Miracle Pill Maker Bullies The Boss Chapter 757

Chapter 757: Speechless I Really Cant Stand This Kind Of People Who Deliberately Find A Sense Of Existence

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At this time, the principal told Yi Feiyu to give a speech in the auditorium.

Yi Feiyu pushed the **** glasses on the bridge of his nose, then bowed his head to tidy up the clothes on his body, and quickly lifted the opening cloth and walked onto the stage.

Yi Feiyu may be really nervous at the beginning, and he stuttered a little when he said a few words, but it will be better after he slowly enters the better state.

His character is more lively, so the speech also has a certain sense of humor, but it can very much promote the atmosphere of the students.

Huo Yao listened in the background, folded his hands on his chest, and stood lazily leaning on the Roman column, and did not speak to Mu Qing and Jiang Mingyue.

The second one to come to power is Mu Qing.

Mu Qing's junior year, Gao Yifeiyu and Jiang Mingyue two years, the momentum around his body has been quite adult's stability, plus his own appearance is not bad, almost aroused the cheers of many female students off the stage.

Although Mu Qing has graduated for many years, there are legends about him in the school. Even if no classmates know him, he has heard of his name.

This man in the No. 1 Middle School has brought glory to many competitions.

So as soon as Mu Qing spoke, the applause under the podium kept ringing, which can be said to be even more ignited than the atmosphere when Yi Feiyu took the stage.

After Yi Feiyu got down, his emotions had not completely dissipated. Hearing the warm applause from the auditorium, he turned to open the corner of the curtain.

Looking at Mu Qing, who was able to speak fluently without looking at the speech at the podium, Yi Feiyu, who knew how many pounds he weighed, was not envious. He commented, "Mu Qing is really good."

Huo Yao raised her eyebrows slightly, and after hearing a few words, she nodded and her voice was flat: "It's okay, but you are not bad as a senior, everyone has their own style."

Yi Feiyu smiled and scratched his head, a little embarrassed.

The school girl is comforting him.

On the other hand, when Jiang Mingyue heard Huo Yao's comment, her brows frowned and she glanced at Huo Yao.

With this kind of speech level of Senior Mu Qing at this time, can it be said that it is better than many professional speakers?

Its okay to only evaluate one, right?

Does she think she is great?

I really can't stand such people who deliberately find a sense of existence.

Jiang Mingyue stood aside silently, not wanting to get too close to Huo Yao Station.

Neither of them paid attention to Jiang Mingyues small actions. Yi Feiyu watched for a while, then he put down the screen, and took out the phone from his pocket, and said to Huo Yao: "By the way, can you add a WeChat account? What academic issues can I communicate with in the future."

Huo Yao had a good impression of Yi Feiyu, but did not refuse, "Okay."

The two added WeChat to each other.

Mu Qing's speech ended after twenty minutes. At the end, the applause was still very enthusiastic, which shows that the students admired and liked him.

Even Principal Yu couldn't help but look at people with admiration, and he took the microphone and praised Mu Qing.

Mu Qing walked back to the backstage, Jiang Mingyue was the first to greet him, took out the throat lozenges that he had prepared for a long time from the bag and handed him, "Mu, senior student, your speech just now was wonderful, and I feel stressed at this time Doubled."

Mu Qing thanked Jiang Mingyue, paused, then smiled and said: "You don't need to put too much pressure on yourself. The students in this year are quite cute, and you can face it with your heart."

Jiang Mingyue was actually not nervous inside. Hearing Mu Qing's encouragement, she was happy in her heart and she hummed.

At this time, it was time for her to take the stage.

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