Dressed As An Idols Sister Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Brother

Sheng Heng's series of show operations left Uncle Cheng dumbfounded.

Similarly, He Wanran's face turned paler.

When she went back to Li Bing, she still couldn't recover.

The location of their speech was relatively remote, and Shengheng was not very loud when he spoke, so other people did not hear it.

Li Bing thought that they had a very happy conversation, and the result was pretty good. He couldn't help but excitedly said, "Well, how is it?"

She said, "I think you have been there for so long, and everyone has seen it."

She suppressed her voice and said: "I said before that Sheng Heng is just an artist, and he will definitely be obedient to big people like Uncle Cheng."

He Wanran didn't say a word.

Li Bing felt more and more that what he said was the point, and when he wanted to continue speaking, He Wanran suddenly reprimanded: "Okay."

She said impatiently: "Don't you think you are noisy?"

Li Bing was taken aback, his face flushed and looked at her, unable to believe what he heard.

"what did you say?"

She took a deep breath and looked at He Wanran: "Wanran you hate me for making noise?"

He Wanran: "Isn't it?"

She shook off Li Bing's hand and said coldly: "I want to sit there for a while, don't follow."

Li Bing looked at her going away, her anger could not be suppressed.

She couldn't help but kicked the chair on the side and said angrily: "Do you think you have a temper?"

The people around watched the changes of the two sisters, their eyes met, and there were countless guesses.



Sheng Heng didn't lie. Although he didn't coax his girlfriend, he did go to Lu An'an.

It's just... Seeing Lu An'an, there are still obstacles.

Lu Yan looked at the man who appeared at the gate of his community and sneered, "What are you doing here?"

Sheng Heng: "I'm not here to find you."

Lu Yan: "......"

Of course he knew that this person didn't come to him! !

He looked at Sheng Heng warily: "Come to see my sister?"

Sheng Heng: "Yeah."

Lu Yan: "Oh, then you are not welcome here."

Sheng Heng raised his eyebrows: "An An's welcome."

The implication does not require you to welcome.

Lu Yan choked, almost vomiting blood without being angered by him.

Lin Ruoxing couldnt help laughing beside her. She pulled on Lu Yans clothes and said with a smile: "Welcome, welcome, Anan is living in a new home. We have always said that we want to invite friends over to give her a warm house, but there has been no time. Ok."

As she said, she gave Lu Yan a look: "Where did Teacher Sheng come from?"

Sheng Heng: "Uncle Cheng has his birthday today."

Hearing this, Lin Ruoxing understood: "Then go up."

Lu Yan: "You"

Lin Ruoxing glanced at him: "You promised me before."

Lu Yan: "......"

In the end, Sheng Heng and the two entered the elevator together.

Lin Ruoxing stood in the middle, with two naive big men on both sides, looking at each other in disgust.

Lin Ruoxing observed, and silently curled the corners of her lips.

It's kind of interesting.

I don't know what An An will think when she sees it later, Lin Ruoxing is happier when she thinks of this.

While smiling, Lu Yanyan pinched the palm of her hand.

Lin Ruoxing instantly stopped the smile on his face, and didn't dare to be too presumptuous.

Lu Anan was shocked and horrified when he looked at the three people at the door.

She licked her lips, pretending to be unfamiliar with Sheng Heng: "... Sheng Heng, why are you here?"

Listening to this name, Lu Yan squinted at the two of them.

Sheng Heng: "Just passing by, I heard that you live in a new home, come and have a look."

Lu Yan sneered: "Oh, come and see if you don't bring gifts?"

Sheng Heng: "I will make up for An An next time."

Lu Yan: "I found an excuse and found it a little bit similar, remind Teacher Sheng."


The two bickered, and Lin Ruoxing pulled Lu An'an into the room.

"what are you doing?"

Lu Anan pointed to something not far away: "During drawing, how did my brother and Sheng Heng meet?"

This is too frightening.

Lin Ruoxing smiled: "Yunjia, I saw your brother walking downstairs. Did you say it was a coincidence?"

"... coincidence."

Lu Anan touched his nose, feeling weak.

She forgot. When Sheng Heng came over, she actually sent her a message, but she forgot to tell Sheng Heng that Lu Yan was at home.

