Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Idol Or Brother

Double eleven party.

Lu Anan was sitting in a red sea with a support stick and mobile phone in his hand, wearing a headband with Sheng Heng's name on his head.

Now it is the performance of other people. She lowered her head to play with her mobile phone and waited for her brother to come out.

Lu Anan is a star chaser. He has been in the pit of Sheng Heng in high school. It has been five years since he still loves his brother.

As long as there are Shengheng activities, Lu Anan will find ways to participate.

She was scanning her Moments when her phone suddenly shook frantically. It was sent by a Shengheng fan who was not there today.

[An An An An An! Look at the hot searches! Lu Yan left.

Lu Anan: [? ? ?

[That is, Lu Yan will be absent from today's party. Someone saw him at the airport.

[You go to Weibo, it's all spread.

[Mom! I was so happy. Their family wanted to fight with their brother hahaha. Now even the fans were scolding. They bought tickets to see him, but he temporarily missed the appointment.

Lu Anan clicked on Weibo and saw the topic of ## at a glance, followed by a "bang".

Click in and see, below are all my fans' curses and other fans' gloating words.

The happiest one should be Sheng Heng fans, that is, Lu An'an and the others.

As Sheng Heng fans, what they hate most is Lu Yan.

For no other reason, Lu Yan and Sheng Heng are the two top performers in the circle. They are considered male artists who debuted at the same time, and they are comparable in terms of looks and temperament or ability.

It is precisely because of this that the two families are often in battle.

Either you diss my house, or my house diss your house. In addition, there is always a marketing account with a rhythm, and the two quarrels are often searched.

Naturally, Lu Anan doesnt like Lu Yan either. She is Sheng Hengs diehard fan. She belongs to her brothers best in the world. My brother is the best. I love my brother the best. For Lu Yan... she doesnt take the initiative to be black, but It's really annoying.

To talk about the most annoying point, it is probably Lu Yan's personal design-"Good National Brother", which is often searched on the topic of speculation.

As a counterpart, I am naturally bored.

You say battle, then battle, and what kind of stir-fry if you pull the family out! affectation!

So as soon as Lu Yan left, Shengheng's fans celebrated on Weibo with firecrackers.

Lu An'an also happily posted three Weibo in a row.

After a while, Sheng Heng appeared, and the audience was boiling!

Lu An'an also looked up, and under the shining lights, a man in a dark long trench coat appeared on the stage. He had an extraordinary temperament, a tall stature, a crisp face, a pair of rimless glasses on the bridge of his nose, and the corners of his lips. Looking at this piece of Red Sea slightly, he smiled.

Just such a small smile made the girls present scream again and again.

"Ah ah ah ah brother!!"

"Brother look at me!!"

"Fuck, brother killed me tonight!"

"Ah ah ah ah ah I am dead!"

Lu An'an is no exception, he was killed by Sheng Heng's gentle scum look today.

Ah, ah, ah, ah, please dont show off your charm, can I give you my life! !

Sheng Heng's stage has always been very contagious, and his steady voice and breath made the people who listened to the scene extremely satisfied.

Until the end of the song, everyone was still unfinished.

Not surprisingly, Sheng Heng went to the hot search, and countless fans cheered for his brother.


At the end of the party, Lu Anan swiped his Weibo home.

She first exported the photos in the camera and mobile phone videos, ready to edit the video and post on Weibo.

Before it had time to get it, the fan group shook wildly again.

But this time... it was not a photo of my brother, but a revelation related to Lu Yan.

[Fuck! I just visited the eight groups and broke the news. It is said that this time Lu Yan was absent from the event and it was her sister.

? ?

[Lu Yan's family is annoying or not, why are they hyping their sister again?

[I really took it. Will Lu Yan's family only find this excuse? Last time it seemed like...... Three times the wolf came, haven't the fans learned enough?

[Suddenly sympathize with Lu Yanfen.

Lu Anan watched, frowning subconsciously.

To be honest, she was a little bit physically disgusted when she saw the news about Lu Yan and his sister.

Suddenly, a fan sent a private chat: [An An, have you read the news?

Lu Anan: [Look at it.

[Do you think it is true?

Lu Anan thought for a while: [I don't know, but Lu Yan is not someone who will temporarily break the appointment. It is probably an urgent matter.

[I also think so... So now everyone says that he is deceiving people is a little uncomfortable. Is my mentality a bit uncomfortable?

Lu Anan: [No, normal mentality, don't speak up until the truth comes out.

it is good.

It is one thing that Lu Anan hates Lu Yan, but what if there is an emergency.

She has a good mentality. Generally, only black fans insult Sheng Heng to get angry, and this kind of thing will not be overwhelming.

