Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Idol

Lu Anan was speechless, looking up at Sheng Heng, very embarrassed.

The tips of her ears were red, her mouth opened, and she said, "What do you think?"

Sheng Heng smiled and kissed her, his voice hoarse: "How much do you want to see me?"


Lu Anan didn't expect him to be so cheeky, and he really continued to ask.

She rolled her eyes and looked at Sheng Heng and said, "My brother lives on the opposite side."

Sheng Heng: "......"

In an instant, he laughed.

Lu Anan was even more embarrassed when he laughed. He blushed and couldn't help asking, "What are you laughing at?"

Sheng Heng squeezed her face and asked in a low voice: "Is it because I kiss you again, you are going to call your brother over?"

Lu Anan choked.

The two looked at each other silently for a moment, and Lu Anan said, "That's not enough."

Sheng Heng smiled and rubbed her head.

After a moment of silence, Lu Anan raised his eyes and looked at him: "You haven't said yet, why is it suddenly here."

Sheng Heng: "I want to see you."

He is still the answer.

Lu Anan was speechless, staring at him in shock and shock: "Just... this is it?"


Sheng Heng lowered his head and touched the tip of her nose affectionately, with a deep voice: "That's it, it's very important."

Lu Anan's heart was beating wildly.

She really thinks this idol is too foul.

Knowing that she doesn't have any resistance to him, she still has to scold herself from time to time to make her unable to parry.

Lu Anan blushed, eyes big and bright, and looked straight at Sheng Heng.

Sheng Heng originally wanted to be a person, but when she looked at it this way, his string of life collapsed instantly.

Thinking about it, Sheng Heng didn't hesitate to stop being a man.

At the moment when he kissed, Sheng Heng felt that... it's nice not to be a person occasionally.

Lu Anan's legs were soft.

Later, when Lu Anan just wanted to stop Sheng Heng, Sheng Heng let her go first.

She was taken aback and looked at him in confusion.

Sheng Heng's eyes were deep, pressing his lust, and breathing hard, looking at her rosy lips, forcing herself to look away and sticking to her ears: "Sorry, I couldn't hold back."

Lu Anan:""

She blushed horribly, and answered vaguely: "Well, me and me too."

Couldn't resist responding to him.

Upon hearing this, Sheng Heng laughed lowly.

"What can't hold back?"

Lu Anan:""

She stared at Sheng Heng, Sheng Heng laughed, squeezed the tip of her nose and said, "Don't call me."

He took a deep breath and said, "I am not as good as you thought."


Lu An settled down and took a step back.

Sheng Heng watched her move, but didn't say anything.

"Sit down for a while."

Lu Anan blinked and looked at Sheng Heng: "Okay?"

Sheng Heng Shen Shen agreed, "Okay."

The two sat down on the sofa, and Sheng Heng also offered a glass of cold water.

Lu Anan watched him drink, but he didn't know what he thought of, his face was red and hot.

The room was quiet for a while, Lu An'an sat not far from Sheng Heng, she looked sideways at the man close at hand, and stopped talking.

Sheng Heng looked around and looked at the photos before. He knew that the house was well decorated and fits Lu Anan's feelings, but he has never been here.

When I look at it now, I find it is as beautiful as in the photo.

Lu Yan was more concerned about this matter to his sister than anything else. There is no doubt about this.

"Sheng Heng, what are you looking at?"

Sheng Heng asked: "This is your room?"

Lu Anan followed the direction he was pointing: "Well, the other side is the study room, and the other side is the guest room."

The house is quite big, so it looks bright and comfortable.

Sheng Heng looked at it and nodded: "Very good."

"of course."

Lu An'an was a little proud: "This is all designed by my brother."

Hearing that, Sheng Heng was still a little sour: "Well, I know."

Lu Anan blinked and looked at Sheng Heng's expression: "Sheng Heng."


"Are you jealous?"

Sheng Heng choked and looked at the cunning under her eyes: "No."

The two glanced at each other, Lu Anan glanced randomly, "Ah", and covered his lips with a smile and said, "Okay, Teacher Sheng is not jealous."


Sheng Heng looked at her like this and couldn't laugh or cry: "Okay."

He got up from the sofa and whispered: "I'm going back."

He glanced at Lu An'an's dress and whispered, "Get a break early."

Lu An'an was taken aback for a moment, never expected that he would really come to see himself.

"what happened?"

