Quick Transmigration: Rescuing Supporting Male Leads Plan Chapter 13

Quick Transmigration: Rescuing Supporting Male Leads Plan Chapter 13

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Ouyang Wen saw Gu Jinmi thinking deeply, but don't press her for answers any longer. He has confidence that she will definitely give him an answer.

Gu Jinmi wrinkled between her brows, but have not thought it out properly yet. Should she agree or should she not? This is the question.

"What are you still thinking? Do you really want to receive attacks from the girls in the entire school?"

"But But Okay fine! But don't too pleased with yourself! My hand was forced to agree. Dont think you can use this chance to take advantage of me."

"Who will take advantage of you, I'm more worried about you taking advantage of me instead!"

"I-I won't! Humph!"

Ouyang Wen got off the car and opened the pa.s.senger door, reaching his hand out to Gu Jinmi and said reluctantly, "My dearest princess, please step out of the car."

Gu Jinmi stared into the soft, gentle eyes of Ouyang Wen, her heartbeat pumped rapidly and subconsciously placed her hand in Ouyang Wen's.

Gu Jinmi quickly buried her head in Ouyang Wen's chest, wuwu, she is definitely dead.

Ouyang Wen smiled at the girl who threw herself into his arms, saying, "this is my girlfriend, if all of you dare to give trouble to her, it means you are indirectly challenging me. So it's up to you to do as you see fit!"

Gu Jinmi observed Ouyang Wen unreasonable actions, which is rare, and was shocked. Wow, so domineering!

"What's wrong, are you shocked by my handsomeness?"

"I-I am not! Egoistic." Gu Jinmi glared at Ouyang Wen, this guy's character definitely went through a complete 180change.

"Haha, okay, my girlfriend, quickly go to cla.s.s! If you don't leave now, you will be late! In the afternoon, be a good girl and wait for me in the cla.s.sroom, I will find you, understand? If there are any problems, find me, you should already know where my cla.s.sroom is. Nevermind, nevermind, I'll repeat. I am in senior year cla.s.s one. Alright, I'll leave first, bye bye."

Gu Jinmi looked at Ouyang Wen leaving confidently, smiled at him in a trance, ehhhh! Wait a moment, why would I be smiling! Gu Jinmi has no more strength to run even though she felt the ill gazes of the girls that had gathered at the school gate.

After a whole afternoon of cla.s.ses, Gu Jinmi felt extremely exhausted. Apart from the Chinese and English lesson, she practically doesn't know anything, especially Mathematics and Physics! -cries- What to do, what to do! Others were saying that the school organised a monthly examination that is being conducted two weeks from now! What should she do, she would have the worst grade! Wuwu, this cannot happen, It can't! How frustrating!

Ouyang Wen saw Gu Jinmi who was eating looking preoccupied, like she was worried about something, and worriedly asked her, "little girl, what's wrong? Why are you looking so worried? What happened? Did a group of girls bully you?"

Gu Jinmi shook her head, stabbed the dishes with her chopsticks and said, "that's not it! I'm just troubled by the end of month exams."

"End of moth exams?! What's there to fret about, that's just child's play, you can pa.s.s by anyhow doing it."

"Humph! You don't have to be worried, but I can't! Once I think about my Math and Physics, I feel like dying! Wuwu, I'll definitely embarra.s.s myself in this exam."

Ouyang Wen then suggested, "then, why not I teach you. I'm the top student, there shouldn't be any problems with me teaching you."

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After much consideration, she felt that the exam takes the highest priority, any other things can be pushed away for now. "Really? Really? Yes! Yes! But I have to warn you, for these subjects I know nothing about them."

"Relax! Just trust me, the exam wouldn't push you all the way to the bottom. Well, since you want me to help, after school I tuition you in your house. Everyday tuition for at least 2 hours. How about it, okay?"

"Can, can, definitely no problems, until then, I'll respectfully await your arrival."

"Good, I'll look for you after school. Okay, that's it. Now, hurry eat! Aren't you tired after a whole morning of lessons?"

Upon reaching home, Gu Jinmi told her mother that she would be studying and not to let anyone interrupt them.

Ouyang Wen took out a few examination papers and said, "Yes, you do this paper, I want to see your foundation on these topics."

Gu Jinmi peeked at the test paper and frowned. Can she tell him she doesn't know how to do any of them? This paper is totally incomprehensible to her. If she tells him the truth, would she be though/treated as an idiot? No, no, definitely cannot lose face. But But this paper is all greek to me.

Ouyang Wen noticed Gu Jinmi staring at him with an innocent look on her face, and said in disbelief "it can't be that you don't even know a single question!"

Gu Jinmi shrank back and nodded her head "En, but but it's not my fault! They know me, but I don't know them!"

"You Hai! Got it, wait a while." He took a blank paper, wrote a question and pa.s.sed it to Gu Jinmi, "do this question!"

Gu Jinmi looked at Ouyang Wen innocently, shook her head saying "I-I don't know."

Ouyang Wen looked at Gu Jinmi dumbstruck and asked, "Jin Er then tell me, what do you know?!"

"Ummm, this that I know addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. As for Physics, I do not know anything about it. Other than those of common sense of course."

Ouyang Wen released a sigh of resignation and replied, "looks like we'll have to start from the beginning. We'll have to put in extra effort for this two weeks to achieve good results for the upcoming exam! Consequently, the original plan of 2 hours has been changed to 3."

"Huh?! It can't be! 3 hours, when school release it's already 6 pm, eat till 7 pm, then study till 10 pm! I wouldn't have any free time left."

"So then you would be okay with ranking last in the school."

"Ah! This that ummm fine! So be it, for three hours it is. Let's start now then! What should we start with?"

"Hehe, where?! Of course from the start, the basics! With your knowledge, where else can we start with!"

"Are you looking down on me? I also didnt do it on purpose! I just feel drowsy when listening to the teacher teach."

"Hai! You don't even sound embarra.s.sed about it! Ok, start!"

She really doesnt understand why when the teacher teaches about these boring and dry subjects, she cannot stay focused, but when it's Ouyang Wen teaching, she started to understand everything! Sure enough! There is no such thing as a dumb student, there are only teachers who can't teach! If the progress continues at this pace in these two weeks, then I wouldn't be last in place! Haha.

"That's all for today! The rest will be continued tomorrow."

"But I don't think the 3 hours has been up!" Gu Jinmi said, s.h.i.+fting her gaze up to the clock.

"I'll let you off early for today, we'll commence the official 3 hours arrangement."

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