Miracle Pill Maker Bullies The Boss Chapter 495

Chapter 495: The Most Popular Sister

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Tong Yu, who held his arms next to him, said, "In fact, wearing a mask is more mysterious. Believe me, this advertisement will definitely bring unexpected benefits to brand owners."

As a gold broker, Tong Yu naturally has a set of perspectives on things.

Xiao Ai nodded in agreement, "Don't say wait until the ad comes out. I look at the suit my sister is wearing now, and I have the idea of buying a set immediately.

It's so sensible.

Soon, Huo Xiang also changed his clothes.

It was a bit cold when I got out of the car, and the sportswear was also thin, so he turned back and put on his coat to feel better.

When he walked to his sister, Huo Xiang was still holding his coat tightly, "Sister, aren't you cold?"

"Fortunately." Huo Yao didn't wear a coat. After more than a year of training, her physique was much better than ordinary people, and she could still stand the cold.

"You'd better put on your coat first, don't wait to shoot such a broken ad and get yourself a cold, it's not worth it." Huo Xiang said seriously.

Huo Yao looked at him quietly, sighing in his heart.

In the morning, her father's understanding of the entertainment industry is to play, and now her brother has smashed the 5 million advertisement. Is it poverty that limits her imagination?

After a while, "I am in good health." Huo Yao replied.

Hearing this, Huo Xiang felt inexplicably connoted by his sister.

He looked down at his coat, and suddenly he had the urge to take it off.

"Let's go, the camera crew will wait for us to pass." Tong Yu said as he waved to the seven or eight bodyguards waiting there.

Huo Xiang is the top performer in the circle. Coupled with the recent broadcast of "Pastoral Life", the popularity and traffic has crossed a new level. It coincides with the high flow of people in the place where he chose to shoot, so it would have caused a sensation among fans. The company transferred several bodyguards to follow.

The central plaza of the pedestrian street has long been rented out. Seat belts are used within 100 meters, and all photographic equipment is in place.

When the brands advertising officer saw Huo Yao wearing sportswear, his eyes brightened, and the effect was even better than he had imagined.

When he was looking for the Huo Xiang brothers and sisters, he was also attracted by Huo Yao, who was in sportswear in "Pastoral Life".

Although the other party did not show his face, and there were few shots in the entire live broadcast, it inexplicably gave the protagonist a sense of sight with his own halo.

So now the most commented on the Internet is not the top-notch Lucky, nor the meditation of the queen, nor the old drama bone Yin Hai, but Lucky's sister.

Originally, the company didn't plan to invite lucky brothers and sisters, not only because the advertising fee of the other party was higher than the average first-line celebrity, but also because the other people in the planning department were not optimistic about Huo Yao.

After all, it's too risky not to show your face to shoot ads, and you will lose money if you don't guarantee it.

It's just that he feels Huo Yao is very suitable, so he insists on inviting her, so he also signed a military order with the company.

If after the advertisement is launched, the minimum sales volume cannot be reached, he will get out of the company.

The person in charge was still a little worried, but at this time he was fully convinced that his vision was right.

Suppressing the inner excitement, the person in charge walked up to Huo Yao and Huo Xiang two siblings with the table book, and then roughly expressed his theme creativity.

After speaking, he lowered his head again, and suddenly there was a bold idea in his mind, so he passed the line that was originally meant for Huo Xiang to Huo Yao.

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