Lu Anan shook his head: "...You really came to see me?"

Sheng Heng smiled: "Yeah."

He stretched out his hand and rubbed Lu An'an's head, and whispered, "It's cold at night, don't chill yourself, go to bed early."

"it is good."

Lu Anan hesitated to say something but stopped: "Then you pay attention to safety."

"Don't worry, I will send you a message when we arrive."

"it is good."

After Sheng Heng left, Lu An'an didn't think of what he was looking for.

It's hard to come true because I miss myself.

Lu Anan rubbed his hot ears, still feeling a little unbelievable.


The next morning, there was a bit more news on the Internet.

But in general, Lu Anans childhood experience is still not well known to everyone, but everyone doubts whether she is Lu Yans relatives.

Lu Anan glanced at Weibo, and after voting for Sheng Heng and others, he stopped reading Weibo.

She is focusing on her small business.

In one day, Lu Anan didn't go anywhere, just drawing pictures at home.

Lu Yan is negotiating a new drama, and Lin Ruoxing seems to be busy recently, so Lu Anan has become an idler alone.

After a few days of busy work, Lu Anan sent Yu Zhu his design draft.

Yu Zhu has always liked her designs, and Lu Anan has always had her own ideas.

The two opened a video, discussing new styles in the early spring of next year.

"How about it, is it okay?"

Yu Zhu was amazed: "It's more than okay!"

She hurriedly said: "An An, don't go filming, just concentrate on designing, it's really good."

Hearing that, Lu Anan smiled: "I'm doing it."

She said: "I didn't do much filming either, I just played here."

Yu Zhu nodded: "An Xin designing. By the way, are you doing jewelry design? I've heard about a competition for a while, and the prizes are pretty good."

Lu Anan was curious: "Why didn't I hear, what kind of game is it?"

Yu Zhu: "You should receive an invitation. Didn't you win the prize before, but you couldn't attend due to physical reasons. I'll give you a run."

"I remember that."

Lu An'an said: "But for the moment, I have done it, but none

How satisfied. "

Yu Zhu: "You are too busy recently, just go out and find inspiration."

"makes sense."

Lu Anan looked at her: "If there is anything that needs to be revised in the design draft, I am not busy these days."

"Isn't there a final variety show recording?"

Lu Anan nodded: "I won't go there until next week. There is still one week left."


After hanging up the video, Lu Anan received a message from Yu Zhu.

It's about the designer competition.

There are many designer competitions every year, but Lu Anan is afraid that he is not doing well, so he doesn't really want to expose himself.

After reading the information sent by Yu Zhu, Lu Anan thought for a while, sorted out and started to sign up.

It's just a name, can you choose?

She has always had a good mentality and is not in a hurry.


Lu Anan is not busy here, but Sheng Heng is not busy on the ground.

Yu Yuan didn't know that Sheng Heng still had time to fall in love. When he was arranging work before, he was lined up full, and he didn't have any leisure time.

No, Yang Yang watched Sheng Heng get into the car, his eyes tired.



Yang Yang handed him the thermos cup and asked in a low voice, "How are you doing?"

Sheng Heng nodded: "It's okay, where to go next?"

Yangyang said: "There is another dinner party."

Sheng Heng rubbed his temples, his voice low: "Let's go."

Yang Yang glanced at him worriedly, but didn't say much.

When Yang Yang accompanied Sheng Heng to the dinner, it was late.

Todays dinner is the birthday of a big guy in the circle. Many artists have been invited, and some of them have performed. It can be said to be very grand.

In fact, Sheng Heng did not need to come. He didn't like this type of activity, but it was a coincidence that this person had some connections with his family. Sheng Heng came here instead of his family.

When Sheng Heng arrived, many people on the court looked at and exclaimed.

It's all a bit unexpected.

You know, Sheng Heng doesn't like this type of activity.

Li Bing looked at He Wanran's expression and pressed her voice and asked, "Wanran, did you know that Sheng Heng would come before?"

He Wanran said "Um" and said in a low voice, "I know."

She came here just because she knew.

Hearing this, Li Bing's eyes brightened, and he said excitedly: "God, have you contacted Sheng Heng in private?"

She said, "Sheng Heng is as handsome as ever."

Before He Wanran had time to speak, another little sister on one side said, "Wanran and Sheng Heng are high school classmates, right?"


The man smiled and said, "Very good. I am also surprised that Sheng Heng will be here today."

