Quick Transmigration: Heroine Arrives, Woman Rapidly Retreats! Chapter 236

Quick Transmigration: Heroine Arrives, Woman Rapidly Retreats! Chapter 236

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Chapter Holy Saintess VS Maid Who Wants to Ascend (2)

System, as a Holy Saintess, I must have pure faith but I cant accomplish this. What do I do if Im exposed? Gu Shengyin thought of this problem, her brows furrowing.

System was full of confidence. Host, dont worry. Watch me!

The system injected a bundle of energy into her mind. After, she felt quite weird.

For example, right now she was sitting in the sanctuary of the Holy Church, and the highest point of the entire church was the statue of the G.o.d of Light.

As soon as Gu Shengyin saw that statue, she felt a strong impulse to rush over to worship it.

Gu Shengyin found it hard to suppress the urge. She silently asked the system, What did you do to me?

System: System product! It can reinforce the hosts spiritual belief for a short time. The host will still maintain original thoughts so dont worry about brainwashing.

Gu Shengyin: Alright. In her eyes, System is very reliable anyways.

The Holy Churchs affinity testing finished quickly. Gu Shengyin, along with nine other candidates, were brought to the largest church on the Aoqi mainland the Holy Cathedral.

It was also the headquarters of the Holy Church on the Aoqi mainland. Legend said that G.o.d had once appeared here.

It was said that the Holy G.o.d loves beautiful and exquisite things, so the entire Holy Cathedral was bright and beautiful.

Several of the girls couldnt help but look around. One girl even let out a surprised cry.

As a high-ranking female candidate, Gu Shengyin naturally did not startle. She displayed a natural grandeur.

The bishop leading the group observed their reactions, nodding his head.

As for the previous few who were amazed over so little, he had already removed them from the list of candidates on his mind.

Theyve only seen this bit and are already exclaiming in surprise. If they became the Saintess of the Holy Church, they would deal with many grander scenes in the future. They would be the representative of the Holy Church. If they acted like this outside, then the reputation of the Holy Church would be completely ruined.

The group was brought to the Holy Cathedral of the Holy Church.

As soon as she raised her eyes, Gu Shengyin saw the high and holy Seat of G.o.d in front of her.

A peerless man sat upon a luxurious throne, holding a scepter. His face was shrouded in a halo of light through which no one could see.

Even so, this man held a charisma no one could resist.

Especially the current Gu Shengyin, who was full of faith.

She lost control of herself and headed straight towards the throne.

She piously prostrated herself on the ground.

Great Lord, I am your most faithful and devoted believer. Please allow me to pray for you. She began praying in a quiet voice.

Everyone else had an expression of surprise. Even the bishop was puzzled by this development.

He watched the girl in white robes kneeling below the throne before wondering if this girl was acting on purpose? She was playing this scheme to let the Churchs people see?

As he thought of this, the bishop held a note of pity in his heart. Originally, because she had the innate Light affinity, the candidacy for Saintess would have been given to her.

However, she could not wait to prove herself the Holy G.o.d of the Holy Church was not just a decoration.

In the high heavens, countless flowers bloom. Angels perform beautiful songs and graceful dances all for the man reclining upon his throne with his eyes closed.

JMins Corner:

SystemMCs best helper turned her into a G.o.d of Light fanatic ()

Aris Corner:

woowee anyone reminded of Brainless Sheng from Face of the Devil? fond flashbacks popping up xd

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