After setting the fan group to Do Not Disturb, Lu Anan began to edit the picture.

After the repair, Lu Anan planned to wash and rest, but with a bang, she fell into the bathroom.

At the moment when he fell and closed his eyes, Lu Anan had only one thought--has the picture she repaired been sent out.


When I opened my eyes again, there were doctors and nurses in white coats and middle-aged women with anxious expressions.

"An An, how are you An An?"

"Wake up!"


Lu Anan looked at the scene in front of him with a dazed and confused expression, completely unaware of what happened.

The doctor can understand, but who is the woman who is crying with joy when she is not far away?

There is no such person by her side, is there.

Half an hour later, Lu Anan closed his eyes and digested the news he had just received.

The woman not far away... is her mother.

She is now Lu An'an, her name has not changed, but her identity has changed.

She fell to her death in the bathroom and came here.

The more important point is that this Lu An'an has been weak and sick since childhood. The fortune teller said that she would not live to be twenty years old.

A few hours ago, she fell into a coma due to exhaustion of vitality, and the doctor also shook her head at Lu's parents to let them change their grief.

Of course, there is one more thing that should not be ignored-Lu An'an at this moment is the sister that Lu Yan often talks about!

In other words, she...woke up after a fall and became the sister of Lu Yan, a pet girl.

Oh my God, what a maddening **** story is this!

As she was thinking, the voice that had just informed her identity appeared in her mind again.

It is the system that I just talked to.

--"do you understand?"

Lu Anan blinked, and asked in disbelief, "Then she can live if I come here?"

--"of course not."

-"If you want to live, you must complete the task."

"Then what if I don't do it."

"Then you will die within a day, and the previous world will not go back!"

Lu An was silent for a few seconds, then measured and inquired: "What task?"

"Lu An'an and Lu Yan have a bad relationship. You have to ease their brother-sister relationship."

Lu Anan almost suspected that he had auditory hallucinations: "Lu Yan has a bad relationship with his sister?"

What about the good brother? !

"Yes, they didn't live together since they were young. Lu An'an not only rejected Lu Yan, but also resisted."

Lu Anan: "..."

Coincidentally, she also rejected Lu Yan.

System: "In order to survive, you have to do the task in front of Lu Yan and let your life continue."

Lu Anan's eyelids twitched, "...Why is this task related to Lu Yan."

Lu Anan also reads a lot of novels on weekdays. Although he was shocked by this sudden rebirth, he was not completely unacceptable.

"Because you are bound to the brother-sister relationship system that touches the heaven and the earth."

After listening to this, Lu Anan almost wanted to fall again.

"What the hell?"

"Yes, our system has a common name."

"What is it?"

-"Rainbow fart system."

Lu Anan had a myocardial infarction for a few seconds, and asked anxiously, "Is that the meaning of the rainbow fart I know?"

"Yes, I will post tasks randomly. Each task has a life point of 1, which is a day's life."

Lu An'an: "???"

"Friendly reminder, your current life value is 1."

Lu Anan took a deep breath and sorted out the storyline: "You mean if I don't send a rainbow fart to Lu Yan today, I will die again?"



To be honest, she was really embarrassed to ask Lu Anan to send rainbow farts to the idols.

This thought just flashed through, and the system voice popped out again in his mind:-"One month later, Sheng Heng's three-year concert will be held in city b."

Sheng Heng hasn't held a concert for three years since he started his acting career.

It was because of Sheng Heng's song that Lu An'an entered the pit, and more importantly, the live version of this song. She has never heard it once. This is her biggest regret as a fan of Sheng Heng.

The three-year absence of the concert, the news has been released early-Sheng Heng's repertoire has also been revealed. It is a coincidence that there is the one she loves most.

In order to grab the ticket, Lu Anan smashed all his belongings in.

Lu Anan: "..."

For the concert, she endured.

Lu Anan suffered a myocardial infarction, gritted his teeth and asked, "What is the task?"

"Today's task: Brother Kua is more handsome than Shengheng."

Lu Anan: "...?"

She was quiet for a few seconds, and asked with a blank face: "You are moved by the brother and sister relationship system, do you play orthopedics?"

Just after the questioning, the door of the ward was pushed open, and a man wearing a white shirt and black trousers walked in. He looked worried and walked straight to Lu An'an.

"An An."

Lu Anan raised his head and looked at the familiar man before him.

Lu Yan... is the idol's opponent Lu Yan! ! !


Lu Yan looked down at her, his eyes full of worry: "Is there anything uncomfortable now?"

Lu Anan was a bit at a loss.