I didn't expect him to be so lucky, and I could see him downstairs.

Thinking of this, Lu Anan also wanted to laugh.

Sheng Heng's luck...no one left.

"What are you laughing at?"


Lu Anan said, "Do we care about them?"

Lin Ruoxing waved his hand: "No matter, let them go, I'll go to your room to see your design draft."

"it is good."

Lu Anan said: "I just have an idea, and I want to discuss it with you."

"Walk around."

The two said and went into the study.

Lu Yan and Lin Ruoxing were there, even if Sheng Heng wanted to do something, it was impossible.

Even... he couldn't even watch Lu An'an more.

BecauseLu Yan stared at him all the time.

At this meeting, Sheng Heng had to admit that it was Lu Yan that stood in the way of his love with his girlfriend.

Sheng Heng touched the tip of his nose and looked at Lu Yan: "Lu Yan."


Sheng Heng looked at the people in front of him and couldn't help but laugh: "There is no need to prevent me from doing this, right?"

Lu Yan looked at him coldly: "Do you think it is necessary?"

He looked down at the phone and paused.

"Sheng Heng."

He threw the phone on Shengheng and said coldly, "Clean up the rotten peach blossoms around you before coming to my sister."

Sheng Heng was startled, and didn't quite understand what Lu Yan meant.

But after seeing the phone interface that Lu Yan had thrown over, he understood.

Sheng Heng glanced down and smiled.

"Are you embarrassed to laugh?"

Sheng Heng squeezed the brow bone: "I will explain to An An."

"No need."

Lu Yan said: "Our home is safe and we will comfort ourselves, and we don't need you."

He glanced at the phone, half-squinted his eyes and said, "Also, don't come to her unless you are finished."

Sheng Heng: "......"

After a while, Sheng Heng's cell phone rang, and he left first.

When Lu Anan came out of the room, Sheng Heng was no longer there.

She looked around and was stunned.

"Brother, why didn't you call me when Sheng Heng left?"

Lu Yan: "You are in the room, it's hard to call you."

Lu Anan: "......"

Seeing Lu Yan's expression, she stomped her feet: "What's wrong?"

She stared at Lu Yan and was very angry: "Teacher Sheng came over, and I just said a word to him."

Lu Yan felt a little bit uncomfortable when she was accused.

He paused, and said lightly: "I didn't drive him away."

He added: "He has something to do temporarily."

"what's up?"

Lu Anan looked at him grievously: "I didn't say a few words to Sheng Heng."

How can a couple suffer so much with them.

Lu Yan: "......"

He has a headache.

After staring at Lu An'an for a while, Lu Yan said, "Say okay first, don't be sad."


Lu Yan said, "Sheng Heng and He Wanran are on hot search."


On Weibo, it was another lively night.

Sheng Heng and He Wanran's CP can be regarded as happy, not to mention how happy they are when they look at the pictures of the two communicating in the same frame.

Tonight, it can be said to be their carnival night.

Lu Anan looked at the rising topics on Weibo, but his emotions were not obvious.

This hot search did not come very suddenly. Sheng Heng attended the dinner tonight, and the photos of standing with He Wanran were exposed by someone with a heart. In addition, before... Sheng Heng and He Wanran also had exchanges and interactions on variety shows. And some of the previous exchanges have been re-digged by fans, making the people who eat melons happy.

Lu Anan looked all the way, and there were photos of Sheng Heng tonight, as well as previous ones.

Even, there are many things she hadn't seen as a fan before.

What is even more noticeable is that two of their classmates even exposed a photo of their high school.

The front and back tables, and... He Wanran was looking back, talking and chatting with him on the desk of Sheng Heng. As soon as this photo came out, everyone exclaimed and had many memories.

Fans on the Internet looked excited and excited.

[Ah, ah, ah, ah, this pair is too sweet! !

? ? ? ? My god, I think these two people are nothing, but looking at it... I think there must be something wrong with these two people. This high school photo is amazing.

[It turns out that Shengheng was so handsome in high school.

[Couldn't these two be... the first love in high school? And now they are still together, this love is absolutely perfect.

[Ohh ohh this mouth sugar really so delicious! ! !