Li Bing said: "Yes."

The man nodded, looked at He Wanran and said, "Wanran, have you contacted Sheng Heng privately?"

He Wanran smiled, and did not answer directly: "I don't understand what you are talking about?"

She looked directly at Sheng Heng and took the wine glass on one side: "I'll go around Sheng Heng."

Li Bing urged: "Go go."

"Waiting for your good news."

He Wanran is actually very beautiful, gentle and generous, and has a good temperament.

After all, she is the daughter of a certain company, and she has been trained in the direction of celebrities since she was a child, no matter how bad it is.

She herself was upright, knowing how to be the best to herself.

When He Wanran came over, Sheng Heng was chatting with the birthday person.

"Aheng is here."

Sheng Heng nodded and said auspicious words.

The man smiled, from the heart: "That's it?"

Sheng Heng raised his eyebrows: "Uncle Cheng, isn't enough?"

The man called Uncle Cheng smiled happily: "Enough, A Heng can come, it is enough to give me face."

He looked at Sheng Heng: "Your dad asked you to come over?"


Uncle Cheng didn't get angry when he listened.

He asked: "Your dad didn't drag you to give me anything special?"

Sheng Heng smiled: "Really."

He gave the gift.

Uncle Cheng glanced and was very satisfied.


Sheng Heng raised his eyebrows: "It should be."

The two were chatting next to each other. Someone not far away looked at this scene, all feeling curious.

This Uncle Cheng is considered to be a big investment in the circle. Many of his companies have a wide network of contacts. Many people respect him.

He is not very good-tempered, and he rarely talks so well with artists, and he has this kind of smile on his face, so now watching... everyone is curious about the identities of Sheng Heng and Uncle Cheng.

"How can Sheng Heng have such a good relationship with Uncle Cheng?"

"It seems that Sheng Heng was sent out by Uncle Cheng when he made his debut."

"No way?"

"It's true. I remember there was a game at that time. Uncle Cheng seemed to have gone. At the beginning, Uncle Cheng introduced him a lot of resources, otherwise you think he has no background or background. How can people mix so well in the circle?"


In this way, everyone feels that it makes sense.

But everyone is still curious, why Uncle Cheng wants to help Shengheng.

This why-can lead to countless speculations and reveries.

Sheng Heng didn't care about everyone's gaze. After talking to Uncle Cheng, he wanted to leave.

Before there was time, He Wanran came over.

He Wanran's father and Uncle Cheng had worked together, and it was normal for her to appear.

"Uncle Cheng."

Uncle Cheng looked at her with a half-squint, and then paused: "Is it Wanran?"


He Wanran smiled: "It is rare that Uncle Cheng still remembers Wanran."

Uncle Cheng smiled: "I remember, he looks so beautiful, how could Uncle Cheng forget."

He glanced at He Wanran, then at Sheng Heng, and smiled meaningfully.

"Come here alone today?"

"No, with friends."

He Wanran pointed to the other side and said: "They are resting over there, I will come over to say hello to you."

"Good, good."

Uncle Cheng smiled: "But there shouldn't be much to talk about with this little old man."

He looked at Sheng Heng: "Why don't A Heng accompany Wanran, if I remember correctly, you two seem to be classmates?"

This is also just remembered.

Hearing this, Sheng Heng responded indifferently, "No."

The smile on He Wanran's face froze, and she never thought that Sheng Heng would reject herself so bluntly in front of Uncle Cheng.

She looked at Sheng Heng in astonishment, her expression ugly.

"Sheng Heng..."

Sheng Heng didn't even give her a look, and glanced at Uncle Cheng: "I'll leave if nothing is wrong."

Uncle Cheng: "..."

He looked at their expressions and couldn't help but smile: "Hey, you brat."

He joked, comforting He Wanran: "Wanran don't be angry, I will teach him for you."

He Wanran shook her head, looking pitiful: "Sheng Heng should be busy with something."

Sheng Heng said "Um" and looked at Uncle Cheng: "I'm leaving now."

"Why are you in such a hurry? Didn't you come to celebrate my birthday?"

Sheng Heng smiled: "The gift is delivered, I have to go home to coax people."


Sheng Hengyun said lightly, "Coax girlfriend."

The author has something to say: Sheng Heng: Don't think about me, I'm the one who wants to go home to coax my girlfriend.

An An: Well done! Reward a humbug.

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