Seriously... In this state, it was a bit difficult to change her from a hostile relationship to an opponent's sister.

Before she could speak, Lu Yan raised her hand, subconsciously...Lu Anan hid.

Lu Yan was startled, his pupils darkened, and he withdrew his hands calmly, turning his head to look at the middle-aged couple next to him: "Parents, has the doctor done a full-body examination?"

Mother Lu nodded: "It's checked."

Her eyes were red, and her voice was dumb, the voice after crying.

"The doctor said that no problems were found for the time being."

Lu Yan twisted his eyebrows and glanced at Lu An'an: "I'll go to the doctor's side."

"and many more."

The system urged in Lu Anan's mind.

She looked at Lu Yan with a surprised look. After five minutes of repentance with Sheng Heng silently in her heart, she opened her mouth and suffocated: "...Brother, you are a little handsome today."

Lu Yan: "...?"

Mother Lu and Father Lu looked at her in shock: "An An?"

Lu Anan returned to his senses and looked up at the three of them: "Huh?"

She pretended not to understand the shock of the three people's eyes, rolled up the white sheets and said, "I... Did I say something wrong?"

The three looked at each other and then shook their heads in unison.

Lu Anan breathed a sigh of relief, but the voice came out again before his breath was over.


Lu Anan: "What's wrong?"

"You have to say, my brother is more handsome than Shengheng."

Lu Anan: "... handsome ass!"

-"Let's do your best."

Lu Anan closed his eyes, gritted his teeth and said, "My brother is more handsome today than Sheng Heng."

"Congratulations, gain one day of life."

Lu Anan: Ha ha.


The ward fell silent again. Lu Anan was lying on the bed, thinking of the Lu family's parents and Lu Yan who were shocked just now... I kind of wanted to wrestle.

But-as long as people have experienced something, they will cherish life.

For example, she is now.

She glanced outside, where Lu's parents and Lu Yanzheng were standing.

Mother Lu looked at Lu Yan nervously: "What to do, A Yan."

Her tears came down: "Your sister has woke up, but her brain is abnormal."

Lu Yan: "..."

Mother Lu continued: "She never praised you for being handsome before."

Father Lu listened and said cautiously: "Maybe A Yan is really handsome today?"

Mother Lu stared at him: "The first day you learned about An An, she hated her brother so much, would she still praise him?"

After speaking, Mother Lu felt that it was not enough, and continued: "In An An's mind, even Sheng Heng is more handsome than her brother and more attractive than her brother."

Father Lu: "..."

Lu Yan: "..."

What's the matter with the sudden heartache? In my sister's heart, even if he is not handsome, he can't even match the opponent!

The three looked at each other for a while, and Lu Yan suggested: "Find a psychiatrist and check on An An."

Mother Lu was helpless: "It can only be so."

Lu Anan, who was dragged to check again, really wanted to fall and fall into the coffin!

What thoughts are this family! !

Is it impossible to praise people? !

I thought she had a mental problem!

She is really too difficult.

Looking at the three people staring at him not far away, Lu An'an took out her mobile phone.

It was amazing, she could untie it involuntarily.

The original mobile phone had Weibo, and Lu Anan logged in directly, and clicked on after reciting countless sorry words in his heart.

She was surprised to find that... the original owner actually paid attention to Lu Yan's.

Thinking, she hesitated for a few seconds, quit the original Weibo, and asked the system: "Can I log in to my original Weibo?"

"No, everything about you is gone."

Lu Anan: "...oh."

She paused her finger, did not hesitate to reapply for a Weibo, set Sheng Heng as special attention, and posted the first Weibo.

@ a hundred times every day: oooooooo, sorry brother, I will bend over to survive for some time in the future oooooo, in my heart you will always be more handsome than Lu Yan, brothers eyes are the brightest stars in the vast universe. My brothers eyelashes can be curled up to make me swing, my brothers stage performance is unparalleled, and I love my brother @ every day.

After sending it out, Lu Anan felt that he was not "derailed".

Life is not easy, it depends on masks.

The author has something to say:

Open the article! ! ! It should be a cute and funny text.

Emphasis: Brother is just brother, brother! The emotional line is on Sheng Heng and An An! But my brother has a line of affection here, so dont make a mistake!

It's a star chasing article, the three views should be considered right~ but the girls who chasing stars are a bit crazy.

And-this is a very doggie hostess, don't expect her to have any ambition! This is the setting. If you dont like it, just download it~~

This chapter gives two hundred red envelopes! ! thank you all! ! !

I came on time! ! By the way, the heroine's name was changed to An An.

Brother is just called the rice circle ~ not orthopedics, not orthopedics

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