ouyang why not stay for a little while?

No thank you, aunty it is already late, I still have school tomorrow. Ill leave first.

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