Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Idol

Lu Anan hadn't reacted yet, he had been dragged by Sheng Heng to the small room next door.

After watching the door shut, Lu Anan blinked lightly.



Sheng Heng looked down at her: "What's the matter?"

Lu Anan swallowed, and looked up at him: "What are you pulling me over for?"

Sheng Heng looked at her with a smile, and after touching her red eartips, he smiled: "Are you nervous?"

Lu An's mouth tightly said, "Who...who is nervous."

She looked at the door closed by Sheng Heng on one side, and whispered: "It's mainly you closing the door. It's too easy to misunderstand."

The old **** Sheng Heng was there: "What's the misunderstanding?"

Lu Anan: "......"

For a moment, she felt that she could not communicate with Sheng Heng anymore.

Sheng Heng looked at her choking, and smiled lowly: "Okay, I'm just kidding you."

He asked in a low voice, "Do you still want to go to the middle position?"

Lu Anan was taken aback and looked at him in surprise.

Before, Sheng Heng sent tickets to Lu An'an. Lu Yan was there at the time. She was too embarrassed to say that she wanted a middle position, so she asked for a position in a group of relatives and friends, and most of the artists were all together.

But in fact, Lu Anan wanted to mix in with fans.

Sitting in the middle is the best way to take pictures and record videos.

Sheng Heng has a rare concert, she wants to satisfy her previous thoughts.

But she was not too troublesome for Sheng Heng, and she was afraid that Lu Yan would not allow it.

So I didn't struggle any more, just helped Chen Jia get a ticket with a good vision.

But now, when Sheng Heng asked, that thought instantly hooked up.

She looked at Sheng Heng eagerly, and asked carefully: "Are there any tickets?"

Sheng Heng said "Yes": "There is another one, the one I gave you before. Did you give it away?"

"Just your fan."

Sheng Heng understood, he stretched out his hand and touched Lu An'an's head: "Here you are."

Lu Anan looked at the ticket in front of him, and his eyes lit up.

She wanted to press the corners of her lips and smile, but no matter how hard she tried, she seemed to be a little bit close. There was no way to hide the joy in her heart.

She looked up at Sheng Heng, with stars in her eyes.

"My brother's side..."

"I told him."

Sheng Heng said: "Don't run after watching the concert."

"it is good."

Sheng Heng stared at her face for a while, his voice was a little hoarse: "Go."

Lu Anan smiled and bent his eyes: "Sheng Heng."

She looked directly at Sheng Heng, and said softly: "Come on, I'll look at you below."

"it is good."

After seeing Lu An'an happily running out, Sheng Heng bends his lower lip silently.

So happy, everything is worth it.

Although Sheng Heng said that he would mention something to Lu Yan, Lu An'an was still not at ease. He sent a message to Lu Yan, and then went to find the middle position.

When she was there, Chen Jia was chatting with others.

Lu An'an carried a bag, and the whole person was tightly wrapped, only a pair of eyes were exposed.

When she first passed, Chen Jia didn't notice at all.

When Chen Jia and the others recovered, there was an extra person on one side.

The two looked at each other, Chen Jia looked at her, slowly widening her eyes.


Lu Anan blinked.

Chen Jia choked, looking at her now equipped in disbelief: "...have changed clothes?"


Lu Anan muffled and said, "My previous clothes were inappropriate."

The previous clothes will definitely be photographed when entering the venue. They are more fanfare, so in order to avoid misunderstanding, Sheng Heng gave her a

Piece of clothing.

A black sweater looks much neater.

Looking at her dress, Chen Jia always felt something was wrong, as if she had seen it when.

"This dress...like I've seen it before."


Lu Anan looked at her messily: "The same paragraph, right?"


She pressed her voice next to Lu An'an and asked, "You just sit here, are you afraid that fans will find out?"

"Not afraid."

Lu Anan said: "The lights here will all dim later, and no one will pay attention to me."

This is true. Those who watch a concert usually don't pay attention to others. Everyone has the same goal, and it will only be the person on the stage.

Chen Jia looked at her bold appearance, she became worried.

"Be careful."


Chen Jia said: "I didn't expect you..."


Lu Anan even took out the light board and camera from his bag.

What Chen Jia didn't say, didn't say anymore. She looked at Lu An'an's series of equipment and smiled: "The equipment is quite complete."

Lu Anan smiled without explaining.

If Chen Jia knew that she used to chase stars with her, discussed the design of the light plate, and discussed which camera is the best for taking Shengheng, she would not be surprised.

She is lucky that even now, she can chase stars with Chen Jia.

This is an agreement between two star chasing girls.


After Lu An'an finished all his things, he waited for Sheng Heng to come out.

Before the time was up, her phone vibrated. It was a message from Lu Yan and Lin Ruoxing.

And... Liu Mengting, Gu Bai and others also asked in the group.

The previous mentor group is still there, but in general, no one speaks.

But tonight Sheng Hengs concert was on the hot search early and many artists also sent blessings to Sheng Heng, and some even posted a special Weibo @heng to tell everyone that he was watching the concert. Express support to Sheng Heng.

