Miracle Pill Maker Bullies The Boss Chapter 378

Chapter 378: Huo Do You Have Two Mothers?

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Huo Yao sat upright, "Do you think I am trying to perfuse you?"

Mengying glared at her, you are, you are big!

"Actually I don't know." Huo Yao spread his hands.

"Okay, let's be honest. I used to think that Lu Xia looked pretty artificial, but she never thought that her mind would be so vicious. Holding your brother's music, just give it to others, and then let others down. Hit your brother."

Meng Ying sighed, "Fortunately, there is a recording released, otherwise your brother may not be able to clear it after jumping into the Yellow River this time, and I don't know which **** is so awesome, even this kind of recording can be made."

Huo Yao raised his eyebrows, his face was mad, "Maybe this fairy is right in front of you."

Meng Ying laughed, did not take her words to heart, and said to herself: "Giant sister, you should also worship this god, after all, it is the recording of others that saved your brother's future."

Huo Yao looked at her silently and stopped talking.

"Lu Xia didn't come to school today. I don't think she will be embarrassed to come to school in the future. It's really self-inflicted to live by such a well-known thing." Meng Ying said with emotion.

Huo Yao was thoughtful. I'm sorry to have someone with Lu Xia's personality, but he will definitely not come to school.

The last self-study class in the afternoon.

Huo Yao was working on a question, and the head teacher Chen Yu called her out.

Walking out of the classroom, Chen Yu said: "That classmate Huo, the teacher asks you a question, do you have two mothers?"

There was a question on Huo Yao's face, "Huh?"

Chen Yu had met Song Ning, but for the woman who came to her again this time and claimed to be Huo Yaos mother, she said that she was very strange, so she asked that person to wait in the office. She came to ask Huo. Situation.

After coughing, she said: "It's like this, I have a lady who says it's you. Mom, she said her last name is He."

When Huo Yao heard it, she immediately understood, her expression was light, and she only said, "That was my former foster mother."

Chen Yu looked at Huo Yao's expression, cold and cold, and then said: "She is in my office now, do you want to see her?"

Huo Yao thought for two seconds, then nodded.

He Xiaoman's approach to her was nothing more than about Lu Xia's affairs. Even if she refused to see her, the other party would come to her door for other reasons. It might as well solve it all at once.

After a while, Huo Yao followed Chen Yu to her office.

Chen Yu only let Huo Yao in, so she went directly to the office next door. When she walked, she talked to Huo Yao specifically, and went to the next door to find her if she had any situation.

Huo Yao thanked her and stepped into the office.

He Xiaoman was sitting in a chair at this time, her delicately dressed face looked very expensive, and a strong perfume smell permeated the entire office. When she saw Huo Yao, her eyes were cold and indifferent.

Huo Yao looked at her and went straight to the subject: "Something?"

He Xiaoman twisted her eyebrows when she heard her unrespectful tone. She stood up and said, "Why, even mom can't scream now?"

Huo Yao curled his lips, showing a hint of playfulness, "Ms. He, are you a bit forgetful, forgot that everyone had torn their faces when they were in the hospital last time?"

He Xiaoman's face sank, never expecting her adopted daughter to speak more arrogantly.

Huo Yao chuckled lightly, "It seems that you are forgetful a bit quickly. Personally, I suggest you go to the hospital to see your brain."

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