Quick Transmigration: Rescuing Supporting Male Leads Plan Chapter 12

Quick Transmigration: Rescuing Supporting Male Leads Plan Chapter 12

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On the 2nd day, when Gu Jinmi woke up, it dawned on her that she had already returned to a place, a place where she cannot get anymore familiar with, and she couldn't help but feel that it's strange, she vaguely remember that she was on the car with Ouyang gege, then, it felt like she nodded off! Then who's the one that brought her home? Could it be Ouyang gege, it can't be! Wuwu[1], wouldn't that be embarra.s.sing, wuwu, no, please no!

"Jin Er, Jin Er are you still not up yet? Ouyang gege is here, looking for you. This lazy child, don't mind her Ouyang gege! She may have been dead tired since yesterday. She would usually be awake at this time. Why don't you go upstairs to call her."

"Hmm, sure." Since he had already been up her room twice before, it should be alright if he goes up again!

Ouyang gege walked upstairs and knocked on the door, but there is no response of any sort. Could it be that the little girl is still sleeping, she must have been extremely tired yesterday.

Ouyang gege carefully opened the door and walked in, eh! There's no one in the bed! Don't tell me she's gotten up already. Hold on to that thought, there's some sounds coming from the bathroom!

Before Ouyang gege headed towards the bathroom, Gu Jinmi opened and walked out from the bathroom. At that moment, she saw Ouyang gege and screamed: "Ahhhh! You you why are you in my room?"

Ouyang gege covered his ears and said: "You little girl, stop screaming! If you keep this up, Aunty and Uncle will come up here."

" You you humph! Who gave you the permission to barge into my room? Have you ever heard of knocking on the door before you come in?"

"I did knock the door! But you didn't open the door for me and I saw that the door was unlocked so I just invited myself in!" he said in an all natural tone as if it was his right.

" You.. you you are clearly giving fallacious excuse alright!"

Ouyang gege looked at Gu Jinmi's unruly appearance and laughed, "I think it's better for you to change into a decent set of clothes first!"

Change clothes?! Looking down at her cartoon filled pajamas, Gu Jinmi felt her image crumbling down. "Ah! Ouyang gege, get out!" Pus.h.i.+ng him out right after she said that, not forgetting to give him a cold glare.

Wuwu, her image! Gone, all gone. Wuwu, wuwu, how could that have happened to her! Oh Heavenly Father[2], are you playing with my life!

When Gu Jinmi walked out in her school uniform, she didn't spare Ouyang gege a glance as she continued heading downstairs, and greeted her parents who were already having breakfast. "Mummy, Daddy, good morning! Oh, I'm going to be late for school, so I'll be heading off first!" As soon as she said that, she grabbed a few slices of bread and ran out.

Glancing at her retreating figure, Jinmi's mother sighed, "Eh! What is wrong with this child of mine! Jinmi, Ouyang is still here!"

Ouyang gege walked down and said "Since she has left, then Uncle and Aunty, I'll go off too."

"Eh. What is wrong with those two!"

" Don't know, just let them be! Those kids have grown up, and they have their own thoughts. As an elder it's best that we don't interfere in their matters."

"Hmm! Gu Ting who are you referring as an elder! Even if you are an elder, I'm still an18-year-old teenage girl alright!"

" Yeah, yeah, yeah, my wife is forever 18 years old, but my dear, don't you think we should exercise more?"

"Ah! Gu Ting, you you put me down." Jinmi's mother screams.

"You want me to put you down, no way."

Ouyang quickly caught up to Jinmi and said, "Let's go! Get in the car."

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When Jinmi recalled the incident, she felt furious, Humph! Don't think for a moment that she'll let him off the hook that easily, if he hadn't casually walked in, she wouldn't have been so embarra.s.sed by it. Wuwu.

"Ok, stop your whining and don't worry, I have seen you b.u.t.t naked when you are little. There's nothing to be embarra.s.sed about."

Humph! Jinmi quickened her pace when she heard that, this stupid guy, doesnt know how to comfort me! That sentence just now is not even comforting at all, he's clearly rubbing salt into the wound!

"Hey, little girl, you are really angry. Okay, okay, it's my fault, it's my fault, but you should know that the bus stop is 30 minutes away! Let's put aside the question on whether you will be late for school, but the fact that walking such a long distance will make your feet hurt like crazy! So why don't you get into my car, it's faster and much more comfortable."

Jinmi thought about it for a while, indeed! Why should I keep harping on the past and make things difficult for myself! Gu Jinmi walked and opened the doors at the back of the car and said, "Are you happy now? Drive!"

"I am not going to drive."

Jinmi felt like tearing up, is this really the gentle and kind supporting male character in the original novel? But the very person in front of her doesnt hold a candle beside him! "Why! I listened to you and sat in your car."

" But I'm not your chauffeur, sit in the front seat."

" You your demands are really endless! Jinmi complained with a dissatisfied tone.

" I'm just saying the truth."

"Humph! Sit in front then sit in front, you think I'm scared of you?! Gu Jinmi got out of the car, sat in front, and closed the door forcefully, oh boy, you could definitely tell she is very unhappy right now.

Seeing that childish, throwing-tantrum behaviour, Ouyang gege helplessly shook his head, this bratty kid!

Throughout the journey, Jinmi kept ignoring Ouyang gege, Humph! She won't talk to this b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

Once they arrived at school, She got out of the car quickly, humph! When she saw that the people at the school entrance were watching her with a look of surprise on their faces, she was filled with regrets. Wuwu, they didn't see me, they didn't see me, all of them didn't see me!

Jinmi quickly opened the door and sat in the car again, staring at the funny expression on his face. She suddenly felt that she couldn't get mad at him! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d must and had to be doing it on purpose.

Ouyang gege looked at Jinmi, now laughing, "Why did you come in here again, aren't you eager to get out earlier!"

" You you you did it on purpose!"

" I haven't even started talking! You just got out of the car, and now you are blaming it on me?!"

" I I Ithat then what do we do now?!" Gu Jinmi peeped at the group of girls right outside the car and had the thought of quickly killing herself.

" What do I do now?! Gos.h.!.+ I do have a great idea, but I guess you wouldn't agree to it. So let's take it as I didn't say anything in the first place! Spare me the trouble of you getting angry with me."

"I- I swear not to be angry with you, now hurry, tell me what do you have in mind!"

"Be my girlfriend."

"Huh?! You what did you just say?! I- I don't want! Jinmi couldnt help but glow red when she heard that.

"Just be my girlfriend! If you don't agree, do you really think those girls will let you off easily? I can sense your impending gloomy, dark days. If you be my girlfriend on the other hand, do you think they can even lay a finger on you!"

"Eh, this that " Gu Jinmi thought it through carefully, her task was originally to win the male supporting lead's heart, if she agrees to this, doesn't that mean she's a step closer to that goal? But is Ouyang gege truly in love with her? If now wasn't the time to agree, then isn't it totally opposite of what she really wanted?

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1. sobbing sounds

2. Its similar to the English version of 'oh my G.o.d'

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