Lu Anan looked down, and it was all news from everyone.

[Master and apprentices==]

Gu Bai: [@! I saw your brother, did you not come to the concert? You little apprentice is not reliable.

Gu Bai: [Your brother and Lin Ruoxing have both met and said you are okay. I remember you like Sheng Hengge, don't you?

Liu Mengting: [Oh, you are really annoying, An An must be delayed.


When the two of them shouted for Lu An'an, they began to lively.

Lu Anan watched, went to Lu Yan to find out the news first, did not dare to reply in advance.

Lu Yan: [Run away?

Lu Yan: [Are you... really not afraid of being recognized? If you are recognized by the fans around you later, no one can save you.

Lin Ruoxing: [An An, where are you?

Lu Anan smiled low, and after telling Lin Ruoxing the location, he replies to Lu Yan.

Lu Anan: [No way, brother. I will protect myself very well and never let anyone discover it.

Lu Yan: [Where is it?

Lu Anan: [There are too many people here, tell you you can't see me.

Lu Yan: [... Just now Gu Bai and the others asked you, I said you haven't come, don't let go.

Lu Anan smiled: [Ok, thank you brother.

Lu Yan exhorted a few more words, and Lu Anan honestly agreed, and turned off the phone after replying to Gu Bai and others.

At exactly this time, it was half past seven.

The lights on the stage suddenly dimmed, and the scene was in an uproar.

Everyone raised their heads unanimously, looking at the very central stage, hoping that the people they liked would come out from there.

The same is true for Lu Anan, she stared intently, not even blinking, reluctant.

I was afraid of missing the moment when Sheng Heng appeared.

She stared closely, and everyone was the same.

After a while, the singing came out first.

It's him.

It's Sheng Heng.

In an instant, the audience cheered.

Screaming again and again.

"Ah ah ah ah ah brother!!!"

"Brother is here!!!"

"Sheng Heng, I love you!!"

"Sheng Heng Sheng Heng!!!"

Between everyone's screams, the lights on the stage came on, and Sheng Heng appeared in the public's field of view in a full costume.

He raised his hand to greet everyone, which made everyone scream constantly.

Immediately afterwards, he raised his fingers and hissed lightly. After the fans screamed, they all fell silent.

Sheng Heng's singing is the same as always.

When he was going to hold a concert before, many people said that the reason why he didn't hold a concert before was because he could not sing well, or something.

All in all, he doesn't sing, most of the people are in the dark, he can't sing well, all kinds.

Listening now, the hearts of all fans are in their stomachs.

Even if he hasn't held a concert in a few years, Sheng Heng's strength is still no one can compare. As always, he is the man who sings well and can sing to the heart.

He is as bright as ever.

Lu Anan looked at him, relieved and excited.

She has the same concerns as most fans.

But now, peace of mind.

Lu An'an watched intently, his eyes were moved.

After a song, Lu Anan screamed like other fans, excited and excited.



Sheng Heng sang three familiar songs in succession before going down to change clothes.

When he went down, Lu Anan's heart still didn't calm down.

Her eyes crooked and pressed her pounding heart.

Chen Jia couldn't help but leaned over and whispered: "...I didn't expect it."


Chen Jia chuckled softly: "You are really like everyone else."

Lu Anan smiled: "I am a fan just like everyone else."

Chen Jia: "That's what I said."

The two smiled at each other, and Lu Anan said, "I took a lot of photos, do you want to see it?"


During the break, the two of them looked at the photos.

After a while, Sheng Heng came on stage again.

He changed his look, this time it was singing and dancing.

As soon as he took the stage, Lu Anan heard fans screaming from behind, screaming: "Ah, ah, ah, brother, are you here to take my life tonight?!"

"Here you give you!!!"

"Ah, ah, Sheng Heng will give you all my life!"

Lu Anan couldn't hold back, and grinned.

The others also laughed, and even with Sheng Heng who was dancing, they couldn't help but curl their lower lips.

This smile made the fans want to give him his life.

This is too foul! !

How can someone be so foul! ! So sultry! ! !

All night, the screaming and enthusiasm did not stop.

Sheng Heng's face was also full of sweat, and even when he came out wearing his shirt, fans saw it with his own eyes... His sweat had wetted his clothes.

This time, the fans couldn't bear it even more.

Let alone other people, even if you have known Sheng Heng for a long time, the familiar Lu An'an can't stand it.

She looked at it and suddenly felt a little dry and dry.

Sheng Heng tonight... His wife really fouled.

Occasionally, the big screen will shine on the audience side, and every face is red-faced, which shows how charming Sheng Heng is.

In the middle, Sheng Heng rested for a while.

He stood on the stage with his handsome face spread out on the big screen.

The fans screamed.

Sheng Heng panted, and the panting sound passed through the microphone to the ears of the fans, making people irresistible.

He greeted everyone, his eyes started to look down, as if he was looking for something.

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