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One Man Army summary:

One Man Army summary: Sang Hyuk a man nearing his 40’s was contacted by SKY Telecom to help SKY team in a period of 3 years to become the best team or they’ll be disbanded. After succeeding the contract in time, he was betrayed by SKY Telecom that gave him everything but, now they have decided to take it all away. Somehow he wakes up years in the past as an18 year old man a year before the release of Eternal Light (EL). Armed with knowlegde of events that are yet to come.he embarks on a journey none have dared tread, the only path to there is for his revenge. He is the one-man army.

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One Man Army Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 228a month ago
Chapter 227a month ago
Chapter 226a month ago
Chapter 225a month ago
Chapter 224a month ago
Chapter 223a month ago
Chapter 222a month ago
Chapter 221a month ago
Chapter 220a month ago
Chapter 219a month ago
Chapter 218a month ago
Chapter 217a month ago
Chapter 216a month ago
Chapter 215a month ago
Chapter 214a month ago
Chapter 213a month ago
Chapter 212a month ago
Chapter 211a month ago
Chapter 210a month ago
Chapter 209a month ago
Chapter 208a month ago
Chapter 207a month ago
Chapter 206a month ago
Chapter 205a month ago
Chapter 204a month ago
Chapter 203a month ago
Chapter 202a month ago
Chapter 201a month ago
Chapter 200a month ago
Chapter 199a month ago
Chapter 198a month ago
Chapter 197a month ago
Chapter 196a month ago
Chapter 195a month ago
Chapter 194a month ago
Chapter 193a month ago
Chapter 192a month ago
Chapter 191a month ago
Chapter 190a month ago
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