[Hold Shengheng away, our brother did not make an appointment. Our brother said before that he has no girlfriend.

? ? ? Netizens are sick?

[What's this picture? Didn't you see that there are many students behind it? Are the people who dream about sick? Can they be treated if they are sick?

[No, it is said that Sheng Heng and He Wanran have nothing, so what was it that had a great conversation at the dinner party? Could that be fake?

[Say something came out to say, if the two really have something, why is Sheng Heng's attitude towards He Wanran in different travels, and doesn't even help with breakfast?


As soon as this question came out, someone started to answer it again.

It is said that the reason why Sheng Heng is good to Lu An in the variety show and bad to He Wanran is to protect He Wanran and prevent their special relationship from being noticed by others.

By doing this, Sheng Heng only pushed Lu An'an to the forefront of the storm and protected He Wanran from being discovered by everyone.

Sheng Heng is well-intentioned.

With just a few photos and a video, netizens are already making up a story, and the story looks quite interesting.

Lu Yan observed Lu An'an's expression and whispered: "An An, don't think too much."

He stretched out his hand and rubbed Lu An'an's head: "What's good about Sheng Heng, it's a big deal, let's change to an idol."

Lu Anan: "......"

She didn't dare to say that this is not just idol now, this is still a boyfriend.

She thought for a while and glanced at Lu Yan: "Brother, do you think what this netizen said is true?"

Lu Yan choked.

He glanced at Lin Ruoxing's gaze, and said helplessly: "No."

Lu Anan listened and laughed.

"You know it's not true, and I, a diehard fan, will definitely not think it is true."

Lu Yan: "...Oh, then you are not angry?"

"It's fine."

"Not upset?"

Lu Anan blinked and continued: "It's okay too."


Lu Yan couldn't understand her emotions: "Is it all okay?"

He asked: "The other fans are angry."

This is true. Many people on the Internet are already insulting.

Those who curse He Wanran and Shengheng are countless.

Someone also asked Sheng Heng...to fall in love after falling in love, concealing what it meant, and so on.

All in all, once there is something, the artist must be scolded the worst.

Whether it is real or not.

Lu Anan's eyes were light, and he glanced at Lu Yan: "That's other fans, I'm different from everyone."

"Which is different?"

Lu Yan felt that he was going to be mad.

Lu Anan smiled, "I like Sheng Heng more than other fans."

She said: "Brother, don't you know that Sheng Heng just left our house. If he really has something with He Wanran, shouldn't it be in the hotel or his house?"

As soon as the voice fell, Lu An'an was knocked on the head.

Lu Yan was speechless, staring at her with wide eyes, "What are you talking about?"

Lu An'an curled his lips and whispered: "Isn't this true? A spring night is worth a thousand dollars."

Lu Yan: "......"

Lin Ruoxing: "..."

The two expressed their admiration for Lu Anan's brain circuit and they were speechless.

Lu Yan was choked by her, unable to refute.

"you this--"

"Which me?"

Lu Yan didn't know how to educate her on such things.

After a moment of silence, Lu Yan gave up.

"No one, you are a girl, pay attention to your words."

Lu An'an frankly said, "There are no outsiders here, so how should I pay attention?"


Lu Yan and Lin Ruoxing looked at each other and saw the helplessness of each other.

Lin Ruoxing couldn't help but smiled and said, "Okay, the problem now is that Shengheng's news must be fake."

She touched Lu An'an's head: "Don't look at An'an. I guess Shengheng Studio will clarify it soon."

Lu Anan: "I know."

She looked at the phone and said it was not sad, it was not sad, but it was still a bit.

Her eyes stayed on the photo from high school.

Everything else is fine, but high school is really able to poke the thoughts and memories of many people.

Just like what fans commented.

What you really have in high school is the most unforgettable.

Lu Anan lay on the desk thinking: "Brother."


Lu Anan glanced, Lin Ruoxing went back to the other side to take a bath, and she was a little presumptuous: "Is the love in high school really unforgettable?"

Lu Yan: "What are you asking me to do?"

Lu Anan looked at him: "Don't think I don't know, you and Sister Ruoxing fell in love early in high school."

The author has something to say: An An: Humph.

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