Miracle Pill Maker Bullies The Boss Chapter 244

Chapter 244: Those Cars Are So Special

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When the dean and a group of students walked over, the black car headed by it had already started, and several men standing beside the car at the back also started to get on the car.

When a student looked at the cars, they found that the license plates of the cars could be connected, because of curiosity they exclaimed: "Look at the license plates of those cars."

The student's voice was not too loud, but he succeeded in making a man who was about to get in the car not far away turned his head, his eyes were sharp and murderous.

Immediately, the student shuddered subconsciously, and shrank and leaned against the other students.

Huo Yao, who was walking at the end, lazily raised his head and glanced, and soon withdrew his gaze without any emotional reaction.

When the Yu family next to him saw it, he bent over in awe and didn't dare to make a sound. After the other party's car had all driven away, he sighed and wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

Turning around, he didn't explain much to the students, and opened the door of the minibus to let everyone get on the bus first.

After getting in the car, the student who was frightened seemed to come back to his senses. The shock on his face was not subdued, and he whispered to the classmates next to him: "That person was too scary just now. That cold-blooded killer is exactly the same."

"Same feeling, eyes crush everything."

Most of the students who come to the capital to participate in the competition are people in ordinary life circles. They have never been in contact with blood and darkness, and do not even believe that the world is blood and darkness, pure and carefree.

Huo Yao looked sideways out of the car window, his expression faint and his eyes long.

Sitting beside her was Yi Lianfan. He heard the conversation between the two classmates in the front row and couldn't help turning his head to look at Huo Yao.

From the moment she saw the group of people before getting into the car, her face didn't seem to show the same horror like other classmates, and she seemed calm as if she was just encountering ordinary people and ordinary things.

Yi Lianfan's family background is not low in S City, and he has seen a lot of big scenes. When facing those people just now, he will subconsciously develop fear in his heart, but he will not be as ghoulish as the other classmates.

But compared with Huo Yao, she was more like someone who had seen big scenes than him.

"Aren't you afraid just now?" Yi Lianfan asked in a low voice.

When Huo Yao heard what Yi Lianfan said, he turned his head and replied seriously: "Scared."

Yi Lianfan: "?"

Does this seem to be afraid?

The phone in Huo Yao's pocket shook, she retracted her gaze and took out the phone.

Min Yu: [Where is your school's hotel?

Seeing this, Huo Yao didn't conceal it, and typed directly in reply: [Near Qingda.

Min Yu: [Review at night or go out for a stroll? The night view of the capital is ok.

Pill: [If I go out to stroll, the principal and his old man will probably interrupt my leg, serious faceJPG.

On the other side of the phone, Min Yu suddenly let out a chuckle, and a thread of laziness appeared on his cold face, and a good mood seemed to fill the car.

When Yang Yi, who was driving, glanced at the smile on his owner's face in the rearview mirror, his chin almost fell off in shock.

What is this?

He had never seen the master show such an expression.

It's scary!

And Zhuo Yun, who was sitting in the passenger cabin, seemed to have been accustomed to his own master who would collapse at every turn.

He didn't notice Yang Yi's expression, looked back, and asked: "Brother Yu, would you like to invite Miss Huo to have a meal